12th annual Tacoma Film Festival, October 5th -12th

One of my favorite events is coming upon us. The Tacoma Film Festival (TFF) features a range of activities for those who love, appreciate and create film. One of my favorite features of TFF is the 25 New Faces of Independent Film program.

25 new faces offers a unique opportunity to screen and discuss ground-breaking media with some of the industry’s most distinguished emerging directors, actors, producers, screenwriters, and cinematographers as identified by Filmmaker Magazine http://filmmakermagazine.com/.

The 25 New Faces are named each year by the United States’ leading cinema periodical, Filmmaker Magazine, and inclusion on the list of 25 has become one of the most prestigious honors a young filmmaker can receive.

The 25 New Faces: This year, TFF welcomes Laura Moss, Robin Comisar, Sam Kuhn, Jessica Kingdon, Nellie Kluz, Ilana Coleman, Beth de Araújo, Ana Vijdea, Celine Held and Logan George, Rachel Wolther and Alexander Fischer, Andrew Fitzgerald, Nijla Mumin, Ja’Tovia Gary, Alexa Haas, E.G. Bailey, Elan Bogarin, Erick Stoll, Chase Whiteside, Cirocco Dunlap. Learn more about these creators here – and join TFF Saturday to Monday of the Tacoma Film Festival to experience their work.

I’ve always been partial to short films. As always, TFF features a full roster – from family shorts (http://www.tacomafilmfestival.com/films/family-friendly-shorts/) to a series of shorts by some of the 25 New Faces (http://www.tacomafilmfestival.com/films/saturday-shorts-1/).

If you are new to TFF, check out this How to Festival video – here.

You can see a full digital version of the 2017 festival catalog here – http://www.tacomafilmfestival.com/program/.

To see films and film makers who have won previous awards, check out this website – http://www.tacomafilmfestival.com/archive/


– Morf Morford and Tacoma Film Festival