Frank Russell Company offers new investment program

“Harborstone Investment Services, a division of Harborstone Credit Union, has developed a new investment program using Frank Russell Company’s unique investment management approach.The program is called Harborstone Financial Partners, and is aimed at small investors who have a minimum of $50,000 to invest and are seeking investment assistance to help meet their financial needs.Frank Russell Company’s trademarked multi-asset, multi-style, multi-manager approach is combined with Harborstone investment professionals’ step-by-step process for building a personalized investment plan, creating the allocation strategy, using Russells’ selection and ongoing monitoring of fund managers, and providing ongoing monitoring of an individual’s investment strategy.We believe the result will be a powerful new investment service that offers individuals the same kind of investment management horsepower as larger investors enjoy, said Rick Schmidtke, Harborstone CEO.For over 30 years, the Frank Russell Company has applied its distinct investment management approach for clients worldwide. It currently guides the investments of over $1 trillion for some of the world’s largest investors.While Frank Russell Company has built its world-wide reputation providing investment guidance to large corporate and pension managers, we and Russell believe the foundations of Russell’s investment approach can work equally as well for individuals, according to Sam Gott, Harborstone Investment Services general manager.Frank Russell Company began as a small brokerage firm in Tacoma and has become one of the world’s leading investment services firms. With more than 60 years of investing experience, Russell operates a global investment management business and advises some of the world’s largest companies and governments on how to invest their assets. Harborstone is the first credit union in the U.S. to offer its members this new service using Frank Russell Company’s investment management approach.Harborstone is a community-based credit union, operating for 44 years in Pierce County and now serving anyone who lives or works in the South Sound area from Auburn to Olympia.Harborstone is the largest community credit union in Washington with $450 million in assets, and the third largest overall. About HFPHarborstone Financial Partners (HFP), is a program created by Harborstone Investment Services using Frank Russell Company’s unique investment management approach.Individual investors can follow the same customized, step-by-step approach many major institutional and corporate investors have used for decades.These proven methods have helped companies select and manage their investments to maximize long-term returns and minimize risk.Harborstone Investment Services provides:- Personalized investment planning- Objective goal-setting and plan implementation. – Ongoing monitoring, assessment and solutionsFrank Russell Company provides:- Global investment manager research- Objective assessment and selection of asset managers- Ongoing active investment management- An approach proven for more than 30 yearsFour steps to meet the investor’s goals:- Design a strategic investment plan- Create a customized multi-asset allocation strategy- Use Russell’s multi-style, multi-manager approach- Monitor and refine the investor’s strategy to meet his/her changing needs. “