Click! Network increases Internet speed

Click! Network this week increased speeds in four of its cable modem packages to better meet customer demands.

“Our three authorized Internet service providers — HarborNet, Net-Venture and Advanced Stream — have requested faster speeds so they can continue to compete in the marketplace. Many of the ISPs’ end-use customers are online gamers who want extraordinary high-speed experiences,” explained Debra Edwards, Click! Network’s business accounts manager. “The high speeds give the ISPs a variety of service options to meet their customers’ needs.”

Downstream speeds range from 1 megabit per second for an entry-level package to 8 megabits per second for those who want larger bandwidth. Click! is the wholesale provider of the coaxial connections and the ISPs provide retail services to residents and small to medium-sized businesses.

Click! has also established an online speed test for end-use cable modem customers of the three ISPs. Customers can link to a speed test that will provide accurate upstream and downstream speeds on Click! Network before the signal goes to the Internet. The speed test stores the last 10 readings for each customer accessing the test.

Tacoma Power’s Click! Network is the nation’s largest municipally owned telecommunications system. For more information, visit or call (253) 502-8900.