5 Best Emergency Loans And Payday Loans For Bad Credit In 2022

It is no secret that having a poor credit history limits your loan choices and makes it harder to qualify with most lenders. In a favorable scenario, even if you receive an offer, you might be facing sky-high interest rates and non-negotiable short-term repayment methods.

The last thing you need in a financial emergency is more cash-related stress. And since the emergency loans, as the name suggests, have to be obtained as soon as possible, many companies take advantage of that, knowing that you can accept any terms you get.

A financial emergency can be devastating and take a toll on your life. As much as you neglect and deny the problem, you may end up homeless or lose some valuable possessions. Luckily, you can overcome this particular challenge and regain complete control over your finances by asking for a loan through online lending platforms. The platforms can be life-savers to low credit borrowers and offer a helping hand in desperate times.

Fortunately, there are reliable platforms that offer emergency loans with bad credit. We scoured the internet and selected five companies that provide decent annual percentage rates, flexible credit requirements, and fast funding that promises a cash delivery within 24 hours.

Best Loan Marketplaces For Online Loans With Bad Credit

Regardless of how much you plan your financial future and run a budget-friendly analysis, some unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your whole life. A financial crisis can strike at any point in life and leave you puzzled about how to overcome them and get back on track.

This is where emergency loans come to play and offer a helping hand with your funding. The platforms that we will talk about offer immediate cash transfers within one business day and are more concerned about the stability of your monthly income rather than your poor credit score.

The process of asking for a loan with bad credit can add to the complications and make the operation much more difficult. But not with these websites. The best platforms that offer emergency loans with bad credit are:

  1. MoneyMutual – Best online lending platform for getting fast cash loans
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Direct lenders for bad credit loans guaranteed approval
  3. RadCred – Best approved payday loans that offers emergency cash immediately
  4. CashUSA – Instant approval cash loans for people with bad credit
  5. Personal Loans – Reliable no credit check personal loans (up to $35000)

#1. MoneyMutual – Best online lending platform for getting fast cash loans


The first place on our list goes to MoneyMutual. This platform is often called the number one website for bad credit loans. It has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and has been millions of people’s primary lender finder.

The company first came to the scene in 2010 and since then has assisted millions of Americans in times of financial emergencies. MoneyMutual is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance OLA, one of the world’s most prestigious financial organizations. On top of that, the company is also part of CFEF, which stands for Community Financial Education Foundation.

By asking for a loan through this platform, you can obtain 24/7 emergency loans and access hundreds of online lenders. The lenders are willing to disregard your poor credit score and offer you up to 5000$. In addition, the platform offers you to repay your short-term loan in months or years. The repayment method is flexible, and the interest rates are average.

On top of that, MoneyMutual eliminates any danger of data leaking and keeps the financial information of every customer safe and secure. The financial information is stored on industry-grade secured servers.


MoneyMutual offers free services and access to many lenders. The company has partnered with hundreds of reliable lenders that work around the clock. You can easily apply for a loan at any time of day and night. You can think of this platform as Amazon or eBay but only for loan-related purposes.

The application form can be filled out in just a couple of minutes and is forwarded to every lender. This saves time and effort since you don’t have to manually send different forms to multiple lenders.

The clients of MoneyMutual can choose between emergency loans at different rates. Due to the unlimited access of a nationwide network of lenders, every step of the request is easy and more manageable than any other face-to-face meeting. Plus, the approval is also quick, and you will have an immediate answer to whether or not a lender is willing to give you an offer.

MoneyMutual.com is a website that gets thousands and thousands of clients every day. There are many options to choose from, and borrowers with poor or average credit are not neglected. The website’s interface can easily be navigated even if you are not a tech-savvy person.


