Louis Navellier Accelerated Profits: Project Mastermind Review (InvestorPlace)

Louis Navellier and the team at Investor Place have launched a new marketing campaign for Accelerated Profits featuring Project Mastermind.

Project Mastermind uses modern technology – including AI – to identify good investment opportunities. The goal is to help investors make the most money in the shortest length of time.

By subscribing to Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits monthly newsletter today, you get full access to a suite of Project Mastermind guides and tools at no extra cost.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Project Mastermind and Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits today in our review.

What is Accelerated Profits?

Accelerated Profits is a monthly financial newsletter led by Louis Navellier and published by InvestorPlace.

With Accelerated Profits, Louis Navellier uses his proprietary stock-rating system to identify the best investment opportunities for subscribers.


Louis’s goal is to identify trades that can generate the highest possible returns in the shortest amount of time, helping investors potentially get rich quick through a series of smart trades.

To do that, Louis analyzes companies based on their fundamentals and momentum. Companies with strong fundamentals and rising momentum could be a great investment opportunity.

Accelerated Profits is designed for aggressive investors with a more frequent trading schedule. If you want to make trades with the opportunity for high gains, then Accelerated Profits may be the right choice for you.

What is Project Mastermind?

As part of a 2023 promotion for Accelerated Profits, Louis Navellier and his team have launched Project Mastermind.

Project Mastermind adds AI and other modern technology to Louis’s trading recommendations. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Louis aims to identify even better trades with the potential for even greater returns for investors.

Louis developed the Project Mastermind tool himself. The tool identifies eight specific precursors linked to huge future short-term market movements. By identifying these precursors in publicly-traded companies, Project Mastermind could consistently find stocks capable of rising 100% or higher in the next few months, doubling investors’ money every few months.

In fact, Project Mastermind “promises $50,000 in payout opportunities over the next 12 months,” according to the official website, potentially delivering huge ROIs to investors.

Here’s how Louis explains the benefits of Project Mastermind:

“My newest initiative — Project Mastermind — employs smart “predictive” technology to help me pinpoint them with amazing accuracy…Finding stock after stock that can skyrocket 100% or more in months. Just one of these explosive recommendations can bring you a whole new life financially…”

When you subscribe to Accelerated Profits today, you receive complete access to Project Mastermind stock recommendations every month, a Project Mastermind bonus report, and weekly issues of Project Mastermind. It’s like a combination of Accelerated Profits and Project Mastermind subscriptions rolled into one.

How Project Mastermind Works

Louis Navellier developed Project Mastermind with the goal of identifying stocks that could double in value in a few months.

As mentioned above, Project Mastermind uses smart predictive technology with the goal of “finding stock after stock that can skyrocket 100% [i.e. double]…in months.” Some stocks may rise even higher.

If someone could consistently identify stocks that would double in value every few months, they would rapidly become one of the wealthiest people in the world. So how does Louis Navellier claim to identify these stocks? How can Project Mastermind consistently recommend stocks that double in value every few months?

As proof, Louis Navellier identifies several stocks his Project Mastermind recommended buying. Louis claims beta testing with Project Mastermind led to impressive gains, including companies that doubled in value within just a few months of the recommendation:

  • SouFun (SFUN) rose 108% between June 2013 and April 2014
  • Fuji Heavy Industries (FUJHI) rose 153% between December 2012 and October 2013
  • Willdan Group (WLDN) rose 105% between April 2016 and June 2017
  • Vipshop Holdings (VIPS) rose 487% between 2013 and 2015

Project Mastermind Focuses on High, Short-Term Gains

The goal of Project Mastermind is to identify stocks with the potential for high gains in a short period of time.

In other words, Louis wants investors to get rich quick, doubling their money every few months.

While other investment experts focus on long-term strategies and companies to buy-and-hold, Louis focuses on short-term gains. Here’s how he explains his investment philosophy with Project Mastermind and Accelerated Profits:

“This is not a “buy and hold for years” strategy. With Project Mastermind, I’m not looking for stocks that will go up over the next 3 to 6 years…I’m trying to find winners that will skyrocket in the next 3 to 6 months. In and out in the blink of an eye…– with huge profits to boot!”

By subscribing to Accelerated Profits today, you get immediate access to Louis’s latest investment recommendations, including stocks that could double your money every few months.

How to Use Project Mastermind

After subscribing to Accelerated Profits, you receive immediate access to Project Mastermind trade recommendations. You receive new trade recommendations every month and a new issue of Project Mastermind every week.

Here’s how to use Project Mastermind’s trade recommendations:

Step 1) Get in when Project Mastermind tells you to get in. Periodically, Louis identifies a new investment opportunity with Project Mastermind capable of potentially doubling or tripling your investment in a few months. When Louis spots an investment opportunity the Project Mastermind AI-powered system likes, he immediately sends an alert to subscribers telling them to buy the stock.

