Money Map Press Inside Money Trader Review (Mark Sebastian & Garrett Baldwin) Secret Law to Beat the Bear Market)

Inside Money Trader is a paid subscription service from Money Map Press.

As part of a 2022 promotion, you can buy a founding membership to Inside Money Trader and receive a bundle of bonus reports, tools, and guides.

Inside Money Trader is also offering a unique lifetime membership offer: you can sign up for a lifetime membership for a discounted rate of $999. Your membership never expires.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Inside Money Trader from Money Map Press and how it works today in our review.

What is Inside Money Trader?

Inside Money Trader is a subscription-based investment analysis service from Money Map Press.

Led by Mark Sebastian, the goal of Inside Money Trader is to put financial power into your hands – not Wall Street’s hands.

With the help of Mark and the Inside Money Trader team, individual investors could earn similar returns to institutional investors and hedge funds, getting power back into the hands of the people.

Money Map Press is a Baltimore-based publishing company offering a range of free and paid investment analysis services – including Inside Money Trader. Today, as part of a 2022 promotion, Money Map Press is offering discounted monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions to Inside Money Trader.

Inside Money Trader is one of Money Map Press’s newest subscriptions. By signing up for Inside Money Trader today, you can become a founding member and enjoy a range of bonuses and perks.

How to Double Your Money in 67 Trading Days

As part of the 2022 promotion for Inside Money Trader, the company has released presentations explaining how investors could double their money in just 67 trading days – with just 12 trades.

According to the official website, Inside Money Trader’s Mark Sebastian doubled his money in 67 days with just 12 trades. Now, he wants to help other traders enjoy similar potential returns.

Mark believes the markets will present a similar opportunity over the next few weeks and months:

“Right now, there’s still a small window of opportunity to get in early…and I want to help you take full advantage of it.”

By subscribing to Inside Money Trader as a founding member today, you can discover how to take advantage of recent market volatility and potentially earn huge returns on investment.

According to Mark, you don’t need a huge initial investment to get started. In fact, anyone could have participated in Mark’s previous trades for as little as $70 and earned peak gains of 218% in just 18 days.

When you subscribe to Inside Money Trader, you’re first in line for Mark’s next recommended trades. You receive monthly updates, weekly trade alert recommendations, and even daily alerts for new trading opportunities.

Receive Investment Recommendations Up to Twice a Week, All Year Long

The core benefit of your Inside Money Trader membership is receiving up to two trade recommendations every week, all year long.

According to Mark and the Inside Money Trader team, each of these trade recommendations has “potential gains of 300%, 500%, even 1,000% in just 21 days.”

As proof, Mark posts previous trades he has spotted, including:

  • One trade (involving a $50 put on OXY) that generated returns of 1,273% in 4 days
  • Another trade that turned $4,000 into $8,270 between September 2021 and January 2022
  • One trade involving a $17 call on Ford (F) that delivered gains of 71% in 13 days 161% in 17 days, 177% in 18 days, and 218% in 18 days

As volatility (as measured by VIX) spikes higher and higher, Mark believes we’ll see increasing opportunities to make oversized gains in the market. By subscribing to Inside Money Trader today, you can discover these trading opportunities and give yourself the best possible chance of making large returns on your investment.

8 Inside Money Trader Benefits for Founding Members

To promote new subscriptions to Inside Money Trader, the company is providing founding members with a range of benefits, including:

Founding Member Benefit #1: Up to Two Inside Money Trade Recommendations Each Week

The core of your subscription includes the Inside Money plays. Each week, the Inside Money Trader team sends up you to two Inside Money plays, giving you a maximum of 8 investment recommendations per month and 104 recommendations per year.

Each recommendation aims to deliver gains of 1,000% in 21 days or fewer. Plus, you can get into each trade for $300. As a founding member, you also get a video trading alert for each play.

All trades recommendations are verified by Mark’s S.U.R.E. System. In a video explaining each trade, Mark walks you through everything you need to know about the trade, why he likes the trade, the potential risks and upside of the trade, and more.

You can even look over Mark’s shoulder as he sets up the trade step by step. He shares his screen with you.

Then, when it’s time to take profits from a trade, Mark rushes an alert to subscribers explaining everything you need to know to cash out.

Founding Member Benefit #2: Monthly Members-Only Live Training

As a Founding Member of Inside Money Trader, you get a 60-minute members-only live session every month.

Each month, you can discover the big trends Inside Money is targeting, including the top five trades mark is watching now. You’ll discover:

  • Why certain trades are on Mark’s radar
  • What Mark needs to see for a ticker to become a full-fledged trade alerts
  • Bonus trade recommendations from Mark, including opportunities so good he doesn’t want to wait until the next trading session
  • Coaching and individual details on Mark’s Inside Money strategy and other trading tactics
  • A live chat where you can ask Mark questions in real-time (although Mark cannot offer personalized financial advice)

Founding Member Benefit #3: The Inside Money Mastermind Group

Your Inside Money membership comes with access to a Mastermind group. It’s a private forum where you can discuss trades with like-minded traders.

You can brag about your latest triple-digit trades, for example, share potential plays you spot on your own, and discuss Mark’s recommended trades with others in the community

Overall, the Inside Money Trader community “wants you to win,” according to Mark and his team, and they see you as part of a community – not just a subscriber.

