Limitless Labs Reviewed (LimitlessLabs.com)

Limitless Labs is a science-based audio clinic offering a lineup of “digital pills” to upgrade your brain.

The company offers digital pills targeting a range of cognitive goals – from creativity to intelligence to fast learning and sharper thinking.

Each digital pill is an audio file that lasts around 15 minutes and uses NLP techniques to rewire your brain.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Limitless Labs, how the digital pills work, and whether they live up to the hype.

What are Limitless Labs?

Limitless Labs is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based health and wellness company offering products based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

Today, the company offers a lineup of digital pills and audio files using NLP techniques. Each audio file lasts around 15 minutes and is designed to upgrade a different area of your brain.

You can buy specific digital pills online through LimitlessLabs.com. Or, you can buy the entire “pharmacy” and unlock unlimited access to the whole collection.

Each digital pill combines cutting-edge NLP techniques to rapidly rewire your brain and bring about lasting change. The products are backed by therapists and proven by science. Limitless Labs also offers a 1-year money-back guarantee.


How Do Limitless Labs Digital Pills Work?

Limitless Labs offers a lineup of “digital pills” or “digital drugs.” Each digital pill is a listen-along “audio experience,” according to Limitless Labs. It typically lasts around 15 minutes.

The active ingredient in each digital pill is neuro-linguistic processing or NLP. NLP is a psychotherapeutic tool designed to reprogram the brain to achieve specific benefits.

Limitless Labs offers different digital pills with other effects. The company provides digital pills for creativity, for example, along with digital pills for weight loss, sleep, confidence, intelligence, and more.

Listen to the Limitless Labs digital pill, then achieve the benefits you like. According to Limitless Labs, each digital pill will “rapidly rewire your brain and bring about lasting change.”

Limitless Labs digital pills are entirely safe and designed for adults. You can’t “overdose” on digital pills. You can mix and match the digital pills and listen to the audio however often you like.

How Does NLP Work?

Limitless Labs’ digital pills are backed by neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), also known as neuro-linguistic processing or neuro-linguistic psychotherapy. The technology was first theorized in the 1970s.

NLP came to fruition in the 1970s with the work of Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder. The pair shared a similar belief:

“If we don’t like the cards we’re dealt in life, we can always change them.”

The two scientists knew that our primary representational system created our reality. We perceive the world around us in a certain way because of our primary representational system. It’s like a lens through which we perceive everything about the world.

NLP is based on the idea that we can change that lens. We can alter our primary representational system to adjust our experience with the world.

By adjusting our primary representational system, we can force our brain to create new neural pathways, interpret reality differently, and activate new behavior patterns. In short, NLP can transform your life and change the way you interact with the world.

Today, research has validated some of the claims made by early NLP researchers. One study found that your “locus of control” can be trained like any other muscle. Another study found NLP techniques enhanced performance in 24 professional shooters. Other studies have linked Limitless Labs to motivation, learning, anti-anxiety effects, and more.

All Limitless Labs digital pills are based on the idea of NLP, using science-backed audio to alter behavior.

Limitless Labs Features & Benefits

Limitless Labs offers the following features and benefits:

Change Everything Just By Listening

Each Limitless Labs “digital pill” is a 12 to 20-minute MP3 file. You listen to one or two files daily to achieve targeted effects. According to Limitless Labs, you can change everything just by listening.

An Active Ingredient (NLP) with Positive Side Effects

Whether trying to lose weight, boost sleep, achieve new professional milestones, or boost confidence, you can find the Limitless Labs digital pill that’s right for you. Limitless Labs uses neuro-linguistic processing (NLP) techniques to reprogram your brain and enjoy targeted effects.

Lasting Results in Under 15 Minutes

The average Limitless Labs audio file is around 15 minutes. The audio files deliver safe, long-lasting results and significant change. Just spend 15 minutes listening to the file, then enjoy positive benefits all day long. According to Limitless Labs, “you only have to listen once to feel the effects.”

Backed by Money-back Guarantee

Limitless Labs understands NLP isn’t’ for everyone, and the company offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. You can request a complete refund within 365 days with no questions.

Science-Backed Strategies

Limitless Labs uses NLP strategies backed by formal scientific evidence. The company cites peer-reviewed research conducted in placebo-controlled clinical trials to verify its digital pills work as advertised.

