Blisterol Reviewed

Blisterol is a nutritional supplement advertised as a “herpes hack.”

By taking Blisterol daily, you can purportedly “vanquish herpes from your system and keep you cold sores free for life,” according to the official website.

Does Blisterol really work? How does Blisterol help with herpes? Can Blisterol really get rid of cold sores for the rest of your life? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Blisterol and its effects today in our review.

What is Blisterol?

Blisterol is a nutritional supplement available exclusively online through Blisterol.com.

Marketed to people with herpes, Blisterol claims to permanently eliminate herpes from your body and get rid of cold sores forever, among other benefits.

Although there’s no known cure for herpes, Blisterol claims to work by targeting the root of the problem using all natural ingredients. Because it targets the root of the problem, Blisterol can purportedly “vanquish herpes” from your system forever.

Here’s how the makers of Blisterol describe Blisterol and its effects:

“Blisterol. The single most powerful solution which holds the power to vanquish herpes from your system and keep you cold sores free for life…You cannot find a herpes killing product that has all these benefits. Because it simply doesn’t exist.”

Plus, Blisterol claims to work on both oral and genital herpes. Whether you’re dealing with cold sores and blisters around your mouth or symptoms of herpes around your genitals, you can purportedly eliminate herpes from your body using Blisterol.

To kill herpes, just take one serving of Blisterol daily. The natural ingredients get to work rapidly to eliminate the root cause of herpes, helping you avoid visible symptoms of herpes forever.

How Does Blisterol Work?

Blisterol works as part of a “soft skin revival hack” to eliminate the root cause of oral and genital herpes.

The supplement was developed by “a herpes specialist from Denver, Colorado,” according to the official website. That herpes specialist is “a well meaning doctor” who was forced to stop practicing because he discovered a cure for herpes.

Big pharmaceutical companies attacked that doctor’s cure for herpes because it threatened their $5 billion per year herpes drug empire.

That herpes doctor is named Ben Waller. Ben used to treat his patients using Acyclovir or Abreva, two of the most popular herpes medications on the planet.

One day, however, Ben realized his Acyclovir or Abreva prescriptions weren’t working: they were just making people more dependent on big pharmaceutical companies. Big pharmaceutical companies could continue milking people with herpes for profit while ignoring the root cause of the herpes virus:

“I realized that a problem that seemed out of our control, was actually very much in our control. And the multi-billion dollar herpes industry that’s cashing in this most difficult time of your life, instead of curing you…”

Ben was also worried about the side effects of herpes medication. Acyclovir damages gut flora and can injure your kidneys, for example.

Blisterol works in a different way. The formula claims to use all natural ingredients to eliminate the root cause of the herpes virus, helping you avoid all future symptoms of genital and oral herpes for life.

Does Blisterol Cure Herpes?

There’s no known cure for herpes. However, the makers of Blisterol claim to permanently eliminate herpes and all herpes symptoms from your body.

So does Blisterol really cure herpes? Does the formula really claim to eliminate all traces of HSV-1 and HSV-2 from your body?

Here are some of the claims featured on the official website about the benefits of Blisterol:

The makers of Blisterol describe the formula as “the real solution to completely eliminate herpes”

According to the official website, Blisterol is a “soft skin revival hack” that will allow you “to escape oral and genital herpes for good

The formulator also claims the supplement works regardless of how long you’ve had herpes, claiming “this solution is so powerful…that it can kill the herpes simplex virus and flush it out of your system…no matter how long you’ve had it”

Ben and the Blisterol team claim big pharmaceutical companies are already aware of a cure for herpes, but they deliberately suppress that cure to maximize profits; according to Ben, the solution to HSV-1 and HSV-2 “has been known to the herpes industry for over 9 years”

Ben claims his solution will “achieve complete herpes elimination” and give you “no outbreaks for the rest of your life”

Ben claims Blisterol “works fast” and prevents herpes from ruining people’s lives, describing the formula as a “herpes-killing cocktail”

Ben also claims “you don’t need to take it for the rest of your life;” instead, the formula “can fight the herpes virus from within,” allowing you to eliminate herpes from your system and stop taking Blisterol shortly after

Overall, based on the claims featured on Blisterol.com, the supplement appears to claim to permanently cure herpes and eliminate all traces of the virus from your body for the rest of your life – something that was previously thought to be impossible.

