Muse Headband Reviews – Is It Legit?

Muse is a brain sensing headband using EEG-powered technology for better meditation and sleep.

By wearing Muse nightly, you can enhance calmness, focus, and sleep, among other benefits. The headband uses real-time biofeedback to help you refocus during daily meditation sessions and recover overnight with better sleep.

Does Muse really work? How does the Muse brain sensing headband work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the unique technology today in our review.

What is Muse?

Muse is a smart headband sold online through ChooseMuse.com.

Offering unique perks like Digital Sleeping Pills (DSPs) and sound-guided sessions, Muse uses EEG sensors and more to help maximize the effectiveness of your sleep and meditation.


Muse is an intuitive sleep guide that responds to activity in your brain, helping you shut off a busy mind, enjoy a restful sleep, and enhance recovery using science-backed technology.

You can also use Muse during the day as a meditation companion. Muse makes meditation easy by calming your mind, helping you focus on the upcoming day. You connect Muse to your mobile device with Bluetooth, start the Muse Meditation app, put on headphones, and close your eyes.

Muse is available in multiple models, including the Muse 2 ($250) and Muse S ($400). You can also add an annual subscription to your purchase to enhance your experience.

How Does Muse Work?

Muse is a multi-sensor meditation and sleep device offering real-time feedback based on various biological information. You wear the headband, and it uses sensors to track your heart-rate, breathing, and brain activity. Then, it offers insight into what all of this activity means, helping you meditate or sleep more effectively.

The Muse 2 is designed for meditation, and you can use it during the day to relax your mind while meditating. The Muse S (Gen 2) is designed for both sleep and meditation, and you can use it at night and during the day.

With both Muse devices, you have the option of spending an extra $10 for an annual subscription. Normally priced at $12.99 per month, the Muse Premium Subscription lets you pair the device to other apps (like Spotify), allowing you to see how your brain responds to your favorite songs or meditation playlists. The Muse Premium Subscription also includes 500+ meditation sessions from Muse’s team of experts.

Muse is available in two main model numbers, including:

  • Muse 2: For meditation.
  • Muse S (Gen 2): For meditation and sleep.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can enjoy enhanced mental clarity and other benefits by using Muse daily. The makers of Muse claim their device is science-backed to provide a range of effects.

Muse Benefits

Muse can offer all of the following benefits, according to the manufacturer and a customer survey done in April 2021:

  • 72% had better focus and clarity throughout the day
  • 71% had better emotional regulation
  • Improve sleep quality by 20%
  • Digital sleeping pills for better, more restful sleep
  • Track your brain, body, breath, and heart with multiple sensors

While other health and wellness companies advertise vague benefits, Muse backs its claims with real scientific evidence. The company cites a 2021 study by the University of Cambridge, for example, that showed Muse S’s EEG-sleep support improved sleep quality by 20% compared to controls.

Muse Features

Muse offers the following features in both the Muse 2 and Muse S models:

Immediate Sleep Relief with Digital Sleeping Pills: Muse offers immediate sleep relief with its “Digital Sleeping Pills.” You wear the headband as you’re falling asleep, and the device interprets your brainwaves to provide optimal relaxation and calmness to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, maximize the rejuvenating power of sleep, and avoid interruptions.

Easy Meditation: Muse is designed to make meditation easy, helping to guide you and keep you motivated during meditation practice. Muse reads your brain activity during meditation, helping you maximize the value of each session.

Track & Measure Progress: Muse lets you review your data, set goals, and build a rewarding meditation practice. You can monitor your progress over time, see how your brain’s response to meditation has changed, and track other metrics.

Comfortable: The Muse S is designed to be worn during sleep, and it’s designed to be comfortable to wear. You can easily wear it while falling asleep to maximize relaxation.

Get a Sleep Lab from the Comfort of Home with EEG Sleep Tracking: Muse lets you view detailed information about your sleep, including how long you’re spending in deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and more. Muse has an EEG sensor to give you Deep Sleep Intensity Points, Sleep Position Insights, and more, making it easy to monitor and improve your overall sleep efficiency. You also get a Sleep Score at the end of each night.

Find Calm & Stay Focused: Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather, helping you find calm and stay focused. If you have a busy mind, you might hear stormy weather. If you have a calm mind, you might hear the sound of a peaceful day.

