Keto Slow Cooker Reviews – Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook Volume 2

A sought-after keto-based cookbook was released earlier this year by PaleoHacks and licensed nutritional therapist Kelsey Ale. The interesting part of this is that most of the recipes just called for one appliance: a slow cooker. Slow cookers are fantastic because they enable consistent flavor distribution, prevent messy stains on pans, enhance the flavor of even cheap cuts of meat, use less room and kitchenware, and ultimately conserve energy.

These are only a few of the advantages, but our editorial finds the richest flavor of the final result to be most appropriate for the ketogenic diet and slow cooker duo. In other words, people won’t ever consider the keto flu symptoms or the reduction in carbohydrates while on the ketogenic diet. All in all, the following is a thorough review of Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2.

What is Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2?

Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the first version, a recipe book featuring keto-friendly slow cooker dishes. This was a logical choice for the author, Kelsey Ale, given that Volume 1 resulted in over 300,000 copies in sales. As a refresher, Keto Slow Cooker Volume 1 concentrated on a collection of 80 delectable dishes that melt fat. People can now anticipate 80 more recipes from Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 that are equally delectable, nourishing, and simple to prepare. Having said that, let’s take a deeper look to determine if the second volume surpasses the first.

In what ways is Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 superior to the first volume?

Kelsey promises to have created 80 more recipes that make it simple to adopt the ketogenic diet right now. In fact, she has now produced ketogenic versions of a number of dishes, including za’atar chicken, balsamic pork belly, beef bourguignon, pumpkin and spinach stew, beef gyros, steak, and peppers, and za’atar casserole, to name a few.

The content of Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 is another aspect that makes it just as appealing as, and possibly even more than the first. Individuals will be able to obtain recipes that:

  • May increase energy levels, protect the heart, reduce inflammation, and help with fat loss
  • Easy to prepare with readily available ingredients
  • Need no pots, baking sheets, blenders, or other additional kitchen equipment
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in the kitchen, whether it be for preparation, cooking, or cleanup
  • Are great for breakfast (10 total recipes), lunch or entrée (20 total recipes), with a concentration on beef (15 total recipes), pork (10 entire recipes), chicken (10 total recipes), and turkey (5 total recipes), while also supporting vegetarians (10 recipes in total)

For those of you wondering why Kelsey ended up choosing slow cookers as the vessel, it’s due to their ability to bring out flavor. Need we remind you that the element of forcing the body into ketosis is not overlooked at any point throughout the entire process?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 really need a slow cooker?

Yes, a slow cooker has been considered in the creation of every recipe. If people don’t already own a slow cooker, Kelsey believes that cheap substitutes are also readily available online.

Does Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 require any other kitchen appliances to execute recipes?

For the most part, the slow cooker alone suffices.

Are the recipes in Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 suitable for people who have medical conditions?

Given the significant reduction in carbohydrates, Kelsey outlined how Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 is good for people with blood sugar issues. Additionally, those who struggle with weight loss and excessive cholesterol and triglyceride levels may benefit from the recipes. But ultimately, this is a cookbook that emphasizes the ketogenic diet, so it might not be useful for everyone. People ought to think about seeking advice from a healthcare provider before moving forward.

Are the listed ingredients easy to find?

Yes, Kelsey did make sure to include ingredients in her recipes that can be found at almost any neighboring grocery store.

How long will it take to execute Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 recipes?

Each recipe should require less than 10 minutes to complete on average. To ensure optimal cooking, people will need to set the slow cooker to a specific time, but they don’t need to physically watch it happen.

How long will it take for the physical copy of Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook Volume 2 to arrive?

In general, it might take around 5 business days to arrive, however this might change for people who live outside of the United States.

What other resources does Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 include?

In addition to Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2, individuals will also receive these following bonuses:

Bonus #1. 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook

In the first bonus, Kelsey offers 30 straightforward recipes that only need a few common ingredients and pantry staples. In fact, these are so simple that people will only need to toss them into a slow cooker and leave them to cook before serving. Although the 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook may deceive people, Kelsey guarantees that the end results are complex and rich. Examples include pot roast with mushrooms, hot pulled pork, white turkey chili, creamy lemon chicken, chicken wings, nachos with pulled pork, creamy jalapeno dip, and sweet pumpkin pie bars.

Bonus #2. Ready In 30 Cookbook

In the second bonus, Kelsey provides 30 recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Whether people are pressed for time or simply want to cook something delicious without sacrificing time or taste, this resource is a must-have. It is quite impressive to see that meals like pork/zucchini pizza bake, spicy butter chicken, and turkey and cheese skillets could be completed in the allocated time.

Bonus #3. Exclusive 10% Off Coupon for PaleoHacks Store

Even though Kelsey is the brains behind the recipes in Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 and all other guides offered by PaleoHacks, these resources could not have been made available to hundreds of thousands of people without the help of the entire PaleoHacks team. Luckily, this team is also currently providing a 10% discount on any of their best-selling cookware or cookbooks.

How much does Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 cost?

Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 with the aforementioned bonuses are worth a total of $280. For a brief time, digital versions of these resources are now offered for a one-time cost of $19.95. Anyone who wishes to access the physical version of Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 can do so by paying the shipping fee, which might vary by location.


Additionally, a 60-day money-back guarantee has been added to every purchase. If customers are disappointed with the meals or do not feel or notice the advertised benefits within the first 60 days of purchase, they should contact customer service for a complete refund. For the specifics regarding the PaleoHacks refund policy, consider the following channels of communication:

  • Email: support@paleohacks.com
  • Business Mailing Address: PO Box 1050, Eden Utah, 84310
  • Submit a contact form: Click here

Meet the Author Behind Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2

All of the PaleoHacks cookbooks were authored by Kelsey Ale, a licensed nutritional therapist. She began her humble journey towards nutrition with herself. At such a young age, she was certain that vegetarianism was the path to wellness, but she soon discovered that her viewpoint was incomplete. Specifically, she learned that the body doesn’t care how “being healthy” is defined because it all depends on nutrients.

For her, recognizing the problem was only the start of the process. She pursued years of research before earning her certification in nutritional therapy. She also learned about the ketogenic and paleo diets around this period, which she firmly endorses. With this expertise, she aspires to inform women about nutrition and to support them at every stage of their learning and application.

Returning to the subject of PaleoHacks as a company, they are generally committed to making guides, programs, and cookbooks available to everyone, particularly those who are pressed for time and desire to prepare a healthy dinner without going over the top. To learn more about PaleoHacks and Kelsey Ale, click here.

Concluding Remarks

Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2 is a follow-up to the well-received Keto Slow Cooker Volume 1. At the time of the first volume, the range of meals, the team’s consideration of vegetarians and meat eaters, and the simple fact that all the uncertainty surrounding the ketogenic diet had already been eliminated delighted our editorial team. Without a doubt, Kelsey pays close attention to details. In other words, people can expect a clear and accurate depiction of each meal, a breakdown of the calories and macronutrients, and detailed step-by-step instructions that are described in simple terms.

Is the second volume convincing enough? Undoubtedly, we were taken aback to hear that Kelsey had also been able to develop 80 more recipes to accompany the first edition. It should be clear in her efforts that she drew inspiration for the creation of yet another edition from the outcomes and feedback provided by former customers. Based on everything that has been said so far, our editorial team is confident that people will not only have access to a comprehensive database of recipes but will also gradually come to understand how ketosis works for fat burning and perhaps even be motivated to alter some of their favorite meals. To get started with Keto Slow Cooker Volume 2, visit here>>>.



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