On WebTalkGuysthis week–whereNet surfers stop

“This Saturday the local radio and webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will be featuring The Stickiest Sites on the Web. The show focus on two top popular Internet pastimes, online games and music swapping Napster, and will air at 11 a.m. on KLAY 1180 AM and webcast at www.webtalkguys.com.The WebGuys will talk with Erick Hachenburg, president and CEO of pogo.com, the leading provider of free online games. Earlier this month, Media Metrix announced that pogo.com was the stickiest site on the Web for the calendar year 2000, beating first runner-up eBay by nearly 50 percent. Defined as average minutes spent per month per unique visitor, stickiness is increasingly regarded as a leading indicator of a Web site’s popularity and is a direct reflection of a site’s ability to retain Web surfers for significant periods of time. Pogo.com, which reached the 15 million registered member mark last month, continues to attract more than 25,000 new registered members per day.We’re now garnering more than 27 million hours of usage per month, making pogo.com far and away the most popular leisure-time destination on the Web, stated Hachenburg. Our goal has always been to deliver games for everyone, and the fact that the average visitor to our site now spends more than four hours per month playing pogo games is a testament to the broad appeal of our lineup.The WebGuys will also talk to two Fife High School students to explore how a typical Washington teenager spends time on the Internet and which websites keep them on for hours. Not surprisingly, preliminary investigations point to popular but controversial music file swapping site Napster.com. “