City seeks input on economic development plan

The City of Tacoma’s Community and Economic Development Department is working to develop an economic development strategic plan for downtown Tacoma, and input from all Tacoma citizens is needed for this initiative.
The Community and Economic Development Department is partnering with AngelouEconomics, an Austin-based economic development consulting firm, to develop this plan that will provide a blueprint for increased investment in Tacoma’s downtown and provide more jobs for the region’s residents.
To create the strategy, AngelouEconomics will conduct interviews, focus groups and visioning sessions and the City of Tacoma is looking for feedback from the entire community through an online survey. All Tacoma citizens are invited to complete two brief surveys — one is available for residents and another is available for business owners. This community input will help AngelouEconomics and the City of Tacoma better understand the dynamics of downtown and prepare recommendations for the strategic plan.
For more information about this initiative, and to complete one of the brief surveys, visit .