Nomi Prins Distortion Money Matrix Report Reviews: Rogue Economics on America’s Energy Crisis?

Nomi Prins and the Rogue Economics team have launched a new presentation for Distortion Report warning Americans to fill their gas tanks while they still can.

According to Nomi, Americans need to take specific steps today to ensure they financially survive the months ahead.

What steps should you take today to protect yourself from future catastrophe? Should you subscribe to Distortion Report? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Rogue Economics Distortion Report today in our review.

What is Distortion Report?

Distortion Report is a monthly financial newsletter led by Nomi Prins, a financial investigator and investment analyst.

Each month, Nomi Prins and the team at Rogue Economics recommend specific stocks, break down market news, and analyze recent events to help investors get ahead.

Distortion Report subscribers receive access to a model portfolio, monthly newsletters, weekly updates, and more.

Distortion Report is published by Rogue Economics, a Florida-based financial publishing company offering free and paid newsletters.

As part of a 2022 promotion, all new subscriptions to Distortion Report come with a bundle of bonus reports, including an explanation of the specific steps to take to ensure you financially survive the months ahead.

Nomi recommends buying specific EV charging companies to potentially earn 2x to 10x returns as America transfers away from gas-powered vehicles.

And, because of the promotion, instead of paying $199 for a one-year subscription to Distortion Report, you can pay just $49.

Who is Nomi Prins?

Distortion Report is led by Nomi Prins. In a recent presentation, Rogue Economics described Nomi Prins as “America’s leading financial investigator.”

Nomi is a bestselling author, financial journalist, and former investment banker. She spent 15 years on Wall Street, eventually becoming a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs. After reaching the upper echelons of Wall Street, Nomi joined the financial publishing space.

Today, Nomi seeks to use her investment knowledge to share stock tips and market analysis with investors, helping them beat institutions and earn good returns on investment.

Why Should You Fill Your Gas Tank While You Still Can?

Nomi Prins and Rogue Economics recently published a video and text presentation warning Americans to fill their gas tanks while you still can.

According to Nomi’s analysis, America is facing a financial crisis. To ensure you financially survive the months ahead, you need to take certain steps today.

In fact, Nomi believes the steps she recommends taking today could double or triple your money in the months ahead. Instead of losing your money due to the upcoming catastrophe, you could profit enormously from it:

  • “If history and the stock market are any indicator, I’m predicting you can double and potentially triple your money over just the next 12 months.”
  • In fact, some investors could even enjoy 1,000% returns by following Nomi’s recommended steps:
  • “Over the long haul, maybe 10x your money… but only if you prepare now.”

Why should you listen to Nomi’s predictions? Why should you follow her investment recommendations? Can investors really earn 2x to 10x returns by following Nomi’s advice today?

Here are some of the reasons to trust Nomi:

  • In 2017, when gold was priced at $1,100 per oz, Nomi predicted it was going to spike; today, gold sits at a price of around $2,000
  • Nomi predicted the green energy boom in 2018
  • Nomi predicted record-level stock buybacks in 2019
  • Nomi warned of the COVID-19 crash a full 44 days before the chaos hit the United States markets in 2020
  • In 2021, Nomi went on national television to discuss the dangers of inflation – all while the Fed was pretending inflation did not exist

Because of her successful track record of predicting major events, Nomi believes she’s spotted the next disaster on the horizon:

“I believe what’s about to happen across America… and at the gas pump… is no mere prediction – it’s a 100% certain. A new energy crisis is unfolding. You’re seeing it in action…”

By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you can discover the specific companies to buy to potentially earn 2x to 10x returns as the new energy crisis unfolds.

After 160 Years, a New Fuel is Set to Take Over

To make a long story short, Nomi argues in her presentation that we’re seeing the end of oil as an energy source.

After 160 years of oil being the world’s major source of energy, we’re witnessing a transformation.

Investors who are on the wrong side of that transformation could lose their money in the coming months and years, while investors on the right side could make huge returns on investment.

Some of the reasons Nomi believes we’re seeing the end of oil include:

  • 6 automakers and 30 countries have agreed to phase out gasoline car sales
  • Ford, GM, and Mercedes have agreed to work towards selling only zero-emissions vehicles by 2040
  • Every major car maker and Fortune 500 company is converting their fleets over to electric
  • One company, which is recommended in Nomi’s report, is planning to build 500,000 EV stations across the United States
  • Oil companies are abandoning oil fields even as oil reaches record prices
  • Hedge funds, billionaires, startups, and others are “frenzying” in this sector, according to Nomi, which is why Nomi believes the sector will experience “non-stop growth for the next 8 years”

For all of these reasons, Nomi believes there’s no better time than now to invest in EV charging technology.

The New Energy Revolution is an Opportunity for Investors

Nomi believes the energy revolution of the future presents a huge opportunity for investors.

In fact, Nomi claims investors could earn “generational wealth” over the coming months and years by taking a stake in the future energy boom today:

“I cannot emphasize this enough: The investors who recognize a total shift in the energy markets… can make entire lifetimes of wealth. And again, history proves it…This is How You Create Generational Wealth… For Your Entire Family Tree.”

Nomi compares today’s world to the world John D. Rockefeller encountered in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Rockefeller built the first oil refinery to take advantage of the new form of energy. He became the richest person in the world and one of the richest men in human history because of that development. Today’s largest oil companies, including ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, and Marathon, are all derived from Standard Oil, which the government forced to break up in 1911 because of antitrust regulations.

Now, Nomi believes we’ll see similar opportunities in the coming months:

“…this energy shift America is undergoing… I believe it will create the same kind of lifetimes of wealth.”

By investing in the right trends today, investors can purportedly create generational wealth, according to Nomi – but only if they know the right stocks to buy.