Blisterol Side Effects

Traditional herpes medication has side effects. Acyclovir, for example, can harm your kidneys and impede gut microbiota function, for example.

However, the makers of Blisterol claim there are “absolutely no side effects” to taking the natural supplement daily. Because the formula contains natural ingredients, you will not experience any side effects.

Instead, the only “side effects” you’ll experience with Blisterol include more energy, better sleep, and a better feeling of overall health.

Who is Ben Waller?

Blisterol was created by a doctor named Ben Waller.

Ben describes himself as a herpes specialist, and he claims to have previously treated patients and prescribed drugs to patients.

To prescribe drugs like Acyclovir to patients, you must have some type of formal medical training and certification. Although Ben does not disclose his specific type of degree or certification, he graduated from the University of California, San Diego medical school and now lives in Denver, Colorado.

For a time, Ben was “one of the foremost herpes specialists in Hollywood,” according to Blisterol.com. Ben claims to have treated some of the world’s biggest movie stars and celebrities.

For years, Ben treated herpes the traditional way: he prescribed medicine from pharmaceutical companies to his patients.

Ben began to think there was a better way to treat patients, however. He realized certain areas of the world had lower rates of herpes than others. He started to research the reason for these changes, and his research led him to develop Blisterol.

Herpes is a Geographical Issue

While treating herpes patients at his clinic in Hollywood, Ben realized something: herpes was a geographic issue.

“Something bothered me about it and I had to figure out what it was. Why haven’t I seen an Asian person in my office before?”

Ben’s research led him to discover that many Asian countries have low rates of herpes. After contacting colleagues – including one colleague who helped to create Acyclovir – Ben stumbled on several diet and lifestyle factors linked to low rates of the herpes virus.

Here’s what Ben found:

In a huge study on the geographic differences in herpes infections, researchers found certain trends were linked to herpes infections. The study analyzed lifestyle and genetic factors, vitamin and mineral content in the blood, and even blood type, among other factors.

Researchers found a molecule called polysaccharide A (PSA) was responsible for cold sore outbursts. As a herpes expert, Ben was familiar with PSA.

Asian people, because of certain diet and lifestyle factors, tend to have more balanced gut health than people in other parts of the world, which means they body produces a normal amount of PSA, leading to less violent herpes outbreaks.

Ben continued to explore the connection between PSA and herpes, and his work led him to create the Blisterol formula.

How Blisterol Targets PSA to Eliminate Herpes

Blisterol claims to permanently eliminate the herpes virus and all symptoms from your body. To do that, Blisterol targets polysaccharide A (PSA), a type of gut bacteria linked to herpes, inflammation, and other effects throughout the body.

According to Ben’s research, Asians are more likely to have balanced PSA levels, which is why Asian countries tend to have lower rates of herpes.

To eliminate herpes from the body, Blisterol contains ingredients that target your body’s production of PSA:

PSA is produced by a certain bacteria in your gut called Bacteroides fragilis. This bacteria helps your gut function normally. It helps break down certain substances and boost overall gut flora function.

When your bacteria is normally balanced, your bacteria secretes PSA to reduce inflammation and prevent the herpes virus from activating.

However, if your bacteria levels are imbalanced, your body does not produce the required amount of PSA.

Imbalanced PSA levels lead to fatigue, inflammation, and violent herpes outbursts.

Blisterol “naturally equilibrates the values of Bacteroides fragilis” to regulate the amount of PSA your body produces, according to the official website, helping you fight the herpes virus from within.

Each serving of Blisterol contains a “cocktail” of ingredients designed to balance PSA levels. The formula contains natural ingredients, plants, vitamins, minerals, and more.

