Ferrucci appointed to new county parks department division

The appointment of Skip Ferrucci to head a new division of Pierce County Parks and Recreation was announced Friday by Kathy Kravit-Smith, department director.

Ferrucci becomes resource stewardship superintendent after serving 28 years as superintendent of parks. His new responsibilities include land acquisition and management and stewardship planning and development activities. Seven capital trail projects and 10 park facilities are on the division’s immediate work list.

As parks superintendent, Ferrucci served under three directors, Tom Cross, Jan Wolcott and Kravit-Smith. “The creation of this new division is the challenge of a lifetime. Skip Ferrucci brings the leadership needed to this role,” Kravit-Smith said.

Kravit-Smith, who was hired by Executive John W. Ladenburg in August to replace the retiring Wolcott, created the Resources Stewardship Division after assessing the department’s organizational structure and consulting with staff. “Our inventory includes more than 3,000 acres of property, numerous buildings, miles of trails, and millions of dollars in capital construction projects,” she said. “It’s a huge stewardship responsibility.”

Ferrucci’s accomplishments include efforts that started in 1975 to develop a park and recreation complex near Rogers High School. That work in cooperation with Puyallup School District culminated in the recent completion of the Heritage Recreation Center. “His commitment to that project spanned three parks and recreation directors and several school superintendents,” Kravit-Smith noted.

The park superintendent position will be filled on an interim basis by Park Supervisor Kent Baskett, a 30-year county employee.