  • Number one rated platform
  • A+ on the Better Business Bureau
  • CFEF member
  • Fast emergency loans
  • Free services
  • Direct money transfer
  • Education on financial topics
  • Straightforward application process
  • The application form can be filled out in a few minutes
  • Flexible repayment methods
  • More than a million clients
  • Secure digital environment
  • Low-interest rates


  • People in New York cannot use this platform
  • No arbitration service

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans – Direct lenders for bad credit loans guaranteed approval


The next company on our list is Bad Credit Loans which, by the name, you can probably guess what type of loans it specializes in. This website is much more than a lending platform. We refer to Bad Credit Loans as a financial institution that has helped many people escape a financial crisis by offering them an emergency loan.

Bad Credit Loans is an online lending platform that offers a variety of loan types together with free financial consulting. The services this brand offers are tough to match, and borrowers can easily apply for an emergency loan with bad credit. The company caters to all Americans and has gained much popularity among Native Americans.

Bad Credit Loans allow borrowers access to multiple personal and tribal lenders. Like our previous company, this platform has a vast network of lenders that people can select based on their location. A great feature of Bad Credit Loans that separates it from other competitors is that if a borrower does not find an eligible lender, the website will redirect him to out-of-network lenders and increase its reach.

Bad Credit Loans has been in business since 1998 and is one of the most well-respected lending platforms.


Using Bad Credit Loans gives you multiple options for tailored lending plans to help with your emergency situation. Regardless of your low credit score, the company still grants you access to a deep network of lenders that focus more on the stability of your income and not the credit history.

Thousands of borrowers ask for a loan daily at Bad Credit Loans and usually struggle with bad or average credit scores. There is no reason not to ask for a loan in a financial emergency using this platform.

Bad Credit Loans offers multiple loan options. The platform connects borrowers with numerous types of lenders. This platform makes finding a suitable lender much more manageable than other companies and offers flexible repayment methods. The lenders partnered with this platform do a soft credit check and keep your credit history intact.

Bad Credit Loans welcomes adult citizens to apply, and the eligibility requirements are limited. The form only asks, requires a couple of minutes, and is later forwarded to all lenders.

Bad Credit Loans uses a safe and encrypted technology to secure personal information. Using the library of data on the website, you can protect yourself from sneaky lenders that may lead you to immense debt.


  • In business since 1998
  • A lot of experience
  • Multiple lenders
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Customer-oriented
  • Fast processing
  • Multiple loan options
  • Dependable customer support team
  • A safe and encrypted website
  • Eligible for borrowers with average and poor credit score
  • Reasonable annual percentage and interest rates
  • Quick-pre approval
  • Free additional educational content
  • Same-day fundings
  • Loans of up to 10,000 dollars
  • E-signature


  • Long-term loans come with a higher interest rates
  • The tribal lenders come with minimal governmental protection

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. RadCred – Best approved payday loans that offers emergency cash immediately


A list of the most trustworthy online lending platforms would not be complete without mentioning RadCred. This company is one of the most reliable web-based loan suppliers assisting people during cash-related emergencies.

RadCred is a US organization that offers a helping hand to people who suffer from bad credit. The company’s team greatly understands how difficult it is to ask for a loan once you have a poor credit history.

For that reason, they partnered with lenders willing to give people a second chance. The company was established in 1998, which was a period when most online lending platforms appeared on the market. The company offers free services and makes the whole asking for a loan operation much more accessible for people looking to improve their credit scores.

The people who turn to RadCred are never disappointed, especially since most have already been denied by a bank or other financial institution. On top of that, the company provides consolation to each borrower who has experienced some cash-related problems. RadCred knows that anyone can face financial difficulties, even people who plan how to spend every dollar.


RadCred can easily be accessed by anyone who likes to request a loan quickly. The platform is trusted by many Americans around the globe and is a forerunner in offering the best free assistance. On top of that, RadCred interfaces and collaborates with one of the most reputable banks across the United States.

