Medicinal Garden Kit Reviewed

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a plant medicine guide and seed kit created by Nicole Apelian, PhD.

Available exclusively online through MedicinalKit.com, the kit teaches you how to create a medicinal garden in your own backyard, then gives you thousands of seeds to create your own backyard pharmacy.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Medicinal Garden Kit and what you’ll learn today in our review.

What is the Medicinal Garden Kit?

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a gardening kit featuring a printed guide and a package of 10 seeds.

You get a guide explaining the benefits of various plants and herbs. Then, you get 10 pouches with 2,409 high-quality seeds in total, allowing you to grow a pharmacy in your own backyard.

Each kit includes 10 herbs handpicked from the best medicinal plants in the world. Created by Nicole Apelian, PhD, the Medicinal Garden Kit allows you to quickly start growing a medicinal garden in your own backyard and turn 10 plants into tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, essential oils, and more.

One of the plants in the Medicinal Garden Kit is “better than sleeping pills,” according to the official website, because it helps you fall asleep without side effects.

Another plant has pain killing properties, and Native Americans used the plant for centuries for that purpose.

If you believe in the medicinal power of plants but weren’t sure where to get started, then Medicinal Garden Kit can help. It gives you everything you need to start growing medicinal plants in your own backyard – and explains how to prepare those plants after growing.

Medicinal Garden Kit Features & Benefits

The Medicinal Garden Kit features detailed descriptions of 10 medicinal plants. Then, you get thousands of seeds to plant those herbs in your own backyard, allowing you to create your own pharmacy.

Some of the benefits of the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Handpicked seeds from 10 medicinal plants
  • Recipes for each plant and herb
  • Detailed guide explaining the benefits and preparation steps for each herb
  • 2,409 high-quality seeds in total packaged in the United States
  • Rare seeds for medicinal plants you can’t find anywhere else
  • Perfect for preppers or anyone who wants to be more self-reliant

Plus, most of the plants in the Medicinal Garden Kit are perennials that die in the winter and re-emerge in the spring. Or, they’re self-seeding annual plants that become well-established after the first year, allowing you to continue growing them over time without buying additional seeds.


Who Created the Medicinal Garden Kit? About Nicole Apelian

Nicole Apelian, PhD is a mother, an herbalist, a survival skills instructor, and a biologist. She graduated with a degree in Biology from McGill University. She also honed her herbal skills while living in the wilds of the Kalahari for years with the San Bushmen, one of the oldest cultures on the planet.

Nicole also has firsthand experience using natural medicine to help with conditions. At 29, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an incurable autoimmune condition. Western doctors prescribed treatment, but that treatment didn’t work. Over the last 20 years, however, Nicole has been successfully managing her condition using natural remedies. She used natural remedies to get out of a wheelchair.

Nicole also has other credentials: in 2015, she survived for 57 days straight in the wilderness on the History Channel’s TV show Alone.

Today, Nicole continues to use her backyard pharmacy when she’s in pain, catches a cold, has a fever, or needs to heal a wound. With the Medicinal Garden Kit, she wants to share her backyard pharmacy with the world.

10 Medicinal Plants Included with Medicinal Garden Kit

Each package of the Medicinal Garden Kit includes 10 medicinal plant seeds. You can immediately plant these seeds in your own backyard to grow your own pharmacy.

After discovering how each plant or herb works in the Medicinal Garden Kit guide, you can plant the seeds in your backyard – all without visiting a gardening store or leaving your house.

The kit includes chicory, yarrow, California poppy, and others.

Here are all 10 medicinal plants included with Medicinal Garden Kit and how they work:

Chicory: Natural Painkiller

Chicory is a wild plant used by Native Americans for centuries as a painkiller. Today, you can grow it in your own backyard to enjoy similar painkilling properties. Chicory works because it’s rich in chicoric acid, which has natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Chicory recipes in the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Chicory Salve for Pain Relief
  • Chicory Coffee for Better Digestion
  • A Chicory Decoction for Adrenal Fatigue
  • Chicory Infusion for Sinuses
  • An Anti-Fungal Chicory Poultice
  • A Liver Protection Tincture with Chicory

Quick Backyard Chicory Remedy: Add 1 tbsp of ground chicory root to your coffee or tea. It works as a prebiotic and natural laxative to move things along and regulate your bowels.

