Gardyn Reviews – Effective At-Home Vertical Indoor Gardening Planting System?

Do you find pleasure during the summertime, as many others do? This season is peaceful yet delightful because of the beauty paired with various movements and sounds. While some individuals might just like taking strolls or getting a tan at the beach, there are others that play the waiting game to revitalize their gardens. Who can blame them? Watching a seed turn into a fruit, vegetable, herb, or flower is like watching a baby take its course. Moreover, one could take up this hobby to decompress, cultivate, and grow their own food.

The problem with having such a passion is that it is only practical for half the year. Sure, people might resort to indoor gardens, but they have long had a reputation for being messy and for taking up a great deal of floor space. Luckily, one team set out to shift people’s perceptions about indoor gardens by creating a cutting-edge, completely automated system that uses three different types of technology. This is where Gardyn enters the picture.

What is Gardyn?

Gardyn is a vertical indoor garden that occupies the least space while producing the most food. Its proprietary technology promotes the growth of 30 large plants in a two-square-foot space. To date, this system is regarded as the greatest solution whether people are wanting to cultivate a sizable salad for their family or anything from cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, sunflowers, and many others all year round.

Since its debut, the innovative vertical indoor garden has drawn much attention. Given that it requires very little area, produces a high number of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and, most importantly, consumes 95% less water than traditional agriculture, this is only logical. Individuals are ultimately looking at a system in favor of their wallets, stomachs (from tainted produce), and the planet as a whole.

The CEO of Gardyn, FX Rouxel, believes access to healthy food shouldn’t be limited. As per his viewpoint:

“Gardyn represents an opportunity to reintroduce nature in urban habitats, to make our cities more sustainable and autonomous, to stop damaging the environment, and to rediscover the meaning of fresh, nutritious, and delicious food for all of us every day.”

Now that the introduction is out of the way, it’s time to peel into the Gardyn system to discover how any of these benefits are attainable.

How does Gardyn work?

Gardyn’s goal of revolutionizing food’s future is impossible to achieve without three technological advancements. First, we have LED technology, which, as detailed by the team, gives plants the exact amount of light they require throughout the day in any type of location for optimal growth. Second, Gardyn uses patented Hybriponics™ technology developed by the in-house team and researchers at McGill University.

With Hybriponics™ technology, individuals are looking at plant growth without soil. Instead, exposed roots are treated with a mineral nutrient solution. This method conserves not only soil but also water. The reason is owing to the system’s several water reuses before discarding them. The absence of soil and water positively changes the scale and volume at which produce is grown. Lastly, Gardyn implemented a machine version of artificial intelligence technology, which allows it to monitor crops all day and boost the plants’ germination.

What is currently available at Gardyn?

There are two main versions of the Gardyn indoor garden system:

Gardyn Home Kit 2.0

The Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 grows 30 large plants, which are included in the Starter Set for free. Individuals could choose to either go with membership or not. If a person chooses to opt out of the membership, they will still be able to use the Gardyn app for monitoring purposes (namely for controlling light, reviewing the watering schedule, and monitoring water-level sensors). Each purchase will also include the necessary plant food and accessories. However, skipping the membership option necessitates paying $4.99 for extra yCube plants.

Those who become a member can choose 10 free yCubes per month and receive 60% off any additional yCube orders. Other membership-exclusive features include Vacation and Timelapse Modes. The Vacation Mode is where the Kelby™ Assistant comes into play, meant to look after the plants while users are away, whereas the Timelapse Mode allows them to monitor, save, and share the growth progress of their plants in real-time.

Gardyn Home Kit 3.0

Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 is an improvement over the 2.0 version. This time, the team designed the system so that installation and maintenance take less time and are more durable. Otherwise, the contents are comparable: The Start Set includes 30 plants, plant food and accessories, and the Gardyn in-app device control. Another significant improvement is the advanced column design, which optimizes water flow and oxygenation and hence promotes healthy plant growth.


