Book signing, reception July 28 at Tacoma Historical Society Museum

The Tacoma Historical Society will host a book signing and reception to celebrate the publication of Rising Up from Tacoma’s Twenty-One Disasters & Defeats by Deb Freedman and Tacoma Historical Society staff.

The book began as a community service project for the students of Seabury Middle School in 2012. Students selected the topics and completed the initial research, while a grant from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians helped to fund the book’s publication.

“In working with young people, we’ve learned that students are intrigued by disasters,” said Freedman in a press release. “We felt it was important to introduce some difficult subjects from Tacoma’s history. We’ve also included open-ended discussion questions for parents and teachers.”

The 50-page book can be purchased for $6.99 at the Tacoma Historical Society Museum (919 Pacific Ave.), the University of Washington Tacoma Bookstore (1754 Pacific Ave.), and the Pacific Northwest Shop (2702 N. Proctor St.). The book is a sequel to Freedman’s Tacoma’s Twenty-One Tales Every Students Should Be Able to Tell, which was published by the Tacoma Historical Society in 2010.

The book-signing and reception will be held at 6 p.m. on Tues., July 28, at the Tacoma Historical Society Museum, located at 919 Pacific Ave., in downtown Tacoma. The event is part of the Tacoma Historical Society’s current exhibit “Spanning Tacoma,” which explores the historic significance of Tacoma’s bridges (see “Tacoma Historical Society exhibit spotlights iconic Tacoma bridges,” Tacoma Daily Index, July 10, 2015).

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