Aura Essentials PMS Gummy Reviewed: Daily Gummies for PMS Relief?

PMS symptoms can range from emotional and behavioral symptoms such as nervousness, weeping bouts, and irritability to more physical types such as joint or muscle pain, fatigue, and weight gain, among others. It’s tempting to believe that everyone with regular cycles behaves similarly, but this is probably one of the few recurring events where each person is unique. The same even applies to those who do not menstruate as often as they should. Would you believe us if we told you that all it takes is three ingredients to negate all possible effects? Don’t just take our word for it; find out all there is to know about the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy.

What is the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy?

Aura Essentials PMS Gummy is a pharmacist-formulated daily supplement for premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This solution was created with consideration for each person’s aura, as stated by the creators. Why does this matter? Well, because users should expect relief from cramps, bloating, hormonal acne, and mood changes. These outcomes are thought to be feasible due to the synergistic effects of three botanicals claimed to control hormones and enhance blood flow. Given this formula’s ability to alleviate symptoms that have a detrimental effect on not just women’s mood but also cognition and physical health, it is critical to understand how these integrated ingredients work.

What’s inside the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy?

As mentioned in the previous section, there are three primary elements in each Aura Essentials PMS Gummy. They consist of:

Pine Bark Extract (150mg)

Pine bark extract [1] is produced from pine trees native to the Mediterranean. The bark of pine trees is carefully ground, cleaned, and then soaked in hot water to create the extract. Due to its abundance of compounds including pycnogenol, oligopin, flavangenol, vitamin C, and other polyphenols and phytonutrients, this ingredient has garnered interest. These factors make pine bark extract a suitable choice for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. One study investigated the effect of pycnogenol in pine bark extract in the context of menstrual pain [2].

47 patients were given 30mg orally twice a day. The first dose was given on the eighth day of the first menstrual cycle and continued until the seventh day of the third cycle. Then, during the first, second, and third cycles respectively, the researchers scored the symptoms. The researchers reported lower pain levels for stomach pain. Also, it was reported that by the second cycle people experienced superior pain alleviation compared to the first. In another source [3], a separate study claimed that consuming this extract for four weeks reduced hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.

Dandelion Extract (60mg)

Dandelion extract [4] (Taraxacum officinale) is derived from a plant that is frequently known as a weed in our gardens. Though they are tossed, a group of alternative medicine enthusiasts value them for their health benefits. The latter is due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects. Now for its potential function in the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy, this ingredient is said to remove toxins, which makes sense given that it has diuretic and antimicrobial effects.

Chasteberry Extract (40mg)

Chasteberry [5] is a fruit grown on the chaste tree, and is native to both the Mediterranean and Asia. One article that detailed the fruit’s overall mechanism affirmed its ability to minimize inflammation and regulate hormones. Using this ingredient for three months may assist with breast pain, headaches, and mood changes (including irritability and sadness). Also, because chasteberry contains phytoestrogens that resemble estrogen, research insinuates it may lessen the frequency of hot flashes and nighttime sweats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy a safe product?

The Aura Essentials PMS Gummy is considered safe to consume because it contains clinically proven ingredients in proper dosages. Furthermore, each gummy bottle was produced under rigorous and sterile conditions in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

Who should use the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy?

Anyone who suffers from PMS symptoms during their cycle and wishes to reduce their severity may consider the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy. In the view of the Aura Essentials team, women who have had a disruption in their periods, need to address their mood, and prefer to avoid medicines or heating pads may benefit from this supplement.

Should the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy be taken on a daily basis?

The Aura Essentials PMS Gummy appears to be a daily supplement. In fact, clinical research shows that those who take the three ingredients consistently get the highest outcomes.

How should users take Aura Essentials PMS Gummy?

Individuals should take two Aura Essentials PMS gummies once daily.

What if the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy is missed for a week?

While missing a week is acceptable, the Aura Essentials team strongly suggests keeping track of intake. This is merely to point out the importance of consistency in the pursuit of optimal results. To assist women on their path, each purchase will also include a tracker card that acts as a reminder to take the appropriate serving size on time.

Would using birth control or other vitamins in conjunction with the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy cause any interactions?

This is a question to ask a healthcare practitioner before placing an order. Women may wish to think about taking the supplement facts to their next consultation.

What are the claimed advantages of using the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy?

The Aura Essentials PMS Gummy might gradually eliminate hormonal acne, regulate mood swings, reduce cramps, poor digestion, bloating and breast tenderness and improve cognition.

What does the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy taste like?

The Aura Essentials PMS Gummy includes açai purée to help mask the botanical ingredients and earthy tones.

Which countries do Aura Essentials ship to?

Aura Essentials currently only ships to the United States.

How long would Aura Essentials PMS Gummy shipments take to arrive?

All orders shipped to the continental United States will be processed within 24 hours of the order date. From there, it might take anywhere between two and five business days to arrive at one’s doorstep.

Is there a money-back guarantee on the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy. If for whatever reason women are completely dissatisfied by this supplement, they have the option to request a full purchase price refund. For the eligibility requirements, the team encourages everyone to send an email to hello@ownyouraura.com.

How much does the Aura Essentials PMS Gummy cost?

It depends on whether users want to make a one-time or recurring purchase. In the former case, the price for a one-month supply is $34.95 each, whereas in the latter one, people can choose to receive delivery for either a one- or two-month period for $27.96 each. Bear in mind that neither pricing reflects applicable fees usually presented at checkout.

About Aura Essentials

Aura Essentials is a women’s health company on a mission to empower ALL menstruating people. Although this team understands the value of diminishing PMS-related symptoms for the benefit of one’s mind, body, and spirit, they are also advancing discussions and initiatives aimed at creating an inclusive community and de-stigmatizing women’s health. Collectively, the team believes strongly in their formula. Here’s what they had to share:

“Our pharmacist-formulated vitamin contains only ingredients that your body needs to get you back to your daily routine. We are the only one on the market using Maritime Pine Bark to target PMS symptoms because, well, it actually works.”

Final Verdict

The Aura Essentials PMS Gummy is really as modest as it gets: it was created to aid people who experience discomfort during their monthly cycles (or periodic in rarer cases). Our editorial team was immediately captivated by this team’s strategy, which involves a combination of mimicking the estrogen hormone, ensuring hormonal balance, and boosting blood flow. We were notably stunned by the ingredient’s list in two ways.

First, it has been reduced to three ingredients, and second, each one provides promising evidence for both directly and indirectly alleviating PMS symptoms. Safety concerns are also unlikely to develop because gummies are often lower in concentration yet are still being effective. Of course, it is worth mentioning that more research is still needed on these ingredients. Therefore, seeking a medical expert for a second opinion is essential, especially considering how unique each person is in their health. For more information on Aura Essentials as a whole, click here>>>>.

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