Nomi Prins Liquid Energy Distortion Report Review: Why 5 Billionaires Are Buying This $4 Stock (Rogue Economics)

Nomi Prins and the team at Rogue Economics have launched a new promo for Distortion Report featuring a $4 stock that five billionaires are buying.

By subscribing to Nomi Prins’ Liquid Energy Distortion Report today, you can discover the name of this stock and why some of today’s best-known billionaires are buying it.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Distortion Report, the $4 stock, and whether or not you should subscribe to Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report today in our review.

What is Distortion Report?

Distortion Report is a monthly financial newsletter published by Nomi Prins and the team at Rogue Economics.

By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you get a bundle of bonus reports included with your normal subscription. One of those bonus reports lists a $4 stock that five billionaires are currently buying.

Nomi claims to have spotted a $4 stock that five of today’s best-known billionaires are buying. Those five billionaires include Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg.

According to Nomi, all five of these billionaires are backing a tiny $4 company “With the potential to ignite a $130 trillion new energy revolution.”

To learn more about the unique investment opportunity and the name and ticker symbol of the $4 stock, you need to subscribe to Rogue Economics Distortion Report today.

Why Are Five Billionaires Buying a $4 Stock?

According to Nomi Prins, five of today’s biggest and best-known billionaires are buying a $4 stock that is part of a $130 trillion new energy revolution.


Those five billionaires include:

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Bill Gates
  • Richard Branson
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Jack Ma

The investment opportunity is linked to what Nomi calls “liquid energy.” If this liquid energy technology takes off, it could provide substantial energy to people and businesses around the world.

In fact, Nomi believes this $4 company could compete with Tesla, derailing the giant’s plans for the future while transforming the future of the planet.

Here’s how Nomi introduces the investment opportunity:

“I want to bring your attention to these two blinking lights. They’re here to demonstrate why 5 of the richest billionaires in the world are betting against Elon Musk…And investing in a tiny $4 company that could derail Tesla’s plans for the future and transform the entire world around us.”

By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you get a bonus report called Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution. In that report, Nomi reveals complete information about the company, including its ticker symbol, why she believes it’s worth buying, and why the 5 billionaires listed above are betting against Elon Musk.


These 5 Billionaires Are Betting Against Elon Musk

Five of today’s biggest billionaires, including the five billionaires listed above, are betting against Elon Musk’s battery technology. They believe a new “liquid energy” could be a superior alternative to Tesla’s battery technology.

In a demonstration, Nomi Prins reveals the liquid energy technology and how it works. She places a shot of liquid in front of her. That shot is powering a light. As the light continues to flash, Nomi takes a shot of the liquid energy. It doesn’t taste good – but it’s totally non-toxic and safe to drink.

Unlike Elon Musk’s battery technology, the liquid energy has:

  • Non-toxic components
  • No lithium, cobalt, nickel, or other exotic battery materials that are toxic and expensive (the lithium in Tesla’s batteries costs around $150 per pound)
  • Costs around $0.05 (5 cents) per pound
  • The ability to store energy up to 94% cheaper than a Tesla lithium ion battery

For all of these reasons and more, some of today’s biggest billionaires are betting on the technology and its potential to change the world of energy as we know it.

What is the New Liquid Energy Technology?

Nomi teases viewers about the liquid energy technology upfront. To get full details about the liquid energy and how it works, you need to subscribe to Distortion Report and receive her report, Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution.

Some of the details Nomi shares about the liquid energy technology include:

  • It has nothing to do with hydrogen, wind, biomass, solar, geothermal, or tidal power
  • It doesn’t involve oil, coal, or other fossil fuels
  • It’s 100% environmentally friendly and safe
  • Unlike Tesla batteries that spontaneously combust, the liquid is so safe you could use it to extinguish a burning Tesla
  • Can recharge instantly instead of taking hours
  • It stores energy up to 94% cheaper than Tesla’s existing lithium ion technology
  • The United States Department of Energy calls it a “breakthrough” and “a totally new approach to battery technology”

Because of all of these benefits, the liquid energy technology is described as “Tesla’s worst nightmare” and is poised to “change everything about battery technology.” Because Tesla is founded on the benefits of lithium technology, a new liquid energy could disrupt Tesla’s business significantly.