RadCred can connect you directly to some of the best lenders in the market. The company plays the role of a mediator and connects borrowers with eligible active lenders. The company’s annual percentage and interest rates depend on multiple factors. However, based on your loan request, the amount you need, the income, and the stability, with RadCred, you can get APRs ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. These are the average annual percentage rates, meaning the numbers are not final and can be discussed and negotiated further.

People with low credit scores are suitable for a loan, and each applicant is linked with multiple lenders. However, if RadCred cannot find a reliable lender willing to provide you with an offer, the company will strive to find other ways to meet your financial obligations. It will look for a trustworthy third-party lender to help with your emergency.


  • Low interest and annual percentage rates
  • Trustworthy platform
  • Variety of loan types
  • Suitable for people with poor credit score
  • You can obtain a loan from 250$ to 5000$
  • The fast and easy application process
  • Easy to navigate
  • The application form requires only basic and personal information
  • Personal loans for every matter
  • Highly rated online lending platform
  • Staggering audit
  • Guaranteed approval
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Vehicle loan available


  • RadCred is not a direct lender

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA – Instant approval cash loans for people with bad credit


Continuing our list, CashUSA is a company that assists borrowers who have a poor credit score in getting a fast emergency loan. Since the company’s establishment, customers’ needs have always come first. Every policy of CashUSA is in the borrower’s favor, and all of the company’s services are free and manageable. People without collateral who only have a bad credit score can apply for a short-term loan within seconds.

CashUSA is one of the most trusted loan lending websites that matches borrowers with lenders based on their provided information. The company works by linking people with only targeted loan offerings, and there are no random picks. Every lender that can make you an offer is already aware of your bad credit score and is willing to look past it and give you an offer that fits your personal needs.

CashUSA can offer different types of financial assistance. For instance, the platform can give you easy access to credit, debt consolidation services, and debt relief. Therefore, asking for a loan is not where the CashUSA services stop; the company can become a companion and help you regain control over your finances.


This full-service lending platform offers multiple financial services and can help you get a loan of up to 10,000 dollars. CashUSA is one of the largest lending platforms on the market that can put you back on track regarding your financial freedom.

CashUSA may introduce you to its vast network of direct lenders. You get to deal with direct lenders without the interference of a mediator. The services that CashUSA provides are free, and once you are connected with a lender, you can negotiate the terms; the company is not involved.

CashUSA offers obligation-free rates, which means you can apply for a loan, and if you don’t like the offer presented to you by a reliable lender, you can accept or reject it and look elsewhere. The company gives you plenty of time to research the lenders and make a knowledgeable decision instead of a guess. Another piece of advice from us would be to examine the requirements before making a long-term commitment closely.

The lenders working with CashUSA specialize and are qualified with emergency loans with bad credit. This means they will draw from their long years of experience and help borrowers with a poor credit history.


  • Highly reputable platform
  • Multiple lenders to choose from
  • Eligible for people with poor credit score
  • Opportunity to review loan terms
  • On-time payment reports to the credit bureau
  • CashUSA’s lending services are available across the whole nation
  • Easy application process
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Long business history
  • Loans of up to 10,000 dollars
  • No credit checks
  • Customer-friendly interface
  • Educational center
  • Same-day transactions


  • The eligibility criteria require a monthly income of at least 1000$
  • Must have a valid security number

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans – Reliable no credit check personal loans (up to $35000)


To conclude our list, Personal Loans is another excellent platform that offers guaranteed approval for emergency loans without straining your finances any further. Using Personal Loans, qualifying for an emergency loan with bad credit is pretty straightforward.

This company requires a simple application form that can be filled out in a few minutes. The form includes questions that ask for the loan amount, credit type, and the reason behind the loan. The main feature of Personal Loans that separates this online lending platform from the crowd is that it allows loans as big as 35,000$. This company is top-rated and provides people with secure loans in a short period. Personal Loans can provide you with a payday, installment, and emergency loan in less than a business day.

