MetroParks Tacoma RFQ J2013-13 Master Agreement for BOUNDARY AND TOPOGRAPHIC

MetroParks Tacoma RFQ J2013-13 Master Agreement for BOUNDARY AND TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY SERVICES August 29, 2013 The Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma is seeking professional services to provide site surveying for Point Defiance Park from 2013 through 2015. The anticipated budget for the required scope of work ranges from $200,000 to $300,000 and may be extended beyond 2015 as required. The selected firm must include a Washington State licensed land surveyor. This will be an open order style contract. The work will be conducted on an individual work order basis, according to each project scope definition. Each work order shall be authorized in writing by Metro Parks prior to execution of the work. All work will support design and construction projects anticipated by Metro Parks Tacoma. The majority of work will be for Point Defiance Park; however, additional services in support of other Metro Parks capital projects throughout the District may be requested. Further information about planned projects for Point Defiance Park, 5400 N Pearl Street, Tacoma WA 98407, can be found at http:// Work under this contract may qualify for federal funding. Certification regarding debarment, suspension and other federal and state responsibility matters will apply. Metro Parks Tacoma will receive qualifications until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6, 2013. Qualifications received after the appointed time set for receipt will be returned unopened. Scope of Services The following is a brief description of the kinds of work generally anticipated for projects: Boundary Surveys: The selected firm must be a Washington State licensed land surveyor fully qualified to provide and file property surveys, records of survey, boundary adjustments, and similar documents of record consistent with State and local laws. Services may include property title research and documentation, establishing a record of survey, installation of boundary markers, providing meets-and-bounds descriptions, and providing scaled drawings of the defined property. Topographic Surveys: The selected firm must be capable of producing accurate topographic survey mapping of park sites to National Map Standard and consistent with locally established vertical and horizontal datum. Deliverable site surveys will be required in both reproducible "hard copy" and AutoCAD, PDF and TIF formats for use in park construction. Specific topographic mapping activities may include, but are not limited to the following: * Establishing vertical and horizontal control including placement of new bench marks within the site * Mapping site topography through field established spot elevations as well as contour lines at appropriate contour intervals based on National Map Standards * Locating of all easements and Right of Ways * Locating and elevating adjacent streets, including curbs, sidewalks and curb ramps on both sides of the street * Locating all site features including buildings, pavements and site structures * Establishing the location of significant trees, tree and vegetation lines, and other vegetation related features. Locate all trees and give name, diameter, condition and elevation at base of trees * Producing accurate mapping at appropriate scales and formats for use in design and construction * Locating and mapping above and below ground public and private utilities indicating size, depths of burial grades, and types of material * Researching and describing on survey maps the recorded locations of buried utilities; together with pertinent information regarding utility provider / owner, material, record information, and similar information * Locating culverts and ditches, and drainage flow lines as necessary to provide an accurate description of surface water drainage conditions for use in surface water design * Providing mapped locations of wetland boundaries, wetland buffers, stream corridors, Hydrographic survey, line of Ordinary High Water, and similar environmental delineations established through separate Wetland / Stream Assessment services. Deliverables: The deliverable products provided under this contract shall be produced for use by Metro Parks and others in design and construction of park improvements. AutoCAD format documents may need to be provided to professional design firms who will rely on their accuracy in the production of construction contract documents. Park contractors may rely on the same site surveys provided under this contract in preparing bids and establishing benchmarks for work. Upon completion of construction, the same documents shall be retained for use and reference by Metro Parks Tacoma in its management of park sites. Specific documents produced under this contract will include electronic files in AutoCAD, PDF and TIF formats as well as reproducible "hard copy" documents stamped and signed by the responsible professionals. Other formats may be requested in order to coincide with other potential technological requirements. Consultant Selection: Metro Parks intends to select a firm capable of providing the above services over the period from the present to December 31, 2015 and thereafter as project requirements necessitate. Consultants will be selected based on the following criteria: * Availability of qualified professionals with the ability to provide services based on the contemplated scope of work. * Experience of the firm, individual members, and project team (please list subs if any) * A Washington State licensed land surveyor * Evaluation of references provided as part of this RFQ process * Examples of similar projects conducted for public park and / or similar agencies * Geographic proximity to the sites which are primarily within the City of Tacoma * Previous experience with Metro Parks Tacoma * Compliance with federal debarment and suspension requirements. * Other information as appropriate Submittals: Statements of Interest and Qualifications should be no longer than 10 pages and should include a letter of interest, identification of key personnel, a list of proposed sub-consultants, references, pertinent experience and a fee schedule. Consultants are requested to submit one (1) electronic and three (3) hard copies of their final qualification package by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6, 2013. Send proposal to: Rhonda Higgins RFQ 2013-13 Metro Parks Tacoma Planning, Design and Development 4702 South 19th Street, Tacoma, WA 98405 Questions about this RFQ should be directed to Roger Stanton at 253-3051082 or email August 29