By taking Blisterol daily, you can purportedly eliminate herpes from your system rapidly. Plus, you don’t need to take the supplement forever.

Blisterol Ingredients

Ben and his team do not disclose any of Blisterol’s ingredients upfront. Because the formula threatens big pharma’s profits, Ben wants to keep his formula secret.

However, based on references cited on Blisterol.com, we know the supplement contains some dosage of the following four ingredients:

Fenugreek: Fenugreek is an herb popular in alternative medicine. Long used as a remedy in traditional medicine, fenugreek is popular in the supplement community for its purported effects on testosterone, appetite, inflammation, and cholesterol.

L-Tyrosine: L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid. Because it’s a non-essential amino acid, L-tyrosine is produced by your body – you don’t need to get it from food. L-tyrosine plays a crucial role throughout the body, particularly in the production of hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters.

Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto, like fenugreek, is best-known for its inclusion in testosterone boosters, prostate supplement, and other male sexual health supplements. Saw palmetto is a type of palm native to the southwestern United States.

Oat Straw: Oat straw is a hay-like grass found in supplements to improve brain function, ease feelings of anxiety and stress, and support overall health and wellness. Some people take oat straw as a capsulated supplement, while others take oat straw as a tea.

Blisterol appears to contain other ingredients. However, these are the four active ingredients listed on the official website. Together, these four ingredients purportedly eliminate the herpes virus from your system within weeks.

Scientific Evidence for Blisterol

There’s no known cure for herpes. However, according to Blisterol.com, the supplement will permanently eliminate the herpes virus from your body and allow you to avoid all future symptoms of the condition. What does science say about these claims? Does Blisterol really cure herpes?

As proof Blisterol cures herpes, Ben and his team cite 8 studies on Blisterol.com. The first cited study explains how scientists from Harvard Medical School successfully edited genes to disrupt the herpes virus, describing the process as “Herpes’ Achilles’ heel.” Blisterol does not use gene editing, nor does the supplement claim to impact your genes in any way.

One study found a connection between gut bacteria and herpes. Specifically, researchers found people with balanced gut bacteria tended to have less brain swelling than people with weaker gut health.

Severe cases of herpes can lead to herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE). Researchers analyzed fatal cases of the condition, then found people with imbalanced gut health were more likely to experience HSE than people with good gut health. Researchers specifically attributed the connection to Bacteroides fragilis polysaccharide A (PSA), which incudes IL-10 secreting B and T cells that prevent viral encephalitis.

Ben also seems to advise against treating herpes with Acyclovir, Abreva, and other popular medication. Although Ben prescribed these herpes drugs to patients for years, he found they were ineffective for targeting the root cause of herpes – and they led to dangerous side effects. One 2018 study found non-antibiotic drugs impacted gut bacteria, which could worsen herpes symptoms in the long run. Another study found a specific connection between Acyclovir and nephrotoxicity, finding Acyclovir led to acute kidney injury.

Meanwhile, as proof the active ingredients in Blisterol eliminate herpes, Ben cites four webpages from WebMD, Healthline, and other sources. The word “herpes” is not mentioned on any of the four cited webpages, and there’s no evidence oat straw, saw palmetto, L-tyrosine, or fenugreek will cure herpes, relieve herpes symptoms, eliminate cold sores, or provide other benefits as advertised by Blisterol.com.

Overall, it’s true there is a connection between gut health and herpes symptoms. However, there’s little evidence the ingredients in Blisterol impact herpes in any way – and there’s zero evidence they will permanently cure herpes and eliminate all symptoms as suggested on Blisterol.com.

Blisterol Reviews: What to Expect

The official Blisterol.com website is filled with testimonials from patients who have achieved significant health benefits after taking Blisterol for just a few weeks. Many have visibly eliminated cold sores and other herpes symptoms. Many people feel healthier and happier. Some have avoided herpes outbreaks for months or years thanks to Blisterol.