On top of that, you can probably guess by the name that the platform shines the most with personal loans. The company offers people average interest and APR rates. The whole application process is easier than ever, and the company utilizes a lot of flexibility for the repayment due date.

Personal Loans has offered free services to thousands of people. Many people have borrowed their way out of an emergency, and everyone is giving the company positive feedback.


The company is working with low credit score lenders. The whole application process for a loan is made more straightforward than ever before, and with your permission, the platform will send your form across the network of online lenders. Regarding your credit score, many suitable lenders will want to work with you and look past your poor credit history. The platform offers eligible lenders despite your bad credit.

Obtaining a loan from a bank will require you to have a 580 credit score. However, choosing Personal Loans, you can ask for a maximum of 35,000 dollars. Compared to banks with fixed rates, this company allows you to get a personal loan and negotiate its terms and conditions.

In addition, Personal Loans offers P2P loans, which stand for peer-to-peer. These types of loans are great for obtaining business-related loans. The way that P2P loans work is the following: You will be borrowing money from investors with fixed interest rates and repayment methods, so if any financial emergency appears during your business transactions, Personal Loans can help.

Plus, Personal Loans has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Trustpilot and an A+ rating on The Better Business Bureau. It is also a member of OLA.


  • Privacy-conscious platform
  • Digitized borrowing
  • Peer-to-peer loans
  • Loans of up to 35,000 dollars
  • A+ rating by the Better Business bureau
  • The company is a member of OLA
  • All credit levels borrowed are eligible for a loan
  • Guaranteed approval
  • No hidden charges and penalties
  • Obligation-free
  • Highly rated platform
  • Risk-free
  • Investor friendly
  • Variable interest and annual percentage rates


  • Proof of income is required
  • Strict eligibility criteria
  • Higher loan amounts may require additional information

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

How We Made Our List For The Best Emergency Same Day Loans to Get Cash Advance?

A financial emergency can happen to anyone. Since Covid 19 and the pandemic, people have lost their jobs, businesses, and medical bills have unexpectedly started to pile up. But luckily, you can overcome any financial challenge and look on the bright side by turning for help to lending platforms.

The chances are that it all may sound overwhelming at this point, and you are wondering where you should start your loan request. We are here to help. Our article has enlisted the best emergency loans with bad credit platforms offering transparency and reliability. However, before jumping straight to the reviews and explaining the features of each company, let’s talk about our research process and how we separated the trustworthy from the shady platforms.

We took our time and set a high standard. That was the first step. If you are unaware, the internet is filled with online lending platforms that can offer you a loan, no questions asked. But, it is near impossible to pick the right one, considering they all promise an unforgettable experience. Having people’s interests as a priority, we spent a couple of hours putting our list together. When it comes to your financial life and not being deceived, we kept a close eye on:

CFPB Compliance

We ensured that every platform in our article has a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Compliance and follows the regulations and laws of the state. This feature immediately weeds out the shady platforms and only leaves us with a couple of companies. CFPB compliance cannot be obtained that easily, and companies have to fight for it by following the rules for multiple years and dedicating a decent amount of time to each borrower.

Average APR

Since emergency loans need to be obtained as soon as possible, many companies like to jump on the cash wagon and take advantage of people who need assistance in their finances. The truth is, the interest and annual percentage rates are higher on these platforms than on a bank or other financial institution, but they don’t need to be through the roof. The average annual percentage rate for the companies we selected is 36%. The media cap can range between 5.99% and 35.99%. The interest rates depend on your monthly income, stability, and credit history. For that matter, we wanted to make sure you get the most affordable loan at that rate.

Lenders claims

The most reputable online lending platforms that check all the boxes for a legitimate business usually work with a vast network of lenders. We quickly checked every lender and, most importantly, its claims. We ensured that there were no hidden charges and that every payment was offered in the contract with the terms and conditions. The borrower does not have to pay anything until it signs the deal. If a lender asks for money before the agreement is made, you are definitely in the wrong place and should look for another platform.