Limitless Labs Digital Pills

The Limitless Labs “pharmacy” includes a range of digital pills. Each digital pill is an audio file – typically lasting around 15 minutes – to help you achieve targeted effects.

You can separate the digital pills based on targeted benefits – like brain, lifestyle, success, health, mindset, or growth.

Or, if you can’t decide which digital pill to buy, you can buy the whole Limitless Labs collection and get 24/7 access for a one-time fee. The pharmacy includes 36 digital pills in total.

Here are all of the Limitless Labs digital pills and how they work:

Brain Digital Pills

Limitless Labs offers a lineup of digital pills for your brain. You can use these digital pills to “activate genius IQ” or become “super creative.” Others have less specific benefits, claiming to target whole brain thinking and other effects.

The six digital pills in the Limitless Labs’ Brain category include:

Neurup-229: Activate Genius IQ


This digital file claims to help unlock your best intelligence level with 2 x 16-minute audio files. The audio files can sharpen mental agility, help you develop profound connections and ideas, and elevate your brainpower. Just take two of these digital pills once a day for a week. The digital pills can uplevel your genius IQ and boost your social and emotional intelligence.

  • Neurup-229 Price: $17.95

Invadaze-67: Be Super Creative


Invadaze-67 aims to boost creativity by removing all mental blocks and helping you tap into a never-ending pot of inspiration on demand. You get a 16-minute “digital medicine shot” to calm your brain, help you awaken creativity, and encourage more whole-brain thinking patterns using the power of NLP.

  • Invadaze-67 Price: $17.95

Donceph-2: Master Whole Brain Thinking


Donceph-2 targets your entire brain, helping you level up your brain for whole brain thinking. You can strengthen connections between the two sides of your brain, increase whole brain thinking, and get better holistic ideas and views. Just take one “large digital yellow pill” once per day. Donceph-2 is a 21-minute audio file that uses the NLP circle of excellence technique.

  • Donceph-2 Price: $17.95

Rekoshot-1: Photographic Memory


Rekoshot-1 can purportedly improve your memory using NLP’s hypnotic command technique. It’s a 19-minute audio file designed to boost your memory by acting as a digital injection, creating profound changes in your brain to change how you manage, form, and locate memories.

  • Rekoshot-1 Price: $17.95

Cereceler-A: Sharper Thinking


Cereceler-A can purportedly give you a sharper brain while helping you think faster. You can be wittier, more insightful, and more mentally agile. The “large digital red/blue pill” is a 13-minute audio file in MP# format.

  • Cereceler-A Price: $17.95

Trentum-10: Super-Fast Learning


Trentum-10 provides super-fast learning, allowing you to soak up new knowledge “like a sponge.” The digital pill consists of two 19-minute audio files. Take two digital pills once a day for a week to upgrade your learning capabilities.

  • Trentum-10 Price: $17.95

Lifestyle Digital Pills

Limitless Labs also offers a lineup of lifestyle digital pills. These lifestyle pills target ideas like happiness, mood, and cognitive energy. They’re designed to support your lifestyle in various ways using the power of neuro-linguistic programming.

Available Lifestyle digital pills from Limitless Labs include:

Vitantine-25: Be Happy


Vitantine-25 is a 14-minute digital yellow pill in MP3 audio format. It aims to help you break free of low-level depression, embrace a more positive outlook, and feel happier and more content every day. After listening to the audio file daily, you may be able to handle regular daily stressors more calmly, avoid dullness, and become a more positive person, according to Limitless Labs.

  • Vitantine-25 Price: $17.95

Maxflow-15: Be Super Productive


Maxflow-15 is a digital pill that comes in a single 19-minute audio file. It aims to skyrocket your productivity using the power of NLP. It rewires your thinking patterns to increase daily output, helps you feel and be more productive, and eliminates procrastination, among other benefits.

  • Maxflow-15 Price: $17.95

Chauramil-7: Charisma


Being charismatic can be a choice. This digital pill can help you become more charismatic and engaging. You can cause people to flock to listen to your every word, laugh at what you say, and admire your outlook on life. This digital pill consists of a 16-minute “digital blue pill” in MP3 audio format. By listening to the audio file daily, you can “instantly’ become a charismatic social magnet, according to Limitless Labs.