Here are some of the testimonials shared by verified customers on the Blisterol website:

One 25-year old patient was suffering from “the most horrible case of herpes” Ben had ever seen in his life. Ben recommended treating the condition with Blisterol, and she rapidly cleared up her issue.

Another 32-year old woman suffered from cold sores, but she rapidly eliminated the cold sores after taking Blisterol.

One customer described Blisterol as “a miracle from above” because it rapidly cleared up his HSV-2 infection.

One customer thought she was condemned to a lifetime of humiliation after being diagnosed with HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections a year ago. She was willing to try anything, so she tried Blisterol. Today, her herpes infection “seems just like a bleak nightmare” in her past because Blisterol has eliminated her rashes and she hasn’t seen cold sores in months. Because of these effects, that woman describes Blisterol as “the best decision of my life.”

Another customer claims the herpes outbreaks that used to ruin her life “are now just a memory” thanks to Blisterol.

One customer described Blisterol as “a literal lifesaver.” After being diagnosed with HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections, that customer thought her social life was over. However, she found Blisterol was “the only solution” that worked. It rejuvenated her “in a few days,” helping her resume her active social life.

Another verified purchaser had been struggling with herpes cold sore outbreaks every week for one year straight. His body was weak, and his immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight the virus. Doctors prescribed Acyclovir to treat his condition, but they had “zero effect.” Then, after taking just one capsule of Blisterol per day, his “problems were gone.” Blisterol eliminated his cold sores, anxiety, and stress.

Ben and his team claim positive testimonials “are literally coming in too fast to put on the website.” He claims the testimonials shared above are “the tip of a very large iceberg.” Blisterol has helped people in all corners of the country and around the world eliminate herpes permanently. In fact, Ben claims “thousands” of people have already used the supplement to get rid of herpes.

How to Use Blisterol

Ben and his team recommend taking one serving (one capsule) of Blisterol daily for several months to permanently eliminate the herpes virus and all symptoms from your system.

Just take one capsule of Blisterol daily with a glass of water, at any time, to allow the formula to eliminate the herpes virus.

The longer you take Blisterol, the more likely you’ll eliminate the herpes virus from your system:

  • One bottle (a 30 day supply) can help with herpes symptoms and eliminate cold sores and other visible symptoms of the condition
  • Three bottles (a 90 day supply) can stop cold sores from ravaging your skin
  • Six bottles, which is the doctor recommended amount (180 day supply) can “100% kill the herpes virus” while improving your immune system and skin, eliminating fatigue and insomnia, and getting rid of many other herpes symptoms and effects

As mentioned above, Ben claims you don’t need to take Blisterol for life for the formula to work. Instead, you simply complete one cycle to permanently eliminate herpes and all symptoms of the virus.

Blisterol Pricing

Blisterol is priced at $69 per bottle as part of a 2023 promotion. The normal retail price of Blisterol is $99 per bottle. You can save even more by ordering multiple bottles of Blisterol at once.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Blisterol online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of Blisterol, or 30 servings (30 capsules). You take one capsule daily to eliminate herpes. Blisterol’s 6 bottle package is listed as “doctor recommended,” which means at least one doctor has recommended using Blisterol for herpes.

Blisterol Refund Policy

Blisterol is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked if you’re unhappy for any reason.

About Blisterol

Blisterol was created by Ben Waller, a doctor who graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Diego. Prior to formulating Blisterol, Ben worked at a prestigious herpes clinic in Hollywood.

Ben partnered with “a team of scientists” to develop the Blisterol formula as the ultimate cure for herpes.

You can contact the makers of Blisterol and the Blisterol customer service team via the following:

Email: support@blisterol.com

Final Word

Blisterol is a cold sore and herpes supplement featuring a blend of plant extracts and herbs. Found online at Blisterol.com, Blisterol claims to permanently eliminate oral or genital herpes from your system within months, with noticeable results within just days or weeks of use.

Although there’s no evidence Blisterol works as advertised or has any effect on the herpes virus, the supplement is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

To learn more about Blisterol and how it works or to buy the popular supplement online today, visit the official website at Blisterol.com.



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