Get started with Gardyn

Consumers can purchase their Gardyn on the official website. Below is a list of every expense users of Gardyn may incur when they first use it:

  • Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 (without a membership): $695 each
  • Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 (with a one-year harvest membership): $695 each + $34 monthly
  • Gardyn Home Kit 2.0 (with a two-year harvest membership): $695 each + $29 monthly
  • Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 (without a membership): $899 each
  • Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 (with a one-year harvest membership): $899 each + $34 monthly
  • Gardyn Home Kit 3.0 (with a two-year harvest membership): $899 each + $29 monthly
  • Microgreens Complete Kit: $99 each
  • Plants: $1.99 to $4.99 each
  • all Gardyn purchases have the option of using Affirm financing option = 0% APR for 24 – as low as $29/MO

Final Verdict

In line with the analysis above, Gardyn is a lot more than just a vertical indoor garden. It embodies what it means to save money, protect the planet, and have access to the freshest produce possible. Traditional methods of mass production of agriculture waste soil and water.

From there, the product travels (typically) from one nation to another before reaching its final destination. How could someone disregard the shelf life of such goods? Thanks to the Gardyn team, all of these have been eliminated, and it took nothing but a determined CEO, a team of researchers, and three critical technologies.

In particular, Gardyn houses technologies like Hybriponics™, LED, and AI to create a vertical indoor garden that doesn’t depend on soil use, recycles water multiple times before disposal, offers a suitable source of light for crop growth, and ensures constant monitoring (i.e., through the camera system, in-app device control, or Kelby™).

There are obviously more incentives to becoming a member, such as access to the Kelby™, which could be helpful while on vacation, as well as discounted or even free plants. Choosing the membership option, in our opinion, can help speed up the learning curve if growing a garden is a new activity to people. Even seasoned members may find the membership useful because it handles all of the legwork.

In addition to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the goods or services one may wish to buy, investing involves determining the company’s worth. It was clear to us that this team is completely devoted to indoor gardening, contributing to the welfare of society, and educating people. Their level of transparency is unmatched, regardless of whether it’s by giving a thorough breakdown of each plant (and potential use cases) or by offering a plethora of resources to turn to in the event of any questions or concerns.

It’s unfortunate that this system is not accessible internationally, but it may be in the near future. To get started with Gardyn, visit here >>>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why is Gardyn superior to traditional methods of growing produce?

A. Gardyn is superior to traditional methods of producing food because it requires less space, less water, and no soil to grow 30 plants. In addition to saving money on groceries, plant lovers now have a system that supports year-round crop production. How can anyone overlook the comprehensiveness of this garden, whether in the guise of a plant catalog, a virtual assistant, or camera and app monitoring?

Q How big is the Gardyn?

A. The Gardyn requires 2 square feet of floor space. Namely, the water tank is 2 feet by 1 foot deep, and when everything is put together, the system will be 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Q. What are the different parts of the Gardyn?

A. The Gardyn constitutes the following integral parts:

  • Columns, yPods, pod caps, and water tank, all free of PVC
  • Version 2.0 and Version 3.0 of the Gardyn Lid Top are constructed of maple and Hevia wood (or rubberwood), respectively
  • yCubes made of the casing, Rockwool (a natural growing medium made of rocks that retains water well), and seeds (2 to 6 seeds per yCube, to be precise)
  • Two cameras (one on each light bar) to help individuals and Kelby™ monitor the Gardyn

Q. Is a membership required to grow with Gardyn?

A. No, there is no need for a membership to use Gardyn since consumers will still have access to 30 free plants, cultivating accessories, and in-app device control. As previously stated, the primary advantage of choosing the membership is access to the Kelby™ assistant, 10 free yCubes every month, and complete support from Gardyn’s plant experts.

Q. Is it possible to use Gardyn with my own seeds?

A. Individuals can purchase seedless yCubes if they choose to use their own seeds. The latter already has a rock wool filling; all that remains is to add the seed variety.

Q. Why could it be better to purchase plants directly from Gardyn?

A. Each yCube plant has been properly assembled, so users may simply plug and play. It is also worth noting that the roots are tangle-free, which means people have one less task to complete. Another advantage of choosing Gardyn plants, with or without a membership, is having access to over 50 in-house plants.

Q. Can I choose which plants to grow with Gardyn?

A. The Starter Set comes with 30 free plants, but users can choose from any of the 50+ species of greens, herbs, fruits, veggies, and flowers. The team assures new types are continually being added and that they will provide updates when new plants do, in fact, become accessible.

Q. Which plants are included for free with the Starter Set?

A. People will be able to choose from two sets of Breen, Kale, Basil, Butterhead, Dill, Buttercrunch, Green Mustard, Arugula, Mini Cauliflower, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Red Tatsoi, Purple Kohlrabi, Hon Tsai Tai, Dill, Bok Choy, Chamomile, Fiesta Gitana, Holy Basil, Chervil, Wheatgrass, Bull’s Blood, and Red Sorrel each.