Great features for borrowers

The companies that offer emergency loans with bad credit that you will read about in our article all have extraordinary features for customers. Borrowers can easily find and fill out the application form. The websites are easy to navigate and use and come with additional education centers. The online lending platforms that offer too much information to refocus the mind of borrowers and their sky-rocket fees were excluded from our list.

Soft credit check

For a company to connect you with a lender that can send you a loan offer, it has to be soft on the credit check. In other words, the lenders partnered up with the online platform have to be willing to look past the poor credit score and provide you with a loan offer solely based on the stability of your income. Because a hard credit inquiry can lower your credit score even further and leave you with no offers from a lender, we picked companies that promise soft credit checks and assist people during their financial crisis.

Hidden fees

The platforms that we choose have no hidden fees. Their services are free, and they connect you to a reliable lender that can make you a loan offer based on your personal information in the application form. Once a lender is willing to work with you and provide you with an offer, the terms and conditions are negotiable, and there are no prepayment fees, hidden fees, or unauthorized penalties.


The transparency of a lending website can be easily seen in the privacy policy. For that matter and clarification, we re-checked the safety policies of every company and made sure that the platforms keep your personal information safe and locked. Only authorized personnel and lenders have access to your information, and the five online lending platforms that we decided on have never been accused of leaking personal data.

Consultation with BBB

The Better Business Bureau is on the customers’ side and offers insight into past complaints and reviews. We considered the bureau as an associate while conducting our research. The platforms with bad reviews ranked lower on the BBB and did not make the final list.


Regarding flexibility, what we usually mean is flexible repayment methods. We ensured that every company in our article comes with flexible monthly installments. In addition, we searched for the penalties and late fees. On top of that, the more flexible the installments, the higher we place the brand on our list.

Quick funding

Since we are talking about emergency loans, how quickly a borrower can obtain cash is crucial. All of the platforms in our list have fast lenders that offer immediate financing. If a lender is willing to work with you and offers you a deal, by signing, you can have the cash into your bank account in less than 24 hours.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Applying for an Emergency Loans With Bad Credit

During the pandemic, there was a significant rise in the financial crisis, and many people have lost their jobs, businesses, and, most importantly, the ability to walk around freely. With that being said, the lending market has quadrupled in size. Emergency loans became a necessity to survive since people needed a helping hand.

Finding the best online lender willing to neglect a poor credit score is easier said than done. The reason is that lenders could not manage to serve a lot of borrowers during the dip in the economy. This was the reason not for people with poor credit history but also borrowers eligible for a loan anywhere with an excellent credit score. The economy was drowning. However, we are two years ahead now, and online lending platforms are still taking the world by storm and offering people assistance for their financial difficulties.

If you are pressed for time, you can apply for a loan at one of the companies we reviewed. However, if you like to browse the internet and do your research, here are some factors to consider before applying for a loan and jumping on the first option you see.

APR range

Most online lending platforms have an APR limit. The sad truth is that platforms that offer emergency loans with bad credit have higher interest and annual percentage rates than banks or other financial institutions. That being said, the APRs should still be between 5.99% and 35.99%. The APR is crucial for comparing offers and obtaining the best emergency loan to help you in an emergency. It could be debt relief, credit card consolidation, mortgage, car repair, etc.

Origination fees

The most reliable online lending platforms work as a middle man between borrowers and lenders and offer free services. The companies take a small cut from the lender on every made deal.

For that reason, many lenders might charge an origination fee. This fee is crucial and a valid comparison point that can help you determine if you are working with an eligible lender or need to look elsewhere. In addition to that, the lenders may penalize each of your late payments. As a precaution, we suggest going with a lender that offers little or no penalty.

