DuoTrim Reviews – Do DuoTrim Burn & DuoTrim Active Weight Loss Pills Work?

DuoTrim is a nutritional supplement built to support weight loss by optimizing digestion.

DuoTrim consists of two formulas: DuoTrim Burn and DuoTrim Active. Taking three DuoTrim capsules daily can purportedly balance gut health to suppress appetite, burn fat, and lose weight.

Keep reading to find out if DuoTrim lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is DuoTrim?

DuoTrim is a pair of digestive health and weight loss supplements sold exclusively online. The two supplements include DuoTrim Burn & DuoTrim Active.

Available at 60% off for a 2023 promotion, DuoTrim is designed to support your gut to make weight loss easier.

It could be a sign of imbalanced gut health if you feel like you’re eating right and exercising but not losing weight. Your gut health is critical for weight loss, appetite control, and fat burning. An imbalanced gut could make it tough to lose weight – even if you’re doing everything right.

To support gut health, DuoTrim consists of a unique, proprietary blend of plants and nutrients. These ingredients work in various ways to boost fat burning and increase weight loss results.

DuoTrim is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The supplement costs $79 for a bundle containing DuoTrim Burn & DuoTrim Active.


DuoTrim Benefits

According to the makers of DuoTrim, the two supplements support the following benefits:

  • Accelerate fat burning for fuel
  • Support appetite suppression
  • Ramp up metabolism
  • Promote sustained weight loss
  • Natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Non-habit-forming, non-GMO, and stimulant-free
  • Verified customer reviews report losing up to 1lb daily with the formula.

How Does DuoTrim Work?

DuoTrim works using a uniquely-formulated, dual-action supplement bundle. The two supplements, DuoTrim Burn and DuoTrim Active, work together to promote fat-burning all day long.

Here’s how the makers of DuoTrim recommend taking the two supplements:

  • Take two capsules from the yellow bottle (DuoTrim Burn) in the morning
  • Then, take one pill from the blue bottle (DuoTrim Active) before bed

According to the official website, the supplements keep you in the “green fat-burning zone,” helping you rapidly lose weight.

Both supplements contain natural, vegan ingredients that work in similar ways. Both formulas are designed to keep you in a fat-burning state. The first supplement (DuoTrim Burn, taken in the morning) energizes you throughout the day, while the second supplement (DuoTrim Active) supports fat-burning all night as you sleep.

According to customer reviews shared on the official website, some people lose around 1lb daily by taking the supplement. One reviewer claims to have lost 30 lbs, while others have started losing weight immediately after taking their first serving of DuoTrim.

DuoTrim Features

DuoTrim is designed to help you lose weight by providing targeted benefits. By taking two capsules of DuoTrim Burn in the morning and one pill of DuoTrim Active at night, you can purportedly experience effects like:

Rapid Fat Burn: DuoTrim claims to burn fat rapidly soon after ingestion. You need to boost your metabolism or enter a calorie deficit to burn fat. However, DuoTrim claims to work within “minutes” to boost your metabolism, helping you naturally burn more calories and begin losing weight.

7 Types of Probiotic Bacteria for Gut Health: DuoTrim is designed to support gut health using seven types of bacteria, including members of the Lactobacillus, Bifido, and Bacillus probiotic families. According to the makers of DuoTrim, all seven of these gut bacteria are “highly effective” for promoting healthy weight loss from your gut to the rest of your body.

Appetite Suppression: Many DuoTrim reviewers claim to have suppressed their appetite soon after taking DuoTrim. The official DuoTrim website claims you can “instantly feel the difference” because DuoTrim begins to suppress your appetite in just minutes, boosting your metabolism and making it easier to lose weight.

Improve Gut Health: According to the creator, the supplements lead to “improved gut health” by supporting homeostasis in your intestinal tract, helping you balance gut bacteria and prepare for further weight loss.

Lose Weight & Feel Incredible: DuoTrim can help you reach your target weight by boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, and balancing gut health, helping you naturally get your target weight and feel incredible.

DuoTrim Ingredients

DuoTrim contains a blend of seven probiotic bacteria. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients are backed by scientific evidence and unbiased, methodical testing proving they accelerate weight loss.