Bount of Greens – Arugula, Breen, Buttercrunch, Butterhead, Green Mustard, Kale, Monte Carlo, Red Mustard, Red Sails, Rouge D’hiver, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Minte, Thai Basil, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, and Jalapenos.

Treat Your Senses – Arugula, Breen, Butterhead, Green Mustard, Hon Tsai Tai, Kale, Monte Carlo, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Mustard, Red Sails, Red Tatsoi, Rouge D’hiver, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi, Cilantro, Dill, Mint, Thai Basil, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, Mini Cauliflower, Sweet Peppers, Jalapenos, Snapdragon, and Sunflower.

Winter Wellness – Arugula, Bok Choy, Bull’s Blood, Butterhead, Chervil, Green Mustard, Kale, Monte Carlo, Red Mustard, Red Sails, Rouge D’hiver, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi, Wheatgrass, Chervil, Cilantro, Holy Basil, Mint, Red Sorrel, Thai Basil, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, Jalapeno, Sweet Peppers, Chamomile, and Fiesta Gitana.

Q. What is the Kelby™ assistant?

A. The Kelby™ assistant will monitor the Gardyn around the clock using cameras and sensors to power customized recommendations. Specifically, Kelby™ will send messages and alerts regarding:

  • When and how to apply plant food, pollinate flowers, and harvest plants
  • The necessity to monitor the Gardyn device, which should provide alerts for changes in the water level, when to perform a quick clean, and any unexpected activity

Q. Is it possible to disable the cameras attached to Gardyn?

A. Yes, the cameras can be disabled. However, disabling implies no more access to Kelby™’s help.

Q. How long will the LED lights in Gardyn last?

A. The embedded LED lights are intended to last for 50,000 hours or more than 5 years of continuous operation. Yet, the current light schedule is set at 16 hours every day or nearly 8.5 years. Fortunately, the latter can be altered to strike a balance between the needs of plants and household routines.

Q. Will Gardyn save money on my grocery bill?

A. According to the team’s claims, Gardyn can save between 20 and 40% on the grocery bill. You can also check out the Gardyn savings calculator on the website.

Q. What is the Gardyn Sprout Nursery?

A. The Gardyn Sprout Nursery was created to increase germination speed and success so people can enjoy their harvests sooner. This part is said to fit nicely on the Gardyn’s lid, offering an appropriate supply of ambient warmth and light. The nursery is especially excellent for growing microgreens or baby greens.

Q. What is the Microgreens Complete Kit?

A. The Microgreens Complete Kit, which includes the Gardyn Sprout Nursery, includes 20 seed pads with wicks and 10 grow plates. To get started, individuals will simply need to add water to the nursery, pop a seed into the growth plate and top it with the nursery’s lid. Harvests should show signs of growth within the first seven days.

Q. What happens to Gardyn if the power goes out?

A. In the event of a power outage, people will need to water the plants by hand because Gardyn depends heavily on electricity to operate. This indoor garden will reconnect itself whenever the power and/or WiFi are restored.

Q. How often should the Gardyn be cleaned?

A. To provide plants with a stable balance of nutrients and a healthy growing environment, the team advises cleaning the tank once a month, which should take no more than 10 minutes. On the topic of the tank, it can hold up to 5 gallons of water (ideally tap water).

Q. Does Gardyn ship outside of the United States?

A. As of the time of writing, the team only ships within the contiguous United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. Luckily, they are already making progress on the logistics to make international shipping a reality soon.

Q. Does Gardyn include any warranties?

A. Yes, every Gardyn comes with a one-year warranty that protects against any problems that might have arisen during delivery or from normal wear and use. Reviewing the dos and don’ts of the warranty policy is highly recommended. For any more clarifications, customer support can be contacted at:

  • support@mygardyn.com.

Q. Does a refund policy protect purchases of Gardyn?

A. Absolutely, a 60-day money-back guarantee has been put in place for Gardyn. Those who get this indoor garden have 60 days to assess whether it meets their demands for growing or farming. All products must be returned unopened and in their original packaging to receive a complete refund (less shipping and handling fees).

  • For more information, contact support@mygardyn.com.

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