Track Heart Activity During Meditation: Want to see how meditation affects your heart? Muse lets you enter an immersive soundscape while tracking your heart-rate. Muse plays back your heart-rate in real-time to the sound of a rhythmic, soothing drum, allowing you to synchronize your heartbeat to find calmness.

Track Breathing During Meditation: Muse lets you create a responsive sound environment to help you pace your breath. Muse can play guiding tones to guide your breath during meditation, allowing you to maximize the value of each meditation session.

Boost Body Meditation: Muse aims to build the foundation of stillness, guiding you with the sound of gentle wind chimes to help enter a body meditation session. Muse recommends picturing yourself sitting in the middle of a giant wind chime with you as the pendulum in the center, swaying in the wind. As the chimes bring your attention to your movement shifts, you can build awareness of your posture to enter a state of relaxation.


Muse Tech Specs

Muse offers the following technical specifications and benefits:

  • Sensors: Mind (EEG), heart (PPG + pulse oximetry), body (accelerometer), and breath (PPG + gyroscope).
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium ion battery with 5 hours of continuous use.
  • Users: 1 headband for multiple users.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Ports & Connectivity: Micro-USB port (cable included).
  • Display & Indicators: LED indicator.
  • App Compatibility: iOS 12.2, Android 8 or higher (Huawei devices not supported).

Muse Models

Muse currently offers two main products, including the Muse 2 and the Muse S (Gen 2). Previously, the company launched the Muse 1.

Here are the available Muse models available online today:

  • Muse 2 Headband: $249.99
  • Muse 2 Headband + Annual Premium Subscription: $259.99
  • Muse S (Gen 2) Headband: $399.99
  • Muse S (Gen 2) Headband + Annual Premium Subscription: $409.99

About the Muse Premium Subscription

Muse offers a premium subscription to help you get more out of the device. Priced at $12.99 per month or $9.99 for your first year, the Muse Premium Subscription includes features like:

  • Pair your Muse with any external meditation app, podcast app, or music streaming service
  • Access 500+ meditations for stress, sleep, or focus
  • Receive post-session reports to check how your brain or body responded
  • Get new content every month
  • Connect your Muse Biofeedback with your favorite apps, layering real-time biofeedback onto the meditation and music apps you already use

The main perk of the Muse Premium Subscription is the ability to add your Muse sensor information to your favorite apps. You can integrate your Muse Biofeedback information with external music apps, meditation apps, podcasts, and more. Then, you can see how your brain and body respond with post-session reports.

The other main perk of the Muse Premium Subscription is the library of 500+ guided meditations. Muse’s guided meditations come from renowned meditation instructors and feature themes geared towards sleep, performance, stress reduction, and more.

Your Muse Premium Subscription becomes more effective over time. Each month, Muse releases new curated content, and your subscription includes instant and unlimited access to new meditations from leading experts.

The key features of the Muse Premium Subscription include:

Muse Biofeedback+: Your Muse Premium Subscription includes Muse Biofeedback+, allowing you to integrate Muse’s sensor data with audiobook apps, music playback apps, meditation apps, and other apps. You can unlock thousands of new ways to use your Muse sensor data, pairing it with your favorite apps to unlock new insight. If you want to fall asleep to a meditation app and check how well you slept, for example, then you can do that. Or, if you want to see what your brain activity looks like when listening to your favorite album, then you can do that too.

App Integration: Your Muse Premium Subscription includes app integration with popular apps, including Spotify (great for binaural beats playlists, meditations, classical music, guided anxiety relief soundtracks, and more) and other podcast apps and audiobook apps.

Access to Muse Guided Meditations: Muse’s Premium Subscription library includes access to 500+ guided meditations. These meditations, led by accomplished instructors, use your breath, body, and visualization techniques to help you stay calm and focused. There’s a Sleep Collection to help you fall asleep and encourage deep sleep, for example, along with a Happiness Collection (to boost mood), a Work Collection (to inspire productivity), and a Performance Collection (to help you maximize performance in challenging situations), and a Travel Collection (to help you arrive at your destination calm and focused), among other options.