  • Chauramil-7 Price: $17.95

Bolden-1: Confidence


Bolden-1 is a digital pill for confidence. Using the NLP pinhole technique, the digital pill helps you feel whole, complete, and ready to conquer the world. The 14-minute audio fill equips you with the perfect confidence for self-esteem and assuredness from the inside out, helping you change your inner narrative and think more positively.

  • Bolden-1 Price: $17.95

Teterane-6: Conversation Master


Teterane-6 is a digital pill designed to help you master conversations. It’s a 15-minute digital red pill to help you avoid awkward moments and stop saying half-witted things to people. By listening to the file once daily, you can become a skilled communicator, keep the conversation flowing, and enjoy better results in your personal and professional lives.

  • Teterane-6 Price: $17.95

Zelaverve-8: Energy Surge


Based on the NLP slingshot technique, Zelaverve-8 is designed to surge your energy with two sizable digital orange fills that last 15 minutes each. Listening to the 15-minute audio daily allows you to recharge your internal energy levels – just like you recharge your phone’s battery when it runs out. You can be more productive, get more stuff done, avoid relying on stimulants like coffee, and enjoy natural energy all day long.

  • Zelaverve-8 Price: $17.95

Success Digital Pills

Want to become more successful in your personal and professional lives? Limitless Labs offers a lineup of digital pills with that goal in mind.

Limitless Labs’ success-oriented digital pills include everything from motivation to achievement to anti-procrastination. The list includes:

Viktoral-1: Achieve Anything


Viktoral-1 is a digital pill to help you achieve anything. Using NLP’s simulator technique, Viktoral-1 consists of a 15-minute digital file to boost willpower, motivation, energy, and enthusiasm. By listening to the file daily, you can achieve your biggest dreams more easily, feel more motivated, shift your focus to make progress, and eliminate residual procrastination to be more successful.

  • Viktoral-1 Price: $17.95

Boostup-11: Attract Opportunities


Boostup-11 is a digital pill developed using the NLP slingshot technique. It’s a 16-minute MP3 file to help you make new friends, establish great business connections, and find potential partners. Listening to the file daily can attract new opportunities, build your luck, and wake up excited and enthusiastic about the day ahead.

  • Boostup-11 Price: $17.95

Tygrall-C: Be a Successful Entrepreneur


Tygrall-C helps you be a successful entrepreneur and activate your entrepreneurial superpowers using the NLP’s time machine and timeline techniques. You get a digital blue pill with a 16-minute MP3 file. Tygrall-C can help you make profound changes in your brain for a more successful you. You can create new business ventures and income streams, think and act fast on opportunities, and feel motivated to achieve your business goals, among other benefits.

  • Tygrall-C Price: $17.95

Dospuron-10: Get Motivated & End Procrastination


Procrastination slows all of us down. Limitless Labs aims to help with Dospuron-10, an audio file built using the pinhole NLP technique. The 13-minute audio file is a digital medicine shot designed to boost energy, help you wake up feeling motivated, and stop deferring important things to tomorrow, among other benefits.

  • Dospuron-10 Price: $17.95

Neuroplo-UT: Multi-Millionaire Mindset


Neuroplo-UT consists of two digital red pills in MP3 audio format, with each pill lasting 17 minutes. You can discover the difference between an ordinary person and a multi-millionaire mindset – then unlock that power within yourself. Multi-millionaires spot new opportunities and make smarter decisions when those opportunities arise, for example. By listening to Neuroplo-UT daily, you can “begin thinking wealthy, profitable thoughts, on autopilot,” according to Limitless Labs.

  • Neuroplo-UT Price: $17.95

Trakabene-22: Unlimited Money Magnet


Want to attract money? Do you want to create a mindset where you attract all the things you need? Trakabene-22 can help. Trakabene-22 is a digital pill “guaranteed to help you attract more money, safely and smartly,” according to Limitless Labs. Just listen to the 17-minute audio file daily. The digital pill is built on the NLP time machine technique, which can rewire your brain to attract more money.

  • Trakabene-22 Price: $17.95

Health Digital Pills

Some Limitless Labs digital pills are designed to target health and wellness. Some are workout motivation digital pills, for example, sleep, weight loss, and overall health and digital immunity pills.