Founding Member Benefit #4: The Inside Money Trading Course

Your subscription to Inside Money Trader comes with access to the Inside Money trading course. You get a step by step breakdown of Mark’s S.U.R.E. system, including how it works, how it spots trades, and how Mark uses the system to spot opportunities months ahead of anyone else.

According to Mark, his S.U.R.E. system can give anyone a chance of earning “3, 5, even 10 times their money in a few weeks.”

Founding Member Benefit #5: Live Coaching Every Trading Day

Each trading day, founding members of Inside Money Trader can log on and receive a full hour of live training with Brian King, the trading coach. You receive five hours of small group training each week.

During each training session, Brian covers stocks, options, and more. Some of the information is catered to beginners, while other information is for intermediate and expert traders.

Founding Member Benefit #6: The Inside Money Trade Journal

All Inside Money Trader founding members also receive access to a customizable “trade journal.” That trade journal functions like a portfolio tracker, allowing you to track any trade you make – including with options, stocks, and crypto – and the overall performance of your account.

Inside Money tracks things like:

  • Total return
  • Batting average
  • Profits
  • Types, symbols, entry, exit, and return of trades

Typically, Mark reserves this benefit for members of his higher-end research services, but he’s bundling it with new subscriptions to Inside Money Trader today.

Founding Member Benefit #7: The Inside Money Trader Weekly Roundup

Each week, the Inside Money Trader team sends an update on the model portfolio along with their take on market-wide trends.

You can discover opportunities in specific sectors, how the team could make their next 1,000% trade, and any other relevant changes to the model portfolio.

Founding Member Benefit #8: Special Situation Trading Events

The eighth and final founding member benefit for Inside Money Trader founding members is the opportunity to participate in special situation trading events.

Mark believes today’s market could be the best trader’s market “in decades” and he wants to give subscribers every chance to make a profit.

If Mark spots a special opportunity in the market, then he’ll explain how to trade that opportunity. He’ll provide full details on special situations, unique trading opportunities, and other things that arise in today’s markets.


Inside Money Trader Pricing

Inside Money offers the same benefits across all membership tiers, although pricing varies based on whether you want a monthly, annual, or lifetime membership.

Here’s how pricing breaks down across all three membership tiers:

  • One Month Membership: $49
  • Annual Subscription: $499
  • Platinum (Lifetime) Membership: $999 + $99 per year maintenance fee

If you sign up for the Platinum (Lifetime) Membership, then you pay a one-time fee of $999 per day, then an annual maintenance fee of $99 per year for as long as you remain a lifetime member.

What’s Included with Inside Money Trader?

Regardless of which subscription tier you select, you get the same bonuses, tools, guides, and more, including all of the following:

  • 24 extra Inside Money plays
  • Live members-only training
  • Up to two video trading sessions each week
  • In-depth research and analysis for each recommendation
  • Monthly members-only Inside Money live training
  • Enrollment in the Inside Money trading course
  • Daily coaching sessions with expert trader Brian King
  • Access to the Inside Money trade journal
  • Inside Money Trader weekly roundup
  • Inside Money mastermind group
  • Special situation trading events
  • And more

Inside Money Trader Refund Policy

All Inside Money Trader subscriptions are backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

You can try the subscription risk free for 30 days, then receive a complete refund on your purchase if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

About Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian is a former hedge fund manager who now publishes financial information and investment recommendations online. Mark is best-known for three publishing services, including Profit Takeover, Profit Revolution, and Inside Money Trader.

Mark is also a former market maker on the AMEX and the CBOE, and he’s a founding partner and CIO of Karman Line Capital, a volatility arbitrage hedge fund. He’s also the founder of OptionPit.com, a full-service options mentoring firm.

Mark is also the author of The Option Traders Hedge Fund, a trading manual. He’s a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, and Business First News. Plus, his articles have appeared on The Street and Yahoo Finance and have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

You can learn more about Mark Sebastian and his investing background at his LinkedIn page here.

About Money Map Press

Money Map Press is a Baltimore, Maryland-based financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid subscription services.

By subscribing to Money Map Press’s new Inside Money Trader subscription service today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, tools, and guides.

To contact the Inside Money Trader customer service team or Money Map Press, use the following:

  • Phone (Toll Free): 866-310-1498
  • Phone (International): 1-410-501-5876
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

In addition to publishing Inside Money Trader for Money Map Press, Mark Sebastian publishes Profit Takeover and Profit Revolution, two additional publications. He’s best-known for Profit Takeover, which aims to help ordinary traders “takeover” Wall Street and earn similar returns to larger investors.

Final Word

Mark Sebastian and Money Map Press have launched a new financial newsletter called Inside Money Trader.

By subscribing to Inside Money Trader as a founding member today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, guides, tools, videos, and more to help maximize your chances of making profitable trades.

Mark aims to help subscribers beat today’s bear market by recommending the best trades to earn huge potential returns within weeks or months. In fact, Mark claims he doubled his money in just 67 days using 12 trades – and he wants subscribers to earn similar success.

To learn more about Inside Money Trader and how it works, or to subscribe to Inside Money Trader today, visit the official website.


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