How the Liquid Energy Technology Works

Nomi Prins’ new liquid energy technology investment opportunity could destroy today’s existing battery technologies. It can recharge instantly while being 94% cheaper than Tesla’s lithium ion batteries.

So how does this liquid energy technology work? What’s behind the liquid energy technology?

Here are the basics of the new liquid energy technology:

  • The new batteries are made of just a few parts
  • There’s a positive and negative side to transfer the charge
  • There’s a fluid inside the battery, called an electrolyte, that holds the charge
  • There’s also a closed container to hold everything
  • Unlike a conventional battery that is “closed,” these new batteries are “open,” allowing for instant recharging

With a closed battery, you need to plug in a charger to restore energy to the electrolyte fluid inside the battery. It takes 3 to 4 hours – just like charging your cell phone.

With an open battery, however, you can enjoy instant recharging. You’re only changing the part of the battery that holds the charge: the electrolyte fluid. You’re not changing any of the solid parts of the battery. That leads to significant cost savings – and instant recharging.

Downsides of Liquid Energy Batteries

Nomi admits that today’s liquid energy batteries aren’t yet a perfect technology. They have some downsides – which is why Tesla continues to be the king.

Some of the downsides of liquid energy batteries, according to Nomi Prins, include:

  • They can’t deliver a massive amount of energy quickly (which means they can’t accelerate a car fast enough)
  • They’re a lot heavier (which makes them impractical for use in cell phones, small electronics, and cars)

Neither of these problems matter, however, for grid energy storage. When you’re storing energy for a power grid, the batteries are stationary, and weight doesn’t matter. You don’t need to move the batteries around.

That’s why Nomi believes that liquid batteries, despite the downsides, are a huge investment opportunity today.

The Value of Energy and Income Stocks

Nomi believes today is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pick up stocks that pay huge dividends at bargain basement prices. As markets continue to churn, dividend stocks continue to pay consistent profits to investors.

Nomi is a particularly big fan of using energy stocks for their dividends, giving you consistent income as an income investor. By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you get a bonus report called Energy and Income: Six New Dividend Stocks for 2022, where Nomi reveals six energy companies she recommends buying today.

Some of the reasons Nomi recommends energy stocks today include:

Today’s energy companies are at the cusp of the $130 trillion energy revolution, and they could implement new technologies like liquid energy to continue growing

Today’s energy companies rely on fossil fuels, but they’ll transition to green energy over the coming years

The world always needs energy; even as the world transitions away from fossil fuels, we’ll need to create energy from somewhere, and the best energy companies will find ways to innovate

This transition will take years, but investors can buy the right energy companies today to capitalize on this growth over the coming years

In the bonus report, you can discover the names of six of Nomi’s recommended energy companies and the dividends they pay.

Buy the Same Stocks as US Politicians to Capitalize on Trends

Nomi also believes in the power of buying the same stocks as US politicians. Over the last few years, politicians have been caught buying stocks based on information they know before the general public.

During the 2020 congressional insider trading scandal, for example, several members of the United States Senate were caught violating the STOCK Act by selling stocks at the beginning of the pandemic, helping them avoid losses as markets collapsed.

Similarly, Nancy Pelosi’s husband was criticized for buying millions of dollars’ worth of Nvidia stock before a vote on a chip manufacturing bill.

Ordinary Americans don’t have access to the same information as US politicians. That’s why Nomi Prins recommends getting even instead of getting mad.

By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you get a bonus report called The #1 Political Stock of the Decade: Cashing in on Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law.

In that bonus report, you can discover a stock that has already benefited from Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure law – and should continue benefiting over the coming years.

What’s Included with Distortion Report?

