3 Best Delta 8 Flower Of 2022: Buy Hemp Flower Strains Online

Are you looking to reach a brand new high without facing the hefty outcomes of Delta 9 THC? Then, Delta 8 flower is what you should be smoking. Delta 9’s little cousin will help you get the most out of the THC experience by offering a smooth and pleasant ride without the fear of paranoia and panic.

Delta 8 brings legal compliance to the excitement of THC. Though the cannabinoid has quite a lot to offer, it is entirely legal across most of the United States. People describe it as smooth and mellow, which can be a tremendous change compared to the overwhelming Delta 9.

These legal buds are getting increasingly popular and are something that you have to try. If you’re interested in the legal high offered by the Delta 8 smoke, we’re here to provide you with the best flowers to help you reach it.

Best Delta 8 THC Flowers On The Market

  • Exhale Wellness – Overall Best & Top-Rated Delta 8 Buds
  • BudPop – The Best Selection Of Delta 8 THC Flower Strains
  • Hollyweed – Highly Potent Organic Delta 8 Buds

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best & Top-Rated Delta 8 Buds



Whether you’re looking for Delta 8 gummies, flowers, or oils, Exhale Wellness is the first place you should turn to. The company is one of the most reputable names in the Delta 8 industry, thanks to the remarkable quality of its THC.

Talking about Delta 8 buds in specific, Exhale has an unmatched offer for you. It features a broad range of some of the best Delta 8 strains, carefully packed to provide you with the ultimate freshness and enjoyment.

Manufacturing methods

Exhale’s Delta 8 THC flowers come from the sunny fields of Colorado. These flowers are specifically bred and grown to maximize the Delta 8 content and minimize further processing. The flowers are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical fertilizers. Therefore, they guarantee the ultimate safety followed by electrifying effects and a distinguishable aroma.

Honesty and third-party testing

Exhale Wellness is one of the most transparent brands in the industry. The company believes in its customers’ right to be appropriately informed about their consumption and strives to make all information about the Delta 8 buds readily available.

The legal THC flowers are independently tested at third-party laboratories to verify the accuracy of the cannabinoid content. The complete cannabinoid profile listed in the lab results is publicly available on Exhale’s website.

User convenience

Exhale Wellness makes shopping for Delta 8 buds more enjoyable than ever. The company will spoil you with numberless perks that you cannot get elsewhere. Each purchase of the Delta 8 buds comes with free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Your first order is eligible for a 20% discount, and once you find your favorite strain, you can choose to get it delivered to you on time while saving up to 25% on subscription orders.


  • 10 carefully selected Delta 8 strains for you to choose from
  • Affordable prices and exciting discounts for loyal customers and newcomers
  • 100% naturally grown Delta 8 buds deliver an incredible Delta 8 content
  • Available in multiple size options starting from 4g jars and going up to 454g bags
  • Independently tested for accuracy
  • Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC for a federally legal product


  • Exhale’s Delta 8 buds aren’t available in any physical stores

Customer reviews

Exhale’s Delta 8 THC flowers enjoy quite a favorable reputation. Regardless of which one of the ten strains you choose, they all come with impeccable five-star ratings. Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, and Cookies are only a couple of the top-rated strains, but the fruity aroma of Zkittles is undoubtedly the ultimate choice.

Overall, Exhale’s Delta 8 buds are a crowd-pleaser. Many people choose these flowers because of the incredible potency, aroma, and electrifying experience they provide. The safety guarantee is just one more plus that users keep talking about.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – The Best Selection Of Delta 8 THC Flower Strains



BudPop is an exciting new alternative that offers you a fresh breath of Delta 8 goodness. It became one of our favorite go-to Delta 8 brands within less than a year. How did it manage to do that? By winning our hearts, taste buds, and lungs.

The company is well-known for the mouth-watering aroma and flavor that it never fails to provide. Whether it is Delta 8 gummies or oils, BudPop knows how to make the entire experience significantly more enjoyable.

