Best Synthetic Urine Kits For For Drug Test: Fake Pee Reviews & How To Guide 2023

If you’re looking to use the best synthetic urine kit for drug tests then it stands to reason you need the information to make the choice on which one you use, and how to use it. In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the traits of good-quality urine and those of bad-quality urine.

I’ll be talking primarily about the following two synthetic urine kits, so if you want to get ahead, you can check them out here:

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

I’ll also tell you about the poor quality brands of fake pee, and why they are so poor.

I’ll give you full instructions for using fake urine, and I’ll be doing full synthetic urine reviews on the top two brands I’ve just mentioned, so you can see how they stack up against the rest.

What Happens To Your Sample When You Submit It?

If you want to use synthetic urine for a drug test, then you have to understand why the quality and the temperature you submit it at are essential to success.

To understand what’s needed from the best synthetic urine brands, you have to understand the steps your sample will go through under scrutiny at LabCorp, or wherever:

1. Within two minutes of you doing the sample, it has to have its temperature recorded. There is usually nowadays a temperature strip on the side of the sample cup you are given.

If it’s not between 90°F and 100°F, then it cannot possibly come from a human being and will be rejected and you will have failed the urine test at the first hurdle. This is why it’s essential that the best fake pee kit has a highly reliable temperature maintenance source, and the products using cheap heat pads just won’t cut it.

2. The sample will then go through validity checks. This is the step at which most synthetic urine for sale gets caught out. Only the good quality stuff will get through this step. It’s a dipstick test done on the sample to look for the presence of adulterants (things like nitrates), as well as looking at creatinine levels, and both the specific gravity and pH ranges.

So, it’s not generally targeting fake urine. It’s just looking for signs that the urine sample is unusual and requires further scrutiny. But it is rumored that validity checks at LabCorp and other big labs do look for the presence of biocide preservatives, a common footprint in many of the cheaper fake urine brands you can buy.

3. After that it will go through an immunoassay (analysis), and if that fails, it will go for a full gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis. Neither of these steps is actually that relevant to a fake urine sample because it’s passed is valid, then they just test it during an immunoassay for the presence of drugs, and as it will pass; it has fooled them.

Here’s How Complex The Best Synthetic Urine Has To Really Be

So the real issues here are around submitting it within the correct temperature range for human urine and ensuring that it passes the basic validity checks.

In reality, then, fake urine doesn’t have to be as complex as real, natural urine. But it does have to have the following minimum characteristics to stand a chance of fooling the employees and machines:

  • Must look like actual urine
  • Has to be balanced for specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Must contain the right proportion of creatinine
  • Should contain urea and uric acid (the same chemical components of real human urine)
  • Has to have a good heat maintenance source

Just those characteristics could get it through the basic urine drug tests. Most drug tests, the cheap pre-employment ones, the five-panel test, where the lab isn’t making much money. Human scrutiny will be minimal, or even non-existent if using the automated eCup system.

But, although a lot of the fake urine brands out there tick all those boxes, you are still running a far greater risk than you need to. Simply by trading up one or two levels to the mid range and top-range synthetic urine products, you can offset most or all of the risk.

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Do Not Touch These Poor Quality Fake Urine Brands

Before I do full reviews of the synthetic urine brands, I’ve used to pass urine drug tests, which are highly complex, let’s talk about the poor fake pee used for drug tests that will stand a very slim chance of passing.

These are the brands I advise you don’t go near:

  • Magnum Synthetic urine kit
  • U Pass Synthetic urine
  • Urine Luck powdered urine (It doesn’t contain uric acid)
  • Monkey Whizz Urine
  • Quick Fix Synthetic urine kit
  • Synthetix5 Powdered urine kit

They all have common traits that cause issues. Specifically, poor complexity, missing key ingredients that could be looked for, poor quality heat pads, and the real basic trait of not even looking much like real human urine.

As an example, there is a video on YouTube of a guy who claims he was a lab tech for LabCorp. In it he says that they could spot samples of Quick Fix urine by holding the sample up to the light. He said it had a green tinge to it that gave it away. Having seen Quick Fix, I can confirm this is the case.

Plus, a curious employee can smell the sample, or shake it to see if it froths like human urine does because it contains albumin.