Step 2) Get out when Project Mastermind tells you to get out. Project Mastermind doesn’t just identify undervalued stocks. The system also claims to time the market, helping you buy low and sell high. When Louis’s system has identified the peak price of a stock, Louis sends an alert to subscribers telling them to sell the stock.

Step 3) Get paid. The goal of Project Mastermind is to consistently deliver 100% to 300% returns to subscribers every few months. Just buy the recommended stocks low when the system tells you to, then sell them high when the system tells you the market has peaked.

Project Mastermind Analyzes Precursors to Predict Future Market Movements

Louis Navellier invented Project Mastermind to identify the best investment opportunities and trades.

Today, Project Mastermind uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze “precursors,” which are signals in markets that could precede future movements.

Louis Navellier has taught his Project Mastermind tool to identify precursors and predict future market movements based on those precursors. In fact, Louis fed his AI tool “decades” of trading data to hone its predictive power.

Here’s how Louis explains the predictive power of his Project Mastermind software:

“I was one of the first to not only use computing power to find great investment ideas, but also “precursors” or Artificial Intelligence….One of my favorite “precursors” that helped uncover each of the stocks you just mentioned has to do with the rate at which a company can grow profits.”

When that precursor aligns with several other precursors, Project Mastermind sends a signal to buy the stock. The stock has shown it has potential for growth.

How Project Mastermind Identifies Stocks Before They Rise 100%

Louis developed Project Mastermind with the goal of identifying stocks before they double in price, or rise 100%.

So how does Project Mastermind consistently identify winning stocks? How does Project Mastermind consistently aim to deliver huge returns on investment?

Here are some of the things Louis taught his AI-powered stock picking tool to help identify the largest gains in the shortest periods of time:

Modern Computing Power: Louis always knew it was possible for AI to pick stocks. However, the computing power wasn’t there. The smartphone in your pocket is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing power that sent a man to the moon in 1969. As computing power has grown, it can increasingly handle trillions of calculations per second.

Analysis of Short-Term Company-Specific Data Points: Some AI-powered stock pickers analyze billions of data points. Louis, however, has focused on short-term data points, including data that could predict near-future price movements. Factors that impact short-term price include annual earnings, quarterly earnings, net profits, gross profits, sales, P/E, return on equity, tangible assets, stock price momentum, trading volume, and relative strength.

Analysis of Other Short-Term Factors: Louis also claims to have coded his tool with the ability to analyze other short-term factors that aren’t specific to each company. Louis has coded his system based on economic and political factors, for example, low-interest versus high-interest environments, whether or not countries are at war, unemployment rates, GNP, GDP, commodity prices and other macroeconomic factors.

Analysis of 8 Specific Precursors to a Stock Doubling in Price: The goal of Project Mastermind is to monitor markets for a company meeting 8 specific precursors. According to Louis, these 8 factors “explain 95% of a stock’s near-term performance.” The thousands of other factors, meanwhile, only account for the remaining 5%. The 8 factors are extremely important. As Louis explains, a stock that meets these 8 specific characteristics has an “extremely high” chance of going on “a major surge over a short period of time,” potentially helping investors get rich quickly.

Project Mastermind Analyzes 8 Precursors Behind a Stock’s Future Movement

The fundamental idea of Project Mastermind is that certain precursors are linked to huge future movements.

Each company is influenced by thousands of factors – from foreign wars to commodity prices to local labor costs.

Louis, however, has identified eight specific factors that indicate a stock is about to rise in price.

We can’t spoil these eight specific precursors upfront. However, Louis reveals one of the eight to tease the power of his Project Mastermind system:

Sample Precursor #1: A Company’s Operating Margins Have Expanded at Least 20% Over the Last 9 Months: If a company’s operating margins have expanded by at least 20% over the last 9 months, then you can expect massive growth “right around the corner,” according to Louis. When a company has a higher operating margin, it means they’ve seen a spike in revenue without increasing costs, which could indicate a huge spike in stock price in the near future. One time, Louis spotted this precursor on a company named Bolt Technology, and the stock soon rose from $8 to $38 per share.

Sample Precursors #2 to #8: Louis does not disclose his other sample precursors upfront. However, he’s confident these precursors predict future market movements. Louis developed his Project Mastermind software to monitor these precursors, which could indicate huge future returns.

Accelerated Profits Reviews: How Much Money Can You Make?

The Accelerated Profits and Project Mastermind sales page are filled with testimonials of customers earning huge returns on investment by following Louis’s investment recommendations.

Although Investor Place is careful to explain past returns don’t guarantee future results, Accelerated Profits is marketed to aggressive investors who want to get rich quick with frequent trades.

Here are some of the reviews and earnings testimonials shared on the official website:

One customer earned 250% returns in one year by following Louis’s stock recommendations, turning $60,000 into $225,000.

Another customer claims he earned a return of 1,010% on a single one of Louis’s recommendations.

Another subscriber claims he is “making more money than any year previous” after subscribing to Accelerated Profits, claiming Louis’s stocks “are on fire.”