Proven Instructors: Muse has a range of proven instructors with backgrounds in various areas of health, wellness, and meditation. You can learn more about the company’s teachers here. Muse has Zen instructors, motivational specialists, and others who specialize in custom mindfulness programs.

Muse’s Premium Subscription is available through the Muse app, available for Apple and Android devices.

How Does the Muse App Work?

Muse offers a free app for Android and iOS. You can use the app with or without Muse. To get the most out of the app, however, you’ll want to pair it with the Muse 2 or Muse 2.

After you pair the Muse app with the Muse device, you get access to the Muse meditation and sleep experiences via the app, including the Digital Sleeping Pills, guided meditation sessions, and other information.

Some of the features of the Muse app include:

Overnight Sleep Tracking & Digital Sleeping Pills (DSPs): The Muse app comes with overnight sleep tracking and Digital Sleeping Pills (DSPs). You can enjoy smart-fade technology to gently modulate your auditory experience as you fall asleep. Muse plays sound as you drift in and out of consciousness, helping you fall asleep, avoid wakeups, and stay asleep for maximum rejuvenation. Muse’s app comes with Sleep Journeys, Guidances, and Soundscapes, some of which include smart-fade technology.

Easy Meditation: Muse’s app also includes guided meditation sessions and meditation tracking. You can set weekly meditation challenges, rewards, reminders, and goals, for example, or sync your progress with post-session reports.

Integrates with Apple Health: The Muse app integrates with your Apple Health app, allowing you to automatically sync your meditation minutes.

Muse Premium Subscription: For $12.99 per month (or an extra $9.99 when purchasing a Muse device), you can get the Muse Premium Subscription, which includes Muse Biofeedback integration with third party apps, access to more meditation sessions, and other perks.


Muse Accessories

Muse offers a lineup of accessories, including carrying cases, bands, and more.

Available Muse accessories include:

  • Muse 2 Case: $29.99
  • Muse S Case (Gen 1 & Gen 2): $29.99
  • Muse S (Gen 2) Additional Fabric Band: $79.99

Muse Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Muse is backed by strong reviews from customers, doctors, sleep specialists, neurologists, neurophysiologists, and others. Although it may not be the right choice for everyone, many have experienced significant effects by using Muse regularly.

Here are some of the Muse reviews featured on the official website:

One neuroscientist and neuropsychologist cited on the official website claims she has decreased her sleep latency and increased her REM sleep scores using the Muse S, describing it as a “great device”

That same neuroscientist and neuropsychologist also uses the Muse S with her clients in the NBA and NFL as a travel protocol to decrease jet lag and help with sleep optimization, and she recommends the device to anyone wanting to improve their sleep fitness

One medical doctor, neurologist, and sleep specialist cited on the official website describes Muse’s Digital Sleeping Pill as a “fantastically innovative tool” for some people who struggle with sleep, claiming it’s “fascinating to use the device and feel the sound drift into and out of your awareness as you sleep”

WNBA player Monique Billings, who plays for the Atlanta Dream, has been outspoken about her support for Muse, claiming “meditation is one of the greatest investments” she has poured into herself; she claims Muse has helped her level up her meditation practice while taking a second to pause and ground herself daily to become her best version on and off the court

One verified buyer has been using Muse since 2014; after struggling to meditate for many years, he claims Muse changed his life

Others praise Muse’s feedback mechanism for helping them gain an “almost muscle-memory” of the brain, helping to guide them through meditation, leave them relaxed and focused, and help them become the best version of themselves

Overall, customers agree Muse works as advertised to boost the effectiveness of sleep and meditation, helping you achieve personal and professional goals. Some people find themselves happier and healthier after using Muse. Others find themselves calmer and more focused.

About Muse

Muse is made by a Toronto, Ontario-based company named InteraXon, Inc.

You can contact the makers of Muse via the following:

  • Online Contact Form & Live Chat: https://choosemuse.com/contact/
  • Office Address: 555 Richmond St West, Suite 900, Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 3B1
  • Final Word
  • Muse uses EEG sensors and other technology to improve meditation and sleep.

By wearing the headband during meditation sessions or while sleeping, you can track brain activity, receive guided audio feedback, and optimize your state of calmness, among other benefits.

To learn more about Muse and how it works or to buy the headband online today, visit the official website at ChooseMuse.com.