Manufacturing methods

To provide you with the safest Delta 8 buds, BudPop takes high-quality hemp flowers. Since Delta 8 isn’t naturally abundant in them, the manufacturer infuses them with a premium Delta 8 extract. What’s unique about BudPop’s THC flowers is that instead of spraying the extract onto the flower, the manufacturer infuses the extract into the flower. That way, you’re guaranteed a smooth smoke throughout the entire flower.

Honesty and third-party testing

BudPop knows how to make you feel comfortable about purchasing Delta 8 THC flowers. The company sends samples of the flowers to independent laboratories to verify the quality and safety of the buds. Once the impeccable results are in, the batches are cleared for shipping, and the certificates of analysis are uploaded to the company’s website.

CannaSafe, one of California’s leading accredited cannabis testing laboratories, is the name behind the lab results, so you can rest assured that these flowers are just as good as they seem.

User convenience

Purchasing Delta 8 THC flowers is always fun with BudPop. The company insists on the ultimate convenience for all of its customers, whether they’re new or returning. Purchasing your favorite Delta 8 strain won’t take more than 3 minutes of your time. Each purchase is rewarded with BudPop points you can exchange for discount coupons.


  • Fast and free shipping on all orders
  • A 30-day refund policy guarantees your satisfaction
  • Premium quality hemp flowers from the finest Colorado farms
  • Incredible selection of Delta 8 Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains
  • 100% pure and organic hemp flower
  • Low Delta 9 THC content with – less than 0.3%


  • Some of the more popular strain options are often out of stock

Customer reviews

Even though BudPop’s Delta 8 buds are relatively new on the market, you’ll be surprised by the amount of positive feedback they get. Customers are crazy about these flowers, and it seems like the main reason for the craze is the impeccable blend of potency and a pleasant aroma. The Delta 8 smoothness followed by the delicious scent that’s BudPop’s trademark seems to be the company’s secret to success. It continues to lure new customers and keeps existing ones coming back for more.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed – Highly Potent Organic Delta 8 Buds



Hollyweed is another highly reputable Delta 8 flower supplier. The company is well-known for its CBD products, but it managed to provide outstanding Delta 8 quality as well.

Hollyweed offers an incredibly smooth Delta 8 ride unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The company insists on the ultimate quality of its products and carefully oversees the entire process, so excellent efficiency is not something unexpected. In terms of Delta 8 buds, the company offers an abundance of exciting strains, so you have no excuse not to give it a try.

Manufacturing methods

Hollyweed takes a lot of pride in the purity of the manufacturing methods. The company uses top-shelf hemp flowers that are additionally infused with Delta 8 THC to offer remarkable potency. The Delta 8 THC is obtained through a process called isomerization. It uses CBD and converts it into Delta 8 THC. The Delta 8 is refined into a distillate that eliminates all unwanted compounds and contaminants.

Honesty and third-party testing

The quality and safety of Hollyweed’s Delta 8 buds are verified at independent laboratories. Many reputable names such as DB Labs and CannaSafe are included in the testing process. The manufacturer sends different batches to different companies to ensure that the quality and safety are consistent and unmatched.

The lab results are publicly available on the company’s website so that you can take a closer look at the detailed cannabinoid profiles of each flower strain before making a purchase.

User convenience

You’ll love shopping for Hollyweed’s Delta 8 buds. Each purchase comes with free shipping, which instantly enhances the shopping experience. Every bottle is eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to purchase the flowers with better confidence without holding back and reconsidering your decision. You can make a subscription order and get these flowers delivered right on time with an extra discount for the ultimate convenience.


  • Available in neat 3.5g and 7g glass jars
  • An excellent range of Delta 8 strains
  • Lab-tested for purity at third-party laboratories
  • Organic hemp plants infused with incredibly potent Delta 8 distillates
  • 20% discount on your first order, 25% discount on subscription orders
  • Manufactured using locally sourced hemp plants which are legally compliant


  • Limited feedback on a couple of Hollyweed’s newer Delta 8 strains

Customer reviews

With Hollyweed continuously upgrading the Delta 8 THC flower offer, not all of these buds are explored and reviewed. But the already established options feature excellent customer reviews. People love the smooth experience these flowers provide, and many users even use them for medicinal purposes.