Buy Nomi’s #1 EV Charging Stock She Recommends Buying

In the future, we’ll charge our cars just like we charge our smartphones. Some of the best companies of the future are building EV charging technology. This technology will become ubiquitous as the world increasingly moves away from electric-powered cars.


By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you get a bundle of bonus reports telling you which EV charging stocks to buy to capitalize on this new revolution.

Nomi has written an eBook called The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion, for example, where she lists her #1 recommended company for taking advantage of the upcoming shift in energy.

Here are some of the hints Nomi teases about her #1 recommended stock:

  • Nomi claims this EV charging company is “doing everything right”
  • The company just partnered up with Toyota after already signing a partnership with Volvo; those are two of the largest car companies in the world, selling 2.5 million vehicles each year, and they’ve chosen this company to help charge their vehicles
  • The company has a handful of government contracts and is supplying government fleets in Ohio, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, California, Washington, and elsewhere
  • Nomi also likes the company because it’s creating a whole new type of charging station; unlike traditional charging stations, this company’s charging station lets you fill up your car while you’re inside doing your shopping
  • The company just signed a deal with Starbucks; in the future, you could see this company’s charging stations at every Starbucks in America, with vehicles charging significantly in the few minutes it takes to buy a latte inside
  • The company is planning to build 2.5 million charging stations worldwide by 2025, including 500,000 new stations in the United States

For all of these reasons, Nomi believes the company is a great investment to take advantage of “America’s Great Distortion.” As America increasingly transitions away from gas-powered vehicles, this company is poised to take advantage – and investors can reap the rewards.

Plus, the company’s stock is currently available for around $20, with analysts predicting a price of around $46. By investing today, you could double your money.

Buy Nomi’s Wireless Charging Stock

Nomi also recommends buying a wireless charging technology company.

In a separate report called Going Wireless: The Future of EVs, Nomi mentions the name and ticker symbol of a small company developing EV wireless charging technology.


Here are some of the details Nomi uses to tease that company:

  • One company has developed a way to wirelessly charge electric vehicles
  • In a demo, that company drove an electric vehicle over a pad to charge it without cords or cables: it’s 100% wireless charging like the type you see for smartphones and tablets
  • Honda has a new vehicle in the works to take advantage of this wireless charging technology
  • In the future, you may be able to charge a vehicle just by placing it on top of a wireless charging pad
  • Nomi has identified a handful of tiny companies behind this wireless charging technology
  • Although the technology is in the early days, Nomi recommends keeping on eye on the companies, especially as they go public, because they could explode with growth

By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you can get Nomi’s extra bonus report, which explains the name and ticker symbol of her wireless charging company.

What’s Included with Distortion Report?

To promote subscriptions of Distortion Report, Nomi Prins and the Rogue Economics team are bundling a package of bonus reports with all new subscriptions.


Here’s what you get with each subscription to Distortion Report if you subscribe today:

Monthly Issues of Distortion Report: Each month, Nomi Prins and the Rogue Economics team provide new stock recommendations, market analysis, and additional info about market conditions. You can discover new stocks to buy, the reasoning behind those recommendations, and additional research by Nomi and her team.

Bonus Report #1: The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion: 10x Gains on a Small Firm Disrupting a Critical American Industry: Nomi has identified an EV charging company that she believes could deliver 2x to 10x gains for investors who buy today. That company’s stock is currently priced under $20, and Nomi believes it could rise to $40 or higher in the near future. The company has already signed partnerships with Starbucks and major car companies to distribute wireless charging stations around the world. In this report, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of that company, including why you should consider investing today.

Bonus Report #2: Going Wireless: The Future of EVs: Wireless charging could be the future of electric vehicles. Nomi has identified a small number of companies involved in creating wireless charging pads for vehicles. Although this technology is still far off, investing in these companies today could lead to significant rewards in the future.

Access to Nomi’s Model Portfolio: Subscribers receive access to Nomi’s model portfolio, which includes all of her recommended stocks, her recommended entry and exit points, and up-to-date predictions for each position. The model portfolio has lots of new energy and infrastructure stocks, but there are also tech companies, crypto firms, meta-reality companies, and more. Nomi recommends investing in all of these sectors, and she has specific stock recommendations for each sector.

Moneyback Guarantee: All subscriptions come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee, and you can even keep the bonus reports if you’re unsatisfied.

Distortion Report Pricing

As part of the 2022 promotion, Distortion Report is priced at just $49 for your first year, down from its usual price of $199 per year.

Then, after your subscription expires, you’ll pay $129 per year thereafter. However, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering through the promotional page today:

1 Year Subscription to Distortion Report: $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter

Distortion Report Refund Policy

Distortion Report is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

You can request a complete refund on your subscription to Distortion Report within 60 days of your purchase.

About Rogue Economics

Rogue Economics is a financial publishing company that aims to look behind the curtain of Wall Street and big government to reveal the truth behind business and financial worlds.

The company was founded on the belief that financial independence is the most important step in the path to personal freedom. In addition to Nomi Prins, the Rogue Economics team includes Jeff Brown, Doug Casey, Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Clark, and Dave Forest, among others.

You can contact Rogue Economics via the following:

Final Word

Distortion Report has launched a new promotional campaign featuring a warning about future gas prices.

According to Nomi Prins and the Rogue Economics team, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to buy gas for your vehicle over the coming months.

As America transitions away from gas-powered cars, it presents an opportunity for investors. Nomi recommends buying specific EV charging companies today to take advantage of this shift and potentially earn 2x to 10x returns on investments.

By subscribing to Distortion Report today, you can discover the specific companies Nomi recommends buying, including the names, entry prices, and ticker symbols.

To learn more about Distortion Report or to subscribe to the newsletter for a discounted rate of $49 per year today, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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