Garden Uses for Chicory: You can use chicory to build soil in your garden because it pulls up nutrients from deeper in the soil. Chicory has a long taproot, and this taproot pulls nutrients from the surface and leaves them there when the plant dies.

Yarrow: Backyard Wound Healer

Yarrow can stop a wound from bleeding and prevent an infection, which is why it has been a popular wound healer for centuries.

Nicole Apelian, creator of the Medicinal Garden Kit, has firsthand experience using yarrow: on day 42 of Alone, she accidentally cut her hand while cutting a fish. The wound would have become infected, but she used yarrow, wrapped it around the wound, and stopped the bleeding in minutes. Ever since, Nicole has carried around a pouch of dried yarrow with her just in case.

Some of the yarrow recipes featured in the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Infused Yarrow Oil for Swelling and Varicose Veins
  • Stop Bleeding Poultice with Yarrow
  • Yarrow Tincture for Burns, Cuts, Bruises, and Insect Bites
  • Yarrow Salve for Scars
  • Yarrow Elixir for Menstrual Cramps
  • Yarrow Tea for Digestion

Quick Backyard Yarrow Remedy: If you have a toothache, you can chew on a fresh yarrow leaf to numb the area and enjoy relief.

Garden Uses for Yarrow: Yarrow is valuable for your garden because the beautiful yarrow flowers attract insects like bees and ladybugs, helping to pollinate your plants.

California Poppy: Better than Sleeping Pills for Supporting a Good Sleep

California poppy is “better than sleeping pills,” according to the official Medicinal Garden Kit website. They help support a deep, rejuvenating sleep. Instead of dealing with sleeping pills and their side effects, you can enjoy a natural alternative.

Nicole claims to drink California poppy tea regularly. She drinks it before bed and quickly falls asleep. If you deal with more serious sleep issues, then you can follow Nicole’s instructions to turn California poppy into a concentrated sleep tincture.

Available recipes in the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

Deep Sleep Tincture with California Poppy

  • Analgesic Salve with California Poppy
  • Sleep Tea Blend
  • California Poppy Decoction for Head Lice
  • California Poppy Vinegar

Quick Backyard California Poppy Remedy: In the Medicinal Garden Kit, you can discover how to turn California poppy into a quick backyard remedy by gathering leaves, flowers, or stems, adding them to a cup or pot, and pouring hot water over it to create a tea.

Garden Uses for California Poppy: California poppy is valuable for any garden. It has high levels of pollen production, making it an important food source for many insects. Plus, it needs very little water.

Marshmallow: Digestive Aid

Marshmallow has been used as a natural digestive aid for centuries. The marshmallow plant has powerful medicinal effects for various reasons. The leaves and roots of the plant are antibacterial, for example. To help with digestion, they also contain a substance called mucilage that lines your digestive tract to soothe inflammation.

Recipes in the Medicinal Garden Kit guide include:

  • Cold Root Infusion for Heartburn and Reflux
  • Stomach Tea
  • Marshmallow Poultice for Skin Repair
  • Marshmallow Decoction for Stubborn Coughs
  • Throat Syrup with Marshmallow

Quick Backyard Marshmallow Remedy: Gather several marshmallow roots, wash off the dirt, and add them to a glass jar or cup. Cover them with ice water to extract the mucilage over a few hours, then drink for a soothing and restorative effect all along your digestive tract.

Garden Uses for Marshmallow: Painted lady butterflies are attracted to the marshmallow plant, and native pollinators cover the blossoms of the plant all summer long.

Chamomile: Popular Tea & Digestive Aid

Chamomile is a popular tea ingredient found in gardens around the world. Your Medicinal Garden Kit purchase includes hundreds of chamomile seeds to plant the popular herb in your own backyard.

Healers have used chamomile as a heal-all for centuries. Some pioneers used chamomile for pink eye, for example, while others used chamomile as a digestive aid. Featured chamomile recipes in the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Chamomile Compresses for Irritated Eyes
  • Stomach Tea & Digestive Aid with Chamomile
  • Infused Chamomile Oil for Wounds and Skin Ulcers
  • Chamomile Tincture for Rheumatic Pain and Sciatica
  • Eczema Salve with Chamomile

Quick Backyard Remedy with Chamomile: Take a handful of dried chamomile or fresh chamomile leaves, add them to a warm bath, then step inside to relax your entire body. Chamomile can soothe sore muscles and aching joints, and many use chamomile baths to help with rheumatism, sciatica, eczema, and other skin, muscle, and joint issues.