Deposit time

Another crucial factor worth considering is how quickly the lender approves your application. Since we are talking about emergency loans, the loan is useless if the funds arrive late at your bank account. The companies we reviewed can help your finances in less than one business day. We suggest using a platform with the same deposit time and lenders offering same-day funding.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are something that online lending platforms have no say in and are solely managed by the lender. They can vary from a lender to lender, but the installments always stay the same. Every borrower must pay installments regardless of the contract’s terms and conditions. If you have the means, you can agree to pay more.

That way, you can pay your loan much faster and be done with it as soon as possible. In general, smaller loans have a quicker payback process simply because the interest rates are lower if the loan is divided into fewer monthly installments.

Credit score requirements

The term bad credit score can mean something entirely different to every lender. Each lender will define what a poor credit score means. On average, bad credit is considered anything below 580. With that in mind, multiple lenders have different requirements. Some may check your credit score, some may do a soft check, and some may solely focus on your stability and income.

The credit score requirements are crucial for comparison and taking into consideration. This is when you need to identify good lenders by their credit requirements and not the other way around. You should compare the lender’s needs as much as possible and find the best options that suit your financial needs.

Secured vs. Unsecured loans

First, you need to learn the difference between secured and unsecured loans. The secured loans always come with collateral, which is an asset that lenders may end up using. Plus, with additional co-signers, the collateral can manage to reduce the interest and annual percentage rates. In addition to that, it minimizes the risk for the lender.

On the contrary, unsecured loans come without collateral and may pose a considerable risk. For that matter, lenders charge higher interest rates to compensate for the risk that they are taking.

A friendly piece of advice from us is that if a lender asks for “insurance” or “advance” before you sign the contract and agree to the terms and conditions, you are definitely on the wrong platform and will most likely become a victim of a scam. To conclude, if the lender asks for even one cent before signing a loan contract, you should delete all your personal information and request a loan on a different reputable platform.

FAQs On Urgent Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. What are emergency loans with bad credit?

Emergency loans with bad credit is a term that is often confusing for borrowers and even lenders. This umbrella term describes loan amounts and borrowers who struggle with a bad credit score.

Also, payday loans, online loans, and tax loans can fall into the category of emergency loans depending on the context. This term also extends to popular loan types like a student, business, credit card, and cash. The most affordable and popular type of emergency loan is the personal loan. Plus, an emergency loan can also be considered every time you ask for cash from your family or close relatives.

Q2. Where can I apply for an emergency loan with bad credit?

There are a plethora of online platforms that connect borrowers with eligible lenders. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest choosing a company from our article. Other alternatives for obtaining an emergency loan could be payday lenders, credit unions, or financial institutions, or you can go with the traditional way and ask your bank.

Meanwhile, people aware of their bad credit should consider the lender’s terms and conditions with extra care. Payday loans tend to come with high interest and annual percentage rates and should only be obtained in an emergency.

Q3. How fast can you get an emergency loan?

Lenders who offer emergency loans for bad credit compensate for their higher than usual interest rates by providing a quick transfer of the money. In a best-case scenario, if you are qualified to receive a loan, by signing the contract and agreeing to its terms and conditions, the funds can be in your bank account in less than 24 hours. From start to finish, the whole process of obtaining an emergency loan should not take more than two business days.

In comparison, if you decide to skip the higher rates and APRs and ask the bank for a loan, the operation may take weeks depending on working hours, holidays, weekends, and approval time. The platforms work much faster because the entire process is digitalized.

Conclusion : Get Easy and Quick Cash Loans Online Immediately!

We have reached the end of our article. The final verdict is that emergency loans with bad credits are more accessible than ever, and even people with poor credit can resurface from the financial crisis.

Technology is advancing every second, and lending platforms are becoming more popular daily. As the name implies, these online loans are for emergencies, and you should not consider applying any time you need quick cash. Personal loans are only eligible when you have your back against the wall, and to avoid any penalties, you must stick to the repayment schedule. Choose a platform that is the most suitable for your financial needs and move forward with it.

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Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.