These flowers are specifically designed to help you get the most out of the healing essence of hemp, and according to user comments, the manufacturer kept its promise of delivering remarkable efficiency. Therefore, if you’re looking for a smooth and mellow high to improve your overall wellness, these flowers are a perfect choice.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

How We Chose the Best Delta 8 Flowers?

With the increasing interest in Delta 8 products, the market is full of exciting options. However, even though Delta 8 THC is federally legal, there isn’t much regulation on the market, let alone any customer protection to help you stay safe while enjoying the benefits of the cannabinoid.

Therefore, choosing safe and potent Delta 8 buds can be quite challenging. You need to consider a lot of things to make sure that the quality is spot on. On the other hand, there’s always a risk that some shady products aren’t exactly what the supplier says they are.

We researched to help you stay safe while shopping for Delta 8 THC flower. We carefully studied the most important aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked for a premium quality product that’s just as safe and efficient. If you’re interested in what we used as guidelines, here’s our list of criteria:

Lab results

The lab results are crucial when looking for Delta 8 products, whether talking about flowers or gummies. With no other way to verify the quality, safety, and purity of a product, the lab results or certificates of analysis have become a sort of a golden standard for reliable manufacturers.

With our interest in cannabinoids, we quickly became experts at interpreting the lab results for Delta 8 products. We learned how to read these analyses and utilize what they have to say.

Therefore, we found that the lab results have pretty much to reveal. By carefully studying all the compounds of the Delta 8 flower, we noticed whether there were some unwanted compounds or contaminants present in the product.

We also took a detailed look at the cannabinoid profile of each product and saw whether the products were legally compliant or not. We searched for the entourage of other cannabinoids that might add to a better experience.


Many people are very skeptical when purchasing Delta 8 buds. The reason for the skepticism is that there isn’t enough public information about the cannabinoid. That’s why it is very important to source your flowers from a reliable brand that is transparent about sharing vital information about its products.

Manufacturers with nothing to hide aren’t afraid to reveal every little detail about a quality product. They’ll share every aspect of the manufacturing process and every ingredient that makes it to the precious THC flowers. That displays tremendous confidence in their products and builds trust among their customers.

To provide you with the best quality on the market, we looked for the ultimate transparency from each Delta 8 supplier. We looked across dozens of options, and only the most trustworthy and honest ones made it to our list.

Hemp sources

Nobody likes the taste of stale flowers. That’s why we’ve insisted on sourcing the freshest Delta 8 buds for your enjoyment. When looking for freshness, we had to look at the hemp sources.

To provide freshness, manufacturers need to go with local hemp sources. That’s the fastest way to get the crispiest plants before the cannabinoid content starts to wear out.

With that in mind, we looked for manufacturers that paid attention to freshness and examined how they source their hemp plants for the THC flowers. We insisted on locally sourced plants, as despite the freshness, that also guarantees legal compliance. Therefore, all of the manufacturers on our list use carefully selected locally sourced hemp plants.

Customer care

For extra convenience, we also looked at how Delta 8 suppliers treat their customers. We wanted to make shopping for Delta 8 buds as pleasant as possible, so we tried to provide you with some additional perks despite the premium quality.

Therefore, we looked for features like free shipping, satisfaction guarantees, discounts, rewards, etc. Reputable companies always put their customers’ needs first and strive to offer them the ultimate convenience while shopping.

In addition to the customer conveniences, we also looked for professional customer support services that will allow you to ask away any questions or uncertainties you’re having and get a fast and accurate answer.