Although the manufacturer does not disclose the complete list of ingredients in DuoTrim upfront, we know the supplement contains a blend of seven probiotic strains, including members of the Lactobacillus, Bifido, and Bacillus families.

Here are the three ingredients known to be in DuoTrim:

Lactobacillus Probiotic Bacteria: Lactobacillus is a family of probiotic bacteria consisting of 260 species. The best-known species of Lactobacillus in the supplement industry include Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Bifido Probiotic Bacteria: Abbreviated simply as “Bifido” by the makers of DuoTrim, Bifidobacterium is a genus of probiotic bacteria consisting of over 100 species. Some of the best-known species of Bifidobacterium include B. animalis, B. bifidum, B. breve, and B. longum, all of which can be found in digestive aids and weight loss formulas.

Bacillus Probiotic Bacteria: Bacillus (which comes from the Latin word for “stick”) is another genus of probiotic bacteria consisting of 286 named species. Bacillus species are commonly found in food, and multiple studies have linked Bacillus to overall gut health, weight loss, and other beneficial effects.

DuoTrim contains seven species of probiotic bacteria across these three families.

Scientific Evidence for DuoTrim

The makers of DuoTrim cite ten studies validating the effects of the formula and how it works. None of the studies focus on specific ingredients within DuoTrim; instead, they broadly discuss digestion, the gut microbiome, and how it impacts weight loss. However, we’ll review some of the evidence supporting DuoTrim below, including how the ingredients in DuoTrim could help weight loss.

In a 2021 study published in Nutrients, researchers found probiotics had a powerful effect on weight loss in subjects who were overweight or obese. Researchers compiled a group of 27 studies involving probiotics and weight loss, and 23 of those studies experienced positive effects on weight loss. Most studies lasted for around 12 weeks. Based on the results of this analysis, researchers concluded probiotic bacteria could reduce body weight and help with weight loss in people who were overweight or obese.

A separate study from 2020 found probiotics could treat obesity in humans based on an analysis of human and animal studies. Researchers found overweight and obese people tended to have worse gut microbiota balance than slimmer people. However, by taking a probiotic supplement, participants improved their gut health and were less likely to experience obesity.

It’s important to note that probiotic bacteria don’t work without diet and exercise. Studies show probiotic bacteria can help slow down weight gain. However, if you’re not eating right or exercising, you’re unlikely to lose weight regardless of how good your gut health may be.

The makers of DuoTrim claim their supplements can reduce appetite, helping you naturally eat less food. There’s little evidence probiotics can decrease appetite. Many people find probiotics increase their appetite by balancing gut health, making it easier to eat more food.

However, one 2019 study showed probiotics could reduce appetite by triggering the release of appetite-reducing hormones like GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) and PYY (peptide YY). Typically, your body releases these hormones when it’s complete. However, imbalanced gut health could impede the release of these hormones, making it difficult for your brain to detect when your body is full.

Some diet pills contain caffeine to accelerate weight loss. However, the makers of DuoTrim specifically label their formula as stimulant-free, which means there are no caffeine or other stimulants within the blend. Caffeine is a proven weight loss aid linked to fat burning and metabolism.

It’s difficult to assess other benefits of DuoTrim without knowing the complete list of ingredients and dosages. We know DuoTrim contains seven probiotic strains across three families. However, it’s unclear if DuoTrim contains additional ingredients and dosages to complement the weight loss effects.

DuoTrim Reviews: How Much Weight Can You Lose?

DuoTrim is a brand-new weight loss supplement. However, early reviews for the supplement are positive, and many customers claim they experienced dramatic weight loss results in a short period after taking DuoTrim daily.

Here are some of the reviews and testimonials shared by happy DuoTrim customers:

Although most DuoTrim reviews are from women, some men have also left positive reviews for DuoTrim. One man claims he is losing “1 lb per day” with DuoTrim. He also started losing weight “right away” after taking the supplement. Other benefits include joint pain relief, heartburn relief, and better energy.

One customer claims to have lost 30 lbs in her 50s with DuoTrim, almost reaching her goal weight. She believes DuoTrim helped by allowing her to eat “much less” than usual, claiming she has “no desire to eat more,” allowing her to stick to her weight loss goals.

