ABA creates onine guide to more effective advertising in Yellow Pages

The American Bar Association Section of Law Practice Management has published Effective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers: The Complete Guide to Creative Winning Ads by Kerry Randall – a book designed to help lawyers create more effective Yellow Pages advertising for their practice.
According to the author, lawyers are the number one advertisers in the Yellow Pages, an advertising medium that is very competitive, highly regulated and sometimes complicated.
Many lawyers who advertise in this arena are looking for the same business.
A poorly designed ad can spell disaster for a solo or small practice, but an effective ad can be the engine that drives a client development program forward vigorously.
The book guides readers through the process of:
– identifying their unique place in the market;
– defining and then targeting an audience that will be influenced by their message;
– creating ad content that produces positive results, and;
– instilling confidence in their potential client that they were the best possible choice.
Cost is $54.95 – $44.95 for ABA members. Call 800-285-2221 to order.