So if you go with any of the products we reviewed, get ready to get amazing products and impeccable services.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Delta 8 Flower for Your Taste

Despite our hard work to introduce you to the best Delta 8 buds on the market, you have to consider several things yourself. The Delta 8 experience is incredibly smooth and pleasant, but it is also quite customizable. Many factors can affect your Delta 8 enjoyment, so you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to steer it in the right direction.

If you aren’t very experienced with cannabinoids and don’t know what to look for, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of the most important factors you should consider before deciding on the best Delta 8 bouquet for a remarkable experience.


The first thing to consider while shopping for Delta 8 buds is the potency. The potency or strength of the flower states how much Delta 8 THC is in the product.

If this is your first time experimenting with cannabinoids, you should go with something milder. Look for lower potencies as it is the best way to get introduced to THC. A milder Delta 8 concentration will allow you to establish your tolerance to the substance without facing any side effects.

If it turns out that you need more to reach the Delta 8 bliss, you can always take another round and slowly increase the dosage until you get the desirable effects.

On the other hand, you’ll probably need something more robust if you come to Delta 8 after smoking Delta 9 flowers. Delta 8 is considered to be half as potent as Delta 9, so if you’re already used to the strength of Delta 9, your Delta 8 appetite could be pretty excessive.


One of the major factors steering the direction of the Delta 8 high is the flower strain. Hemp flowers come in various strain options, so choosing from the comprehensive offer could be confusing.

But before you get overwhelmed by Zkittles, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Sour Space Candy, Skywalker OG, Gorilla Glue, and all the other exciting options at your disposal, you should get a better understanding of the general classification of cannabis strains.

Cannabis strains come in 3 different categories: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.


Indica strains are well known for their sedating and relaxing properties, so they’re also referred to as downers. They produce an entire body high and leave you intoxicated and relaxed. Many people take advantage of their sedating properties and use Indica strains as a sleeping aid. As a result, Indica strains are most suitable for nighttime use.


Sativa strains are distinguished by fantastic uplifting and energizing effects, so they’re often viewed as uppers. They boost creativity and enhance the mood, making you more productive and full of enthusiasm. Sativas make people more talkative and open, so they’re most often used during the day.


Hybrid strains are the result of cross-breeding different cannabis species. Farmers continuously develop new hybrid strains to target specific outcomes. The math is pretty simple: take two or more different (parent) strains whose effects you want to target, carefully cross breed them, and you get a child with all of the parents’ benefits. The flexibility of hybrid strains is why beginner users often consider them the most convenient.

Size options

If you’re getting ready to experience the Delta 8 high for the first time, you’ll undoubtedly want to experiment with various strains. Therefore, you should also consider package sizes. Delta 8 flowers aren’t exactly cheap, so the last thing you want to purchase is a pound of a strain that makes you sleepy when you are looking to get more uplifted.

Therefore, look for smaller packages for starters. Make sure you find suppliers that offer their Delta 8 buds in small packages, as that’s the best way to sample different strains until you find your favorite.

If you’re coming with some experience and already have a specific strain in mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go with more extensive packages, as they’re often pretty less expensive than sample sizes.

Customer feedback

With too many things defining the outcomes of your high, customer feedback is perhaps the simplest way for you to understand what you should expect from a specific product before making a purchase.

User comments and testimonials will allow you to get a sneak peek into the product’s efficiency and the outcomes it creates. Though Delta 8 doesn’t affect all people in the same way, reading about what other people experienced with the same product will give you a pretty good idea about what you can expect.

While looking at customer feedback, make sure you use different sources. Some manufacturers don’t mind tempering feedback to make it more favorable for their product, so you shouldn’t trust everything you read, especially if it is on the company’s official website. Instead, look for independent platforms and forums to get genuine feedback and recommendations.

FAQs Regarding Delta 8 Flower

Is smoking Delta 8 flowers legal?

Delta 8 flowers and other Delta 8 products are federally legal to consume. The 2018 Farm Bill marked all hemp derivatives with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 concentration in dry weight as federally legal.