So as you can see, those cheap fake pee brands (mostly costing $30 or less) could get you through a basic pre-employment urine test. But under any scrutiny from a human, or validity checks, or the heat pad failing, they will fail you.

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How To Submit A Fake Pee Sample (Unsupervised Drug Test)

Before I go on to talk about the best fake urine brands, let’s talk you through how to actually submit a fake pee.

You may think it simple, but getting this right means you minimize the chances of doing something silly to get caught. If you do these things right, then it’s only the quality of the urine sample which can fail you.

Here are the steps you need to take and pay attention to:

  1. If you are using fake urine with a heating pad, then you will need to warm it in a microwave to leave less work for the heat pad to do. The heat pad is more likely to fail if you are relying on it totally as the heat source to maintain the temperature.
  2. Microwave in short bursts and keep checking the temperature strip. Also, make sure you activate the heat pad prior to starting the microwaving process so that it’s warm once the microwave has got it within the correct temperature range. Then, you won’t lose heat and put stress on the heat pad. Heating synthetic urine is tricky, this is where most people fail.
  3. Other than urine temperature, the other way you can get caught is to be found with the sample. For unsupervised drug tests, this is going to be very rare as they can’t intimately search you (although they can pat you down generally and look in bags and coat pockets). So put on two pairs of underwear, tuck the sample into your crotch, and then put on baggy jogging bottoms to disguise it.
  4. Regardless of how you are heating the synthetic urine sample before you go into the building to submit your sample, always re-check the temperature. If it’s cooled, then you have two options. First, if it’s a heating pad, you’ll need a hot water source, so take a flask of hot water with you. If you’re using heat activator powder (best choice), then simply add the heat activator powder to get it within the correct temperature range.
  5. Get there fast. The heat pads don’t last long. You don’t want to be wandering around the town before you go and submit your sample. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on a heat pad for any longer than about an hour.

Using Synthetic Urine For Supervised Test (Using Synthetic Urine Belt)

Some people advocate using synthetic urine for a supervised drug tests. This type of test is where you are either directly or indirectly observed, meaning someone will be in the room with you.

So simply taking out a urine bottle and pouring it into a cup is impossible. You will need a belt and tap to dispense it in order to stand, or sit, in a natural position to dispense into the sample cup.

But think about the reality of this. How the hell are you going to achieve that with someone in the room? With both your hands down in your crotch as a woman, or definitely trying to turn to avoid them seeing that you don’t actually have male genitalia performing the act.

For me, a synthetic urine belt is not a viable option. Even if you use a bladder bag to pump out urine, it’s running a huge risk, and I really recommend you instead look into doing a natural detox accelerated by Toxin Rid detox pills, and then mask the remaining toxins on the day of your test with a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse and submit real urine that free of toxins.

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Synthetic Urine Reviews: These Are The Best Synthetic Urine Products

Hopefully, I’ve now given you a better idea of how to use fake pee for a drug test, and what the characteristics of good synthetic urine brands are.

Let’s now do detailed synthetic urine reviews of the top two brands out there. I’ve used Sub Solution powdered urine kit to pass a drug test, and Quick Luck premixed synthetic urine is even better.

So, let’s look at the reasons why they are so complex, and how they get around the heat pad and temperature maintenance problem completely.

1. Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine Kit

Quick Luck is the ultimate pre mixed synthetic urine. It’s the most expensive, costing $100. But you get the ultimate synthetic urine brand.

Quick Luck has the following characteristics:

  • Highly complex containing 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Premixed for short notice testing convenience
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • looks, froths, and even smells like real urine
  • Contains the right proportion of creatinine
  • Uses heat activator powder rather than a heating pad
  • Also comes with a pair of high-quality heat pads

Containing 14 chemicals, this will pass all but the most intense chemical analysis. It also looks, froths, and smells like real human urine which will satisfy the curious lab tech.

Also, it comes with heat activator powder. You don’t need a microwave, and you don’t need to use a heating pad. Just before you go to submit your sample, you tap in about one-third of the powder and shake it until it dissolves. It’s untraceable.

It will raise the temperature gently in about a minute. Watch the temperature strip, and add a little more if needed. Within about two minutes you will have a completely viable sample of high-quality synthetic urine that looks like clean human urine.