Garden Uses for Chamomile: Chamomile can heal and enhance the growth of plants around it, making it a popular addition to many gardens.

Evening Primrose: A Natural Skin & Nerve Remedy

The flowers of the evening primrose open at sunset, and it only blooms for one night. In ancient times, our ancestors used primrose as a poultice for bruises, wounds, and skin issues. Today, science tells us primrose works because it’s rich with two valuable substances our skin can’t produce on its own, including gamma linolenic acid and linolenic acid.

Primrose is also crucial for nerve cell membranes, hormones, fatigue, energy, body temperature, and more. According to Nicole, a growing number of people with unresolved nerve pain now use primrose.

Primrose recipes in the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Infused Evening Primrose Oil for Skin and Nerves
  • Anti-Bruise Primrose Poultice Used by Native Americans
  • Evening Primrose Tea for Digestion and Mood Swings
  • Revitalizing Primrose Body Balm
  • Lung Tonic
  • Cough & Sore Throat Mixture
  • Cold-Pressed Primrose Seed Oil

Quick Backyard Evening Primrose Remedy: To quickly prepare primrose, grab a leaf or root of the plant, then crush it to create a poultice. Apply that poultice directly to a wound or rash to promote healing.

Garden Uses: Primrose is valuable for a garden because it attracts multiple species of hawk moths. These moths tend to move pollen farther than bees or birds. Primrose also attracts butterflies and bumblebees.

Lavender: Anti-Inflammatory Herb

Lavender has anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it’s a popular scent found in many home and beauty products. Nicole cites a double-blind, placebo-controlled study where researchers found lavender oil reduces anxiety in a similar way to 0.5mg of Lorazepam, a popular anxiety drug.

In the Medicinal Garden Kit, you can discover how to create a lavender tincture alongside a regular antidepressant to help recover from mild to moderate depression. Others rub a few drops of lavender oil onto their skin to boost circulation. Some even use lavender to support hair follicles and help with hair loss.

Available uses for lavender covered in the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Lavender Sleep Tincture
  • Lavender Tea for Anxiety
  • Lavender Oil for Fungal Infections, Acne, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, and Other Skin Issues
  • Lavender Hair Mask
  • Lavender Balm for Cracked Cuticles, Chapped Lips, and Rough Elbows and Feet

Quick Backyard Remedy for Lavender: You can quickly prepare lavender by gathering fresh lavender from your garden, putting it in a small pouch, and placing that pouch under your mattress or inside your pillow. This has two purposes: it wards off insects and helps you fall asleep faster.

Garden Uses for Lavender: Lavender also has garden uses. It can banish pests from your garden, for example, and can help other plants reach their full potential. You may notice more butterflies in your garden after planting the lavender seeds in the Medicinal Garden Kit, as lavender is known for attracting painted ladies, woodland skippers, and tiger swallowtails, among other types of butterflies.

Echinacea: Immune Boosting Herb

Echinacea is a popular herb for immunity. There’s a reason so many immune boosting remedies feature echinacea. However, Nicole warns echinacea is also one of the most counterfeited supplement ingredients available. Many products claim to contain echinacea but actually do not (or contain only trace amounts).

With the Medicinal Garden Kit, you can discover how to grow echinacea in your own backyard to boost immunity, create immune boosting tinctures, and enjoy other benefits. Available recipes include:

  • Immune Stimulating Echinacea Tincture
  • Echinacea Antiseptic Mouthwash
  • Echinacea Oil for Inflammation
  • Echinacea Root Decoction for Aches and Pains

Quick Backyard Echinacea Remedy: To quickly prepare echinacea, dig up some echinacea roots and cut them thinly, then soak them in a pot of water and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Drink the water hot to boost your immunity and take at first onset of a cold.

Garden Uses for Echinacea: Echinacea can help keep plants moist in your garden while preventing weeds from spreading throughout your backyard.

