Applicants needed for City's Ethics Board

The City of Tacoma is recruiting volunteers for the Board of Ethics. The board is comprised of five regular, and one alternate member. Currently, there are two positions available; one has a two-year term through December 2010, and the other position is for the duration of 2009.

The board is primarily responsible for receiving, investigating and making recommendations for dispositions of complaints of violation of the City’s Code of Ethics for all elected officials, the City Manager, the Director of Public Utilities and members of the Public Utility Board; conducting hearings, as needed, to hear and decide specific cases in which a violation of the Code of Ethics is alleged, whether such cases arise from a complaint or are brought on the board’s own motion; and submitting an annual report to the City Council.

This board meets the second Monday of each quarter at 6:30 p.m. in Room 248 of the Tacoma Municipal Building at 747 Market St., or as necessary.

These are unpaid positions appointed by the City Council. Applicants must live in the City of Tacoma, not hold any other elective public office, not be currently employed by the City of Tacoma or be an immediate family member of a City of Tacoma employee.

Applications must be submitted to the Mayor’s Office by March 31. To apply, send a completed application to Cindy Leingang, Mayor’s Office, 747 Market St., Room 1200, Tacoma, WA 98402. Applicants can download the required application from the City’s Web site at .