The heat pad it comes with is unnecessary, and purely an optional extra. If you want to use them, you can activate them, and strap them to both sides of the urine sample, to completely insulate and keep heat in. Just make sure you don’t put the heat pad over the temperature strip. Then, you can simply add a little bit of heating powder if you need to.

It’s $100 well spent, and the top recommendation. Nothing else compares to it in terms of the quality of the urine, passing the visual scrutiny, or its ability to be submitted within the correct temperature range. Absolutely the best synthetic urine money can buy.

It’s expensive, but how much would failing a drug test cost you? You can purchase Quick Luck from Test Negative.

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2. Sub Solution Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

Everything I’ve just said about Quick Luck applies to Sub Solution synthetic urine kit. It’s highly complex, contains uric acid and urea and will pass visual scrutiny, and isn’t always pretty much identical to Quick Luck.

Sub Solution is its predecessor. It costs $85, so slightly cheaper. There are two differences with Sub Solution.

Firstly, you don’t get a pair of heat pads. But, because you get the heating powder, they are completely unnecessary anyway.

Secondly, it’s a powdered urine kit that has to be mixed with filtered water to get a viable sample. This adds another step to the process, but you get exactly the same quality of urine as Quick Luck. Getting the urine in powdered form is slightly more inconvenient though and means Sub Solution isn’t suitable for very short-notice drug testing.

Overall though, Sub Solution or Quick Luck does the same job. The heat activator powder is the game changer because it takes away the potential for you to fail at the first hurdl completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Synthetic Pee Pass A DoT Physical?

It’s a big misconception that the Department of Transport physical drug test is more rigorous than a normal employment pee test. It’s really not. It’s a standard five panel drug test administered by a testing company like LabCorp or Concentra.

So, it will look for the standard five panel substances of marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates, and amphetamine/methamphetamines.

Yes, that means the best synthetic urine brands will pass a DOD physical urine test. Something like Quick Luck premixed synthetic urine will work like a charm as the DOD drug test is unsupervised.

How Long Will Synthetic Urine Stay Warm?

At room temperature, it will depend very much on the climate where you are, and the rooms you are in. Tucked into your underwear close to your skin it will stay pretty close to the right temperature (between 90°F and 100°F), but not close enough.

If you use a hand warmer (heat pad), it will depend entirely on the heat pad you use. So as you can see, it’s absolutely impossible to tell you how long urine will stay warm after you have done it. Literally, warm enough to pass a urine drug test after someone has urinated? About five minutes. But that’s never going to be enough time to get it into a lab to be tested.

Your best bet is to use one of the best synthetic urine kits: Sub Solution powdered urine. It comes with heat activator powder, which means you can raise the temperature of the urine as needed to get it completely accurate when you submit it.

Which Urine Drug Test Is The Most Accurate?

The only thing which makes urine tests more accurate is their cut-off and confirmation levels. In the USA, most employers and drug testing firms copy the guidelines laid out by the federal government for DoT drug testing.

But, as every single cut-off and confirmation number is different for each drug, it’s impossible to list them in an FAQ here. You can Google for more information.

So overall, all drug tests are accurate, using pretty much the same cut-off levels, and all with very close to 100% accuracy in professional standard testing.

How To Hide Synthetic Urine?

The best way to hide synthetic urine for a drug test is to wear double underwear. Hide it between the two pairs, so it’s close enough to your skin to keep it warm, but not on it. This will keep the fake pee unseen and warm enough. Wear loose jogging bottoms so that the bottle can not be seen, which would be quite suspicious especially if you are a lady.

What Stores Sell Synthetic Urine Kits

The only shops that sell synthetic pee are usually small to medium-sized smokeshops, headshops, gas stations, and adult stores (but they sell “fetish “synthetic pee, which is not good to pass a drug test). The reason why not many shops sell artificial urine is that you are not allowed to use synthetic urine for the purpose of passing a urine test. Synthetic pee is usually marketed for prank urine or fetish purposes, only small shops can get away with selling it.

The best synthetic urine brands like Sub Solution, Testclear’s powdered urine, and Quick Luck are only available online from special detox products webshops. To find out what is the law in your state, search for fake urine law + the name of your state.

Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

It’s illegal in 17 state of the USA to make, buy or sell synthetic urine to cheat urine tests. In some states, it is a felony, but in others, it is only a misdemeanor.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Methamphetamine?

Passing drug tests for methamphetamine is absolutely no different from passing any other type of drug test. All you’re doing is hiding the fact you have a certain type of drug metabolite in your body. These are the methods open to you:

1. Get completely clean using a natural detox and accelerate it with Toxin Rid detox pills. A chronic user using this method could be clean in seven days or less.

2. For a short-notice drug test, you are probably best using high-quality synthetic pee like Sub Solution powdered urine kit or Quick Luck. This is only suitable for unsupervised drug tests.

For an observed test, or if you don’t want to use artificial urine, then your only other option is to use a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse to mask the toxins for a few hours. This will push more toxins out of your body than can be achieved naturally, leaving a gap in the toxin flow of the few hours during which you can submit a sample that the detox drink keeps balanced and natural.

How Long Does Fake Pee Last In A Pill Bottle?

Even kept in the fridge, urine will not last long in any type of bottle, even an airtight one. At most, 12 hours, and often less. Normal urine starts to spoil as soon as it comes into contact with air and becomes noticeably spoilt after just a few hours as it starts to become cloudy and stringy. Even if you get lucky, you still have to submit it within the correct temperature range, which is actually the difficult bit.

A far better strategy is to use a high-quality synthetic urine sample. It mimics normal urine closely enough to pass the validity tests that labs do. You don’t need to submit the real deal; you just need to submit something that passes what is looked for. Sub Solution is a great choice that comes with heat activator powder to give you complete control over the temperature you submit it at. It looks and smells like real urine, it contains urea and uric acid and it comes in powdered form in a vial. The kit also comes with a vial of heating powder and a urine bottle with a temperature strip.

Does the Probation Officer Send Urine To Labs?

Whether the probation officer sends urine samples to labs will mostly depend on the situation of your probation.

However, yes, in some situations, there might be probation drug screening. If your urine sample fails the initial check immediately after you submit your sample, then it will be sent for a serious lab check. That’s why it’s important to buy one of the best synthetic urine kits and not buy low-quality products such as Magnum or Monkey Whizz.

Can A 5 Panel Drug Test Detect Synthetic Urine?

The number of panels on the drug test is irrelevant. The process for analyzing the sample is exactly the same regardless of the type of urine drug test you are facing. The only way synthetic pee can be detected is if it is missing something that validity checks look for, or it contains something they look for that urine doesn’t.

Good quality synthetic urine product like Quick Luck liquid urine contains creatinine, is balanced for pH and specific gravity, look, froth, and smells like urine, and contains urea, uric acid and 12 other chemicals in total that are looked for during validity tests.

They are professionally constructed to contain everything that validity checks currently look for. It looks and smells like actual human urine!

How Much Fake Pee Is Needed For Urine Tests?

You need to submit 1-2 ounces of urine (30-60mm)

Is TestClear Dehydrated Urine Any Good?

According to Testclear, it’s real urine that was dehydrated for longer shelf life. It comes in powder form in a vial.

What’s The Difference Between A Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit And a Premixed one?

The premixed is liquid synthetic urine in a bottle and the powdered synthetic urine comes in powder form in a little vial, you will need to mix it with filtered water, and shake it gently a couple of times till it dissolves. The two best synthetic urine kits are Quick Luck (premixed) and Sub Solution synthetic urine which comes in powder form.

Can I Freeze synthetic urine?

Yes, you can freeze synthetic urine in liquid form if the bottle wasn’t opened. To be honest we don’t know what happens if you freeze powdered urine.

Does Fake Pee Work At Urgent Care?

With the hospital analysis of urine, it’s tough to predict what will be looked for. If it’s a standard drug test analysis then a fake urine sample could pass.

These types of analysis simply look for the basics of human urine and then look for the presence of drugs.

However, if it’s a full urine analysis, then obviously synthetic urine won’t contain some of the things looked for. In this circumstance, it would fail. So the key is knowing what type of analysis the sample is going to be put through.

What Is The Best Synthetic Urine Kit For A Lab Test?

The best synthetic urine kits for a professional lab test are Clear Choice Quick Luck or Sub Solution.