Calendula: Wound Healing and More

Calendula is known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It’s also a popular wound healer, scar ointment, and overall salve ingredient. In the Medicinal Garden Kit, you can discover how to use calendula to minimize scarring for wounds, scrapes, cuts, sores, burns, scalds, and other issues. Calendula also moves lymphatic fluid, cleanses the lymphatic system, and clears metabolic waste, among other benefits.

Available calendula recipes include:

  • Calendula Flower Infused Oil for Skin Problems
  • Calendula Salve for Wounds and Scars
  • Calendula Soak for Itches and Rashes
  • Calendula Tea for Sore Throat and Mouth Ulcers
  • Calming Calendula Spray for Burns
  • Calendula Tea for Irritated Eyes & Stomach

Quick Backyard Calendula Remedy: Calendula was popular during the US Civil War, when soldiers would pack calendula flowers directly into open wounds. Calendula flowers were so popular that surgeons also used the flowers to dress wounds, promote healing, and prevent infection.

Garden Uses for Calendula: Calendula works as a natural insect and pest repellant, and it helps the soil by encouraging diverse fungi growth.

Feverfew: Natural Aspirin for Fevers and Migraines

The Medicinal Garden Kit includes feverfew, a popular herb for fevers and migraines. You can also use feverfew’s anti-inflammatory effects to help with joint pain. Today, we know feverfew works because it’s rich with parthenolide, a natural chemical linked to antioxidant effects.

In the Medicinal Garden Kit, you’ll discover how to use just a few drops of feverfew as a natural remedy. Available recipes include:

  • Feverfew Oil for Inflamed Joints
  • Natural Insect Repellent with Feverfew
  • Anti-Migraine Tincture with Feverfew
  • Feverfew Salve for Eczema, Rosacea, and Acne
  • Feverfew Febrifuge Tea
  • Feverfew Compress for Bruised Skin

Quick Backyard Feverfew Remedy: In the Medicinal Garden Guide, you can discover how to chew feverfew leaves raw to avoid the onset of a migraine or headache. When taken before a migraine or headache strikes, you could get significant relief.

Garden Uses for Feverfew: Feverfew can help a garden by repelling pests while attracting beneficial insects like hoverflies.

Why Buy the Medicinal Garden Kit?

According to the official Medicinal Garden Kit website, some customers have bought three or more kits to prepare for uncertain events. They use one kit today, then store two additional kits for later use in times of uncertainty.

Some of the reasons to buy the Medicinal Garden Kit include:

  • Grow your own pharmacy in your own backyard
  • Enjoy safe, free, natural alternatives year-round without leaving your home
  • Store them in case a crisis affects our medical system and pharmaceutical chains
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Prepare for the worst of times

Get the peace of mind of having multiple natural remedies nearby at all times

With the Medicinal Garden Kit, you always have access to valuable herbs and plants in your own backyard. You can discover how to grow them, how to prepare them, and how to maximize the value of the natural world to create valuable natural remedies.

Medicinal Garden Kit Pricing

The Medicinal Garden Kit is priced at $59 and backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within one year if unsatisfied for any reason.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering online today:

  • Medicinal Garden Kit: $59 + $4.99 Shipping

Medicinal Garden Kit Refund Policy

If you’re unsatisfied with the Medicinal Garden Kit for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 365 days with no questions asked.

About The Lost Herbs

The Medicinal Garden Kit was created by Nicole Apelian, PhD and the team at The Lost Herbs. The Lost Herbs is led by Claude Davis, and the Medicinal Garden Kit guide is published by Claude Davis’s Capital Printing.

You can contact The Lost Herbs and the customer service team for the Medicinal Garden Kit via the following:

  • Email: support@thelostherbs.com
  • Mailing Address: 4001 Caven Rd, Austin, TX 78744-1121

Final Word

The Medicinal Garden Kit is an all-in-one kit featuring thousands of seeds to create your own backyard pharmacy.

Created by herbalist and biologist Nicole Apelian, PhD, the Medicinal Garden Kit can give you everything you need to grow California poppy, chamomile, chicory, lavender, and other valuable herbs and plants usable in natural remedies. The kit also explains how to prepare each plant for maximum effect.

To learn more about the Medicinal Garden Kit or to buy the kit online today, visit the official website at MedicinalKit.com.