Whether you’re targeting a specific benefit or looking for an overall boost, Limitless Labs offers the following lineup of Health digital pills:

Sportine-262: Exercise Motivation


Sportine-262 offers an exercise motivation digital pill based on the NLP’s modeling technique. Does the idea of working out frighten you? Do you want more motivation to visit the gym? Sportine-262 can help. Take the 16-minute digital medicine shot daily, and you can get the motivation to work out consistently, become stronger and healthier, and build muscle fast, among other benefits, according to Limitless Labs.

  • Sportine-262 Price: $17.95

Selaxine-8: Great Night’s Sleep


Selaxine-8 can support a great night of sleep using the parts integration technique of NLP. Each Selaxine-8 audio file is a digital blue pill that is 17 minutes long. Take the pill daily to erase insomnia, fall asleep fast, enjoy a deeper and more restorative sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, among other benefits.

  • Selaxine-8 Price: $17.95

Cosprite-AZ: Healthiest You


Cosprite-AZ is a digital pill based on NLP’s five-year projection technique. The digital pill is a green pill consisting of a 16-minute audio file. It can boost motivation, support your natural immunity, boost your daily fitness and energy levels, and help you sculpt your body into the form you want, among other benefits.

  • Cosprite-AZ Price: $17.95

Adisolve-1000: Lose Weight Fast


Adisolve-1000 consists of 2 large digital orange pills, each 15 minutes long. The digital pills help you lose weight fast using the NLP’s advanced pinhole protocol, encoded by master NLP practitioner Julie-Ann Amos. The digital pill is designed to provide profound change for a better you, helping you rapidly lose excess body weight, achieve your ideal body shape, and eat healthier every day to lose weight, among other benefits.

  • Adisolve-1000 Price: $17.95

Trimatin-1: Slim Body


While other Limitless Labs digital pills are designed for overall weight loss, Trimatin-1 gives you a slim body via the NLP movie theater technique. The digital injection is a 13-minute-long MP3 file that uses NLP to review your thinking patterns. It helps you start enjoying healthy foods you previously hated, quickly attain your desired weight, size, and shape, and appreciate how you look when you see a mirror, among other effects.

  • Trimatin-1 Price: $17.95

Suparin-20: Virtual Gastric Band


Gastric band surgery is a weight loss procedure that physically shrinks your stomach, making it easier to eat less and lose weight. Suparin-20 uses NLP-based audio files to target similar effects. Suparin-20 is a 12-minute long large digital red/blue striped pill designed to help you lose weight by eating less and reducing cravings. Using NLP’s visualization technique, the digital pill lets you “form a virtual gastric band around your stomach to reduce appetite.” After listening to the digital pill daily, you can naturally eat smaller portions of food, eat anything and still lose weight, and achieve your ideal weight, among other benefits.

  • Suparin-20 Price: $17.95

Mindset Digital Pills

To improve your life, you may need to improve your mindset. Mindset is a complex concept that covers motivation, self-esteem, cognitive energy, and other areas.

Limitless Labs offers a range of digital pills to target mindsets in different ways. Whether improving self-esteem and self-discipline or eliminating your fear of rejection, Limitless Labs may have a digital pill for you:

Admirite-1: Boost Self-Esteem


Admirite-1 can boost self-esteem using the NLP slingshot technique. The 16-minute large digital blue pill is designed to develop authentic, immutable self-esteem through the power of NLP. NLP master practitioner Julie-Ann Amos encoded the advanced slingshot protocol. By listening to the file daily, you can develop authentic self-esteem, activate feelings of positivity, set boundaries, and become more assertive, among other effects.

  • Admirite-1 Price: $17.95

Fortene-135: Fear of Rejection


Fortene-135 is a digital pill developed using the NLP swish technique. Featuring two large digital green pills in MP3 audio format, Fortene-135 has two 16-minute audio files to eliminate your fear of rejection. Listening daily allows you to dissolve your fear of rejection, embrace opportunities, and assertively make independent decisions.

  • Fortene-135 Price: $17.95

Kochai-N: Install Self-Discipline


Kochai-N lets you install self-discipline using the NLP’s pinhole technique. That technique, which involves listening to a single 14-minute audio file daily, can allow you to develop self-discipline without willpower, struggle, or pain. It’s all on autopilot, allowing you to stay calm and focused on your goals.