Sub solution is powdered synthetic urine while Quick Luck is premixed, but Quick Luck is slightly more expensive. Other than that, they are almost identically graded, high-quality, fake urine products.

What makes them fantastic as they both contain 14 chemicals found in urine, so will pass validity checks. On top of that, they will beat the visual scrutiny of the curious technician because they look, froth, and even smell like real human urine.

Plus, they both use heat activator powder. This is tapped in, and as it dissolves, it raises the temperature of the fake urine. It gives you exact control over the sample temperature before you submit it.

How To Make Myself Pee For Drug Test?

If you find you are nervous when you go for a drug test and wondering how to make yourself pee for a drug test, simply tell the person administering the test. That way it won’t arouse any suspicion when you spend more time behind a screen submitting your sample.

To help yourself, simply make sure you don’t urinate for as long as possible before your test. But don’t drink loads of water as this can dilute your sample. It’s better to simply drink normally and minimize the amount you urinate in the two or three hours prior to your test.

How Much Water To Dilute Urine For Drug Test?

Nobody can tell you how much water is needed to flush out your urine to pass drug tests. What I can tell you though is doing so will fail you. Very simply, modern validity checks look for exactly that and can spot it a mile off.

You either need to submit a fake sample of the best synthetic urine kit (Quick Luck) or use a high-quality detox drink (Rescue Cleanse) that can mask the toxins for a few hours.

What Causes False Negative Drug Tests?

False negatives can be caused simply because the cut-off level of the drug test is higher than the concentration of drug metabolites in the body at that moment. Rarely, some substances can cause cross-reactivity which creates false negatives. Benzodiazepines particularly can be affected by this.

However, other than adulteration of the urine sample, there is no way that you can realistically create a false negative drug test result.

What Are The Best Synthetic Urine Brands For A Pre Employment Urine Test?

Passing a drug test for pre-employment is relatively easy, in most cases, they will use a basic urine test kit.

Good synthetic urine kits should pass a drug test very easily. Make sure you buy a synthetic pee brand that contains uric acid, and urea and comes with proper heating pads or heating powder. I highly recommend Quick Luck liquid synthetic urine (premixed not powdered), if you are looking for the easiest and safest way. If you want to save some money I recommend Sub Solution powdered synthetic urine, it’s $15 cheaper and has the same ingredients, but powdered urine must be mixed with filtered water in the testing room.

How Long Does Unopened Synthetic Pee Last?

Most fake pee brands have a shelf life of 1 year. However, once you open it and the air gets to it then you have a maximum of one day before it turns bad. Because good quality synthetic urine contains uric acid and urea, it will start to get cloudy and look stringy after twenty-four hours at room temperature.

Took A Drug Test Friday When Should I Know The Results?

If you took a drug test just before the weekend then you won’t know the results over the weekend. At the earliest, if you are clean, it will be sometime on Monday as usual, a drug test takes around 24 hours to process. However, the labs do state they can take 48 hours, and sometimes even 72 hours if they are busy.

Also, if your sample has been flagged as suspicious, or they can’t get a good reading on something, then it could go for a full gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis. This can add another day or two to the time it takes before the results are known.

How To Dispute A False Positive Drug Test?

When you go for a drug test, they will give you a questionnaire. They will ask you about anything you could have taken that could deliver a false positive. If you don’t notify them at that time, and then tell them about something after when you fail, that’s going to obviously raise big suspicions.

Also, you must know that false positives are actually very rare nowadays. All the stuff about poppy seeds and things like that is very unusual now, due to the sensitivity and setup of modern drug testing.

In terms of actually disputing a failed drug test, you will have a contact number. Sometimes, a specific person to contact (usually the person who administered the test). They will also tell you (or should tell you) about the dispute process before you submit your sample.

Can You Still Get Hired If You Fail A Drug Test?

It’s impossible to say whether you would get hired are not, as we don’t know what the drug test policy of the company you are being interviewed by is. Sure, for a smaller company, or for a specialist role, might overlook something like marijuana use.

But I don’t think it’s likely that a company is going to contravene its drug testing policy for someone generally. That would open up a floodgate of legal problems if they have a stated policy and then ignore it for certain individuals.

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