Money raising power tips topic on WebTalkGuys

“Local radio and webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will devote an hour discussing The Path to Investor Heaven on Saturday, Jan. 20, at 11 a.m. on KLAY 1180 AM. More than $455 million was poured into technology companies in Washington State during the second quarter of 2000. That’s up nearly 50 percent from the the second quarter of the previous year. The show will focusing on money-raising power tips and mistakes not to make when they interview venture guru Guy Kawaski, CEO of and Al Bacon, Partner/CPA for Tacoma’s Schmidtke and, a venture capital invest-ment bank, has helped over 67 high tech startups raise more than $240 million in equity financing from venture capital, corporate and angel investors. The typical investment size is between $3 million and $5 million.Guy Kawasaki has served as Chairman of the Board, CEO, and Director of since its founding in October 1997. Kawasaki may be best known for his former role as the chief evangelist for Apple Computer Inc., where he fired up software developers and users alike with fervor for the Macintosh.The company fills the gap between friends, fools and family investors and traditional venture firms, says Guy Kawasaki, chief executive of the company, which is based in Palo Alto, Calif.Garage sifts through 12,000 business plans a year to find the 80 startups with that guy or a girl in a garage who is germinating the next Yahoo, Apple or Netscape and providing them with early-stage funding.So what is a venture capitolist looking for? A venture firm wants its own exit strategy, a way to get its money out of the start-up, either by finding a buyer or through an initial public offering.They are generally not interested in business plans that duplicate what already exists, either for selling books online or trying to out-yahoo Yahoo, says Kawaski.The WebGuys will explore how to get the financial saavy to make a company look attractive and show a clear path to profits for venture capitalists.The WebTalkGuys Radio is broadcast on KLAY 1180 AM from 11 a.m. to Noon every Saturday. You can catch the live webcast at or listen to the on demand show at the website following the live webcast. “