When you subscribe to Distortion Report today, you get a bundle of bonus reports included with your ordinary subscription. In addition to an annual subscription to Distortion Report, you get a bundle of eBooks, additional guides, and other information on additional investment opportunities.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Distortion Report today:


Annual Subscription to Distortion Report: Each month, Nomi Prins and her team analyze markets, identify new investment opportunities, and send their analysis to subscribers. You can discover the best new opportunities, the hottest stocks to buy, and more.

Bonus Report #1: Liquid Energy: The #1 Stock for the $130 Trillion Energy Revolution: Nomi claims to have spotted a small, $4 stock that some of today’s best-known billionaires are buying. According to Nomi’s analysis, that stock could be part of a $130 trillion energy revolution. By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you get the name and tickers symbol of the stock and complete details about why Nomi believes the stock is worth buying.

Bonus Report #2: Energy and Income: Six New Dividend Stocks for 2022: Dividend stocks help you earn consistent returns on your investments. In this report, you can discover some of Nomi’s favorite dividend stocks for 2022. These dividend stocks are in the energy sector, and they can deliver consistent income regardless of market conditions. With markets entering an uncertain time, energy dividend stocks could be the play for the next few years.

Bonus Report #3: The #1 Political Stock of the Decade: Cashing in on Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Law: President Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure law, paving the way for critical infrastructure improvements across the United States. In this report, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of one company set to profit from this bill. According to Nomi, multiple members of the United States Senate purchased this stock in 2021, and the stock has delivered gains that have outperformed Tesla, Apple, and bitcoin over the last few months. Nomi believes this stock will continue to benefit from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure law moving forward and is “poised for even bigger explosive growth in the months and years ahead.”

24/7 Access to Distortion Report Members-Only Website: Your subscription includes access to a members-only website where you can access the latest issue, view the latest guides, and access all perks of your membership.

Nomi’s Latest Investment Research and Breaking News Alerts: If Nomi spots a new opportunity in the market, she’ll alert subscribers to the opportunity. Nomi will occasionally share her investment research and breaking news analysis with subscribers, making it easy to capitalize on opportunities as they appear.


Distortion Report Pricing

Distortion Report is normally priced at $199 per year. As part of a 2022 promotion, Nomi and the Rogue Economics team have reduced the price to just $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter.

You also have the opportunity to purchase a bonus year of Distortion Report for $49, saving nearly $100 off your second year subscription by signing up for a 2 year subscription today.

Here’s how pricing works when locking in this low rate today:

  • 1 Year Subscription to Distortion Report: $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter
  • 2 Year Subscription to Distortion Report: $98 for your first two years ($49 per year), then $129 per year thereafter

Your subscription automatically renews at $129 per year, starting one year from your purchase date. Rogue Economics will send you an alert before renewing your subscription.

Distortion Report Refund Policy

All Distortion Report subscriptions come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, or if you did not like the information included in the package of bonus reports, then you can request a full refund within 60 days – and you can even keep the bonus reports as a thanks for trying the subscription.

About Rogue Economics

Rogue Economics is a financial publishing company founded with the goal of helping ordinary investors look behind the curtain at Wall Street and big government to show how the business and financial worlds really work.

Today, Rogue Economics offers a range of free and paid newsletters. In addition to Distortion Report, Rogue Economics offers popular newsletters like Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins, Distortion Money Matrix, Energy Distortion Monitor, and Rogue Strategic Trader, among others.

You can contact Nomi Prins, the Distortion Report customer service team, and Rogue Economics via the following:

Final Word

Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report has launched a new marketing campaign featuring details about an exciting new liquid energy technology.

If that liquid energy technology is successful, it could disrupt Elon Musk’s ambitions with Tesla. That’s why five of today’s biggest billionaires – including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates – have invested in a $4 company at the forefront of the liquid energy space.

To learn more about Nomi Prins’ distortion report and the new liquid energy technology, or to subscribe to Distortion Report today, visit the official website.



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