  • Kochai-N Price: $17.95

Olthosolve-14: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs


Olthosolve-14 is a digital pill developed using the NLP’s limiting beliefs technique. The 14-minute digital medicine shot can help you eliminate limiting beliefs and negative thoughts by rewiring your brain. You can stop destructive habits, install new and empowering thought patterns, and grow a healthy mindset, creating profound change for an unstoppable you.

  • Olthosolve-14 Price: $17.95

Narasolve-0: Let Go of the Past


Need to let go of the past? NLP’s 5-year projection technique, as featured in the Narasolve-0 digital pill, can help. The digital medicine shot is a 17-minute MP3 file that can heal memories and trauma once and for all, help you avoid feeling haunted by events from the past, and recreate your own optimistic personal narrative.

  • Narasolve-0 Price: $17.95

Ceremist-89: Positive Thinking


Ceremist-89 is a positive thinking digital pill based on NLP’s pattern interrupt technique. The digital pill can rewire your mind with new, empowering, glass-half-full neural pathways, automatically helping you think more positively. You can dissolve habitual negative thinking patterns, become cheerier and more confident, and avoid distractions, among other benefits.

  • Ceremist-89 Price: $17.95

Growth Digital Pills

Limitless Labs also offers a selection of “Growth” digital pills. These pills are designed to foster personal growth, improve certain aspects of your life and mind, and help you use NLP to achieve your full potential.

Available Growth digital pills from Limitless Labs include:

Apexite-87: Attitude of Gratitude


Apexite-87 is a circle of excellence-based NLP digital pill consisting of a digital green tablet with a 15-minute audio fill. By listening daily, you can help deal with adversity, build stronger relationships with people around you, seize the day, and live a blessed life, among other perks, according to Limitless Labs.

  • Apexite-87 Price: $17.95

Fillisolve-B: End Self-Sabotage


Fillisolve-B lets you end self-sabotage using the 5-year projection technique in NLP. If you feel like you constantly sabotage yourself, then Fillisolve-B may be able to help. The digital pill lets you begin to trust more in yourself, take action without worrying, and foster your inner courage, among other benefits.

  • Fillisolve-B Price: $17.95

Destinite-131: Law of Attraction


Destinite-131 uses NLP visualization strategies to help with the law of attraction. The file consists of 2 large digital yellow tablets, including two 19-minute audio files to help you improve relationships, create your lifestyle, and manifest exactly what you want on autopilot.

  • Destinite-131 Price: $17.95

Regen-2: Reinvent Yourself


Part of growth could involve reinventing yourself. Limitless Labs offers Regen-2 with that goal in mind. The digital pill uses the movie screen reframe NLP technique to help you attract new possibilities, change any area of your life, and gather the courage to make radical changes, among other benefits.

  • Regen-2 Price: $17.95

Nuroptine-22: Visualization Success


Nuroptine-22 is a digital blue tablet 15 minutes long and designed with NLP’s submodalities technique. The technique is designed to help you picture exactly what you want and turn your dream into a reality, time and time again. Using the power of NLP, you can tap the power of visualization to achieve your goals, increase motivation, and enhance your results.

  • Nuroptine-22 Price: $17.95

Upcalm-12: Zen Meditation Master


Upcalm-12 is a mindfulness NLP digital medicine shot 16 minutes long and designed to help you master your emotions and foster calmness. You can enjoy more calm focus, regain emotional control, and shield your mind from negative feelings, among other benefits. Upcalm-12 can also help you maintain a Zen-like state of flow, dissolve negative emotions before they’re felt, and move through stressful situations with a calm attitude.

  • Upcalm-12 Price: $17.95

Limitless Labs Pricing

Limitless Labs charges similar prices for all digital pills. Although the pills vary based on the number of files, their targeted effects, and the audio length, you can pay similar prices.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Individual Digital Pills: $17.95
  • Entire Bundles (Brain, Lifestyle, Success, Health, Mindset, or Growth): $57.95
  • Entire Pharmacy (All 36 x Limitless Labs Digital Pills): $97

You receive lifetime access to all digital pill MP3s after processing your payment.

