City of Tacoma -Public Hearing Notice

City of Tacoma

Public Hearing Notice

On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at approximately 5:15 p.m., the City Council will conduct a public hearing on a proposed moratorium on the nomination and designation of new Historic Special Review and Conservation Districts, for a period of one year.

For additional details, please see the attached information.

The meeting will be conducted in a hybrid format that includes an in-person component and a remote option. To attend in person, the meeting will be held in the Council Chambers, on the first floor of the Tacoma Municipal Building, located at 747 Market Street. The meeting can be attended remotely by dialing 253-215-8782 or through Zoom at, and entering the meeting ID 848 3423 3126, and passcode 349099 when prompted. The meeting will be broadcasted on TV Tacoma and live streamed on Facebook. Oral comments will be taken during the City Council meeting. Those wishing to submit written comments may do so by email to the City Clerk’s Office at or by mail at 733 Market Street, Room 11, Tacoma, WA 98402, by 5:00 p.m., on Monday, March 4, 2024. Written comments will be compiled, forwarded to the City Council, and posted on the City’s webpage at

Resolution No. 41355, which will set the public hearing date, can be viewed in its entirety on the City’s website at by clicking on the link for February 6, 2024, or by requesting a copy from the City Clerk’s Office at 253-591-5505.

For more information, please contact Reuben McKnight, Historic Preservation Officer, or at 253-591-5220.

Nicole Emery, City Clerk


March 5, 2024


The subject of the public hearing is a potential moratorium on the consideration and creation of new local historic district special review overlay zones (“local historic districts”) as recommended by the Planning Commission. What is a moratorium? A moratorium is a temporary pause on permits for specific uses or land use actions that would otherwise be allowed within Tacoma’s city limits.

What uses would be affected? The proposed moratorium would temporarily prohibit the establishment of new local historic districts in Tacoma. It would not affect existing local historic districts, nor would it prevent the creation of new National Register Historic Districts, a process that is administered by the State of Washington. The designation of individual Tacoma City Landmarks to the Tacoma Register of Historic Places would not be affected by this proposal.

Where would the moratorium apply? The moratorium would apply citywide.

How would the moratorium apply to existing uses? The proposed moratorium would not affect existing local historic districts. How long would the moratorium be in effect? The proposed moratorium would take effect for up to 1 year.

How would the moratorium be resolved? The City of Tacoma has initiated a review of the policies and regulations concerning the review and creation of local historic districts within the scope of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendment and Regulatory Code Update.


For additional background on the proposal, visit CONTACTS

Reuben McKnight, Historic Preservation Officer, 253-591-5220,


February 15, 2024