Therefore, Delta 8 buds are federally legal, as long as the Delta 9 content follows the legal regulations. Verifying the Delta 9 concentration is very simple. Almost all manufacturers display the exact amount of Delta 9 on the product’s label. If that’s not the case, you can always turn to the lab results and look at the cannabinoid profile, as it displays the content for all the cannabinoids, not just Delta 9.

However, some states are already voting for additional regulations that ban the use of Delta 8. As one of the most prevalent cannabinoids on the market, more than 10 states have enforced laws that regulate and prohibit the use of Delta 8.

With that in mind, even though the Delta 9 content of your Delta 8 buds is significantly low, you should check out the legal regulations in your area before completing your order.

Is Delta 8 as potent as Delta 9?

No. Though it is pretty difficult to compare potencies between different cannabinoids, experts claim that Delta 8 contains only half of Delta 9’s strength. Many users refer to Delta 8 as the milder relative of Delta 9, which has proven to be pretty accurate so far.

However, potencies also vary between strains, so you can never make a proper comparison. You might get pretty confusing results if you take the strongest Delta 8 strain and compare it to a Delta 9 strain with low THC content.

To get the desirable results and the best experience, make sure you’re very careful about choosing the potency for your Delta 8 buds.

Will Delta 8 buds get me high?

Yes, Delta 8 can get you high. Even though it is significantly milder than your regular THC, Delta 8 is still potent enough to induce a feeling of high. It features softer and more controlled psychoactive properties, meaning that you’ll get a high, but it will be much smoother and more mellow than what you can get out of Delta 9.

Many users prefer Delta 8 over Delta 9 because of the smoothness of the high. Since it is not as extensive as the Delta 9 high, Delta 8 will provide uplifting effects without being too intrusive, and if you ask us, that’s the real deal. The mellow high will allow you to get the most out of the experience without worrying about paranoia or losing control entirely.

The milder high comes with lenient and fewer side effects. If you’re often panicking while smoking Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 will help you overcome the issue. It eliminates many of the side effects of Delta 9, making it an excellent choice for users looking for the excitement of the high without the undesirable outcomes.

How can I consume Delta 8 buds?

Delta 8 buds can be used in a variety of ways.

The first and most popular method for consuming flowers is smoking. Smoking involves the combustion of the buds, which releases the Delta 8 smoke absorbed into your lungs. With smoking, you can choose between joints, blunts, or cigarettes. If you aren’t skillful at rolling, you can also get ready-made smoking products and enjoy Delta 8 buds. Bongs are also a great alternative if you’re interested in smoking.

Another way to enjoy the Delta 8 bliss is through vaping. For that purpose, you’re going to need a special dry-herb vaporizer. The flowers aren’t combusted with vaping but only heated to a controlled temperature that vaporizes them. By eliminating combustion from the equation, vaping Delta 8 buds is safer than smoking them.

Still, neither vaping nor smoking are entirely safe for your health. If you’re looking for something that won’t pose additional risks to your health, you can use your flowers to make edibles. To make edibles, you first heat the flower to activate the cannabinoids. After that, you can add it as a spice to any form of edibles you want.

Conclusion: Where To Buy Delta-8 Flower?

Delta 8 flower is the latest craze on the legal hemp market. The cannabinoid is here to take you on a smooth ride and guarantees that you won’t get pulled over by federal authorities.

As the milder THC variant, Delta 8 delivers electrifying effects and a mellow high that’s much more enjoyable than the hefty psychoactive effects of Delta 9. It isn’t as intoxicating will help you stay on top of the experience and thoroughly enjoy every part of it.

Flowers or buds are undoubtedly the most efficient way to experience the Delta 8 buzz. They provide almost instant effects, so you won’t keep waiting, and wonder if you’ve got the correct dose.

So if you’d like to get your taste of the Delta 8 buzz, now’s the right time to do it. The hemp flower market is flourishing, so you should hurry up and get a fresh bouquet of the Delta 8 excitement while it is still legal.

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