One customer claims DuoTrim “fixed [her] metabolism,” helping her lose weight. She also found herself more energetic and less tired after taking DuoTrim.

Another customer claims DuoTrim “helps so much” because the formula made her belly go down and her energy come back.

One customer claims he “lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks” while making “no other changes” aside from taking DuoTrim. He did not change his diet or exercise habits in any way, yet he lost nearly 0.5lbs per day using DuoTrim, claiming he was “surprised by how effective” the formula was for weight loss.

Another customer claims she transformed “from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan” thanks to DuoTrim, rapidly losing weight soon after taking the supplement for the first time.

One customer lost weight within “a few days” of taking DuoTrim for the first time, claiming her “belly became flatter” and her food cravings went away, helping her naturally eat less food and lose weight.

DuoTrim Pricing

Duo Trim is only available online. DuoTrim is priced at $79 for a bundle containing bottles of both supplements (DuoTrim Burn and DuoTrim Active). However, you can pay as little as $63 per bundle – and receive bonus eBooks – by buying multiple packages online today.


Here’s how pricing works:

  • Order a one-month supply for $79
  • Order a three-month supply for $67 Per Bundle + get 4 Free Bonuses
  • Order a six-month supply for $63 Per Bundle + get 4 Free Bonuses + Free Shipping

The regular retail price of DuoTrim is $149 per package. As part of a 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price by 60%.

Bonuses Included with DuoTrim

As part of a 2023 promotion, DuoTrim is available for 60% off the regular retail price and bundled with four free bonus digital products with all 3 and 6 package purchases.

Here are the four bonus digital products included with all DuoTrim purchases:

The 3S Max System: 3S Max Plan for a Happy Gut & Healthy You eBook: This eBook teaches you simple diet and lifestyle changes to make for a happy gut and healthy you. Written by Erleen Tilton and Tanya Howell, the 17-page eBook is packed with science-backed information about healing a gut using food, lifestyle changes, and other practices to implement today. You can discover the benefits of wild-caught fish, pasture-raised organic eggs, bone broth, raw nuts and seeds, and other clean proteins. Erleen and Tanya also recommend healthy fats, limited alcohol consumption, and limited dairy intake, among other simple changes. Erleen is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Aromatherapist, and Certified Functional Health Coach, while Tanya is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and the author of Healthy Glow Detox.

The Gut Health Masterclass: Your purchase comes with access to a YouTube video called the 3S Max Plan Masterclass. That masterclass covers many topics featured in the eBook above, including simple diet and lifestyle changes to improve gut health. The 26-minute masterclass is led by Erleen Tilton and Tanya Howell, the same two authors mentioned above. The masterclass goes into more detail about which supplements to take for gut health (including collagen).

30-Minute Personalized Health Coaching Call: All three and 6-bottle purchases come with a free personalized health coaching consultation valued at $100. You can get personalized feedback on your health and wellness goals, including meaningful changes to implement in your life today to achieve your health and wellness goals. A health coach will review your lifestyle and diet habits, then recommend simple changes. A keto coach conducts the free one-on-one consultation. You can discover the best supplements, the three foods you should avoid for optimal gut health, and more.

Access to DuoTrim Community: All three and 6-bottle purchases also include access to the DuoTrim Facebook community. You can share your weight loss results with other DuoTrim members, disclose the tips and tricks that made you successful and get the motivation to continue pushing forward. The Facebook community also includes access to Facebook group coaching. Plus, you can ask questions of the DuoTrim team and join the team on Facebook Live.


DuoTrim Refund Policy

All DuoTrim purchases come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 180 days of your purchase.

After contacting the DuoTrim customer service team, send the bottles of DuoTrim (even if empty) to the address below to receive a refund:

  • Returns Address: 19655 E 35th Dr #100 Aurora, CO 80011, USA
  • Email: support@duotrim.com

Final Word

DuoTrim is a new weight loss supplement and digestive support formula sold online.

With two supplements, DuoTrim Burn and DuoTrim Active, DuoTrim is designed to keep your body in fat-burning mode day and night, allowing you to lose weight 24/7.

Visit the official website to learn more about DuoTrim and how it works!



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