Limitless Labs Refund Policy

  • A 1-year money-back guarantee backs all Limitless Labs digital pills.
  • If you’re unhappy with any digital pill, you can request a complete refund within 365 days with no questions.

Scientific Evidence for Limitless Labs: Does NLP Truly Work?

Limitless Labs has an entire page of its website dedicated to the science behind its digital pills, including how neuro linguistic processing (NLP) works, what it does, and how the unique system has held up in professional, placebo-controlled research settings.

Digital pills could help change your “locus of control,” or the viewpoint from which you observe the world. Many of us become fixed in a specific place because we’re accustomed to a particular locus of control. In this 1992 study, researchers found neuro linguistic programming techniques shifted perceptional position, visual, kinesthetic dissociation, timelines, and change history, adjusting your locus of control to achieve real change.

In another study, researchers gathered a group of 24 professional shooters, then used NLP techniques like anchoring and golden ring to improve focus and performance. Researchers found shooters had more excellent mental and physical skills after completing NLP therapy as measured by the OMSAT-3 system, including an improved commitment to the goal, better motivation, and increased tolerance to stress.

Researchers in Iran found NLP could improve motivation and learning capacity in students. A group of students completed NLP therapy or a placebo. Then, researchers found that students in the NLP group had increased motivation and better learning capacity than in the placebo group.

Researchers published a large meta-analysis on neurolinguistic psychotherapy in 2015. Researchers analyzed 12 studies on NLP therapy and psychological training. Researchers found NLP “can hold its ground in comparison with other psychotherapeutic methods,” with significant differences observed in patients completing NLP versus patients on a placebo.

Some use NLP to help with social anxiety and stress. In this study, researchers followed an NLP therapy regimen for 21 days, then experienced a significant reduction in social anxiety. Researchers have also found NLP is an effective treatment for phobias and fear-based habits and that NLP could help rewire the brain to remove irrational phobias.

Several small studies have validated the use of neuro linguistic processing, also known as neuro-linguistic psychotherapy, as a training tool. Following NLP strategies and taking Limitless Labs’ digital pills, you could rewire your brain to enhance communication, boost personal development, and enjoy powerful psychotherapy effects.

Limitless Labs Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

According to the Limitless Labs website, many customers have used the company’s unique digital pills to achieve targeted goals.

Here are some of the positive reviews from Limitless Labs verified customers online:

  • One customer claims he could “literally feel my body tingle” as he felt a specific digital pill go to work
  • Others praise Limitless Labs’ digital pills for activating their brain and subconscious in a way they have never felt before
  • Many reviewers claim to have become slimmer and healthier thanks to Limitless Labs’ digital pills, including having zero desire to eat unhealthy foods.
  • Others have optimized their professional life, relationships, and other aspects of their lifestyle with Limitless Labs.
  • One reviewer described Limitless Labs’ digital pills as a “divinely simple yet powerful way to upgrade your life.”
  • Customers also like how easy it is to use Limitless Labs digital pills; just put some headphones on, listen to the digital pills and get ready to enjoy powerful effects.
  • Customers also tend to have positive things to say about the Limitless Labs customer service team, including good interactions, accessible communication, and satisfactory outcomes of calls.

Overall, Limitless Labs has 1,650+ reviews on Trustpilot at the time of writing and an average score of 5.0 stars out of 5. Most reviewers (98% of all reviews) have given the company a 5-star rating.

About Limitless Labs

Limitless Labs describes itself as a science-led audio clinic. The clinic was developed by a personal growth publisher named Inspire3. Both Limitless Labs and Inspire3 are connected to Cosmic Media, LLC.

You can contact the Limitless Labs team via the following:

  • Email: support@limitlesslabs.com
  • Mailing Address: 101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 810, Las Vegas, NV 89109

In addition to selling digital NLP pills, Inspire3 has subsidiary brands like Manifesting.com, Zen12, and Hypnosis Live, among other personal development tools.

Limitless Labs Final Word

If you believe in the power of neuro linguistic processing for meaningful change, then Limitless Labs could help.

With 36 digital pills available targeting various aspects of life, Limitless Labs can help you achieve positive changes in health, wellness, weight, and other parts of life.

Visit the official website to learn more about Limitless Labs or buy a digital pill online.



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