No. 13-2-10734-7 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE ELIZON MASTER PARTICIPATION TRUST I, U.S. BANK TRUST NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS OWNER TRUSTEE, its successors in interest and/or assigns, Plaintiff, v. UNKNOWN HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF GARY A. RYAN; UNKNOWN HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF ROBIN RYAN; ESTATE OF GARY A. RYAN; JERRY RYAN; RHODODENDRON PARK MAINTENANCE; STATE OF WASHINGTON; OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMISES, Defendants. TO THE DEFENDANTS Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Gary A. Ryan; Unknown Heirs and Devisees of Robin Ryan; Estate of Gary A. Ryan; Occupants of the Premises; and any persons or parties claiming to have any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty (60) days after August 17, 2015, and defend the real property foreclosure action in Pierce County Superior Court, and answer the complaint of Elizon Master Participation Trust I, U.S. Bank Trust National Association, as Owner Trustee, ("Plaintiff"). You are asked to serve a copy of your answer or responsive pleading upon the undersigned attorneys for Plaintiff at its office stated below. In case of your failure to do so, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the Clerk of said Court. The purpose of this lawsuit is to obtain a judgment, and if not immediately paid, to be satisfied through the foreclosure of real property located in Pierce County, Washington, and legally described as follows: LOT 148, RHODODENDRON PARK NO. 2, RECORDED IN VOLUME 32 OF PLATS, PAGES 3 THROUGH 7, RECORDS OF PIERCE COUNTY AUDITOR. SITUATE IN THE COUNTY OF PIERCE, STATE OF WASHINGTON. Commonly known as: 11302 200th Avenue East, Sumner, WA 98391 DATED this 14th day of August, 2015. RCO LEGAL, P.S. By /s/ Synova M. L. Edwards Synova M. L. Edwards, WSBA #43063 Attorneys for Plaintiff 13555 SE 36th Street, Ste 300 Bellevue, WA 98006 (425) 586-1900 August 17, 24, 31, September 8, 14, 21