During beta testing for Project Mastermind, Louis’s system earned huge returns on investment in real-world testing situations. The tool earned 169% gains on DepoMed (ASRT), 311% gains on Repligen Corp (RGEN), and 613% gains on Santarus (SNTS), for example.

Louis claims his “average gain since inception is 37%,” which means his average trade recommendation has delivered a return of 37%. Some trades have earned 300% returns or higher, while others have lost money. Overall, returns average to 37%.

Overall, Louis is confident his Project Mastermind trading software can consistently identify winning stocks, helping investors potentially earn huge returns every few months.

What’s Included with Accelerated Profits?

By subscribing to Accelerated Profits today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, access to Project Mastermind trade recommendations, and more.

Here’s what you get when subscribing to Accelerated Profits today:

One Year Membership to Accelerated Profits: Each month, you receive a new issue of Accelerated Profits. Each issue features trading recommendations, market analysis, investment guidance, trade ideas, and more. You also get an average of four Project Mastermind fast-moving stock recommendations per month. The goal of these trade recommendations is to generate huge returns in a short period of time – like 100% or higher returns every few months.

Special Bonus Report #1: Five Ultimate Growth Trades That Can Soar 500% or More: A single trade could quintuple your money. In this bonus report, you can discover five growth trades that could generate returns of 500% or higher.

Special Bonus Report #2: Project Mastermind: Eight Precursors That Signal a Massive Stock Jump: Markets show certain signals when stocks rise. In this report, you can discover eight precursors that signal a massive stock jump. By learning to spot these signals, you can invest in markets before a big jump, potentially allowing you to earn huge returns.

Project Mastermind Trade Alerts: Louis Navellier and his team periodically send trade alerts to subscribers. You can discover new trade recommendations, investment opportunities, and stocks that could double or triple in the next few months. Each Project Mastermind trade alert is fuelled by artificial intelligence and other modern technology. Louis designed his Project Mastermind trading system to monitor data points in an unbiased way, giving you the best chance to buy low and sell high.

Project Mastermind Weekly Issue: In addition to receiving a new issue of Accelerated Profits every month, you receive a new issue of Project Mastermind every week. Each week, you get a new update on what Louis’s Project Mastermind technology is seeing in markets, along with new trade recommendations that could potentially generate returns of 100% to 300% in a few months.

24/7 Access to Accelerated Profits Members-Only Area: All Accelerated Profits subscriptions come with 24/7 access to the members-only area, giving you complete round-the-clock access to past and future bonus reports, previous issues, and more.


Accelerated Profits Pricing

Accelerated Profits is priced at $1,999 as part of a special 2023 Project Mastermind promotion, which is a 20% discount on the ordinary subscription price:

1 Year Subscription to Accelerated Profits (With Project Mastermind): $1,999.00

All subscriptions automatically renew one year from today at the same price of $1,999. You must contact Investor Place’s customer service team before your renewal date to cancel your second year’s subscription and avoid any future charges.

Accelerated Profits Satisfaction & Moneyback Guarantee

Accelerated Profits is backed by a 12-month investment return guarantee. Here’s how it works:

If you haven’t seen at least 20 opportunities to earn a payout of at least $2,500 in your first 12 months of subscribing to Accelerated Profits (a total of $50,000 in payout opportunities), then you get a second year of service for free. This guarantee is based on an initial investment of $7,500 (i.e. you must have seen at least 20 opportunities to earn 30% or greater returns on investment within the first 12 months of subscribing to Accelerated Profits).

There are no cash refunds for Accelerated Profits. If you meet the above criteria, however, then you can receive a second year subscription to Accelerated Profits at no extra cost.

About Investor Place

Investor Place is a financial publishing company offering a range of newsletters, investment advisories, and other services online.

Investor Place’s best-known subscriptions include Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor, Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor, InvestorPlace Select, Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits, and Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader, among others.

Key members of the Investor Place team include editors Louis Navellier, Eric Fry, John Jagerson, Wade Hansen, and Charlie Shrem, along with analysts like Luke Lango.

You can contact Investor Place and the Accelerated Profits customer service team via the following:

  • Email: feedback@investorplace.com
  • Phone: (800) 219-8592
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Final Word

Louis Navellier and his team at Accelerated Profits have launched a new marketing campaign featuring Project Mastermind.

Project Mastermind is an AI-powered stock picking tool invented by Louis Navellier. The tool analyzes data points to identify the best investment opportunities. The goal of Project Mastermind is to recommend stocks that could increase 100% to 300% or more in the next few months, potentially helping investors get rich quick.

As part of a 2023 subscription, Accelerated Profits is available at a discounted annual subscription rate of $1,999. And, all new subscriptions come with access to Project Mastermind trade recommendations and weekly issues of Project Mastermind.

To learn more about Project Mastermind and how much money you could make or to subscribe to Accelerated Profits today, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>



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