123 Profit Reviews: Real System That Works or Shocking Truth Revealed! (Updated)

123 Profit is an 8-week virtual training course that teaches CPA marketing and how to boost online businesses. The course was developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, two experienced online marketers who want to help others succeed in the industry.

123 Profit covers a wide range of topics, from choosing the right niche and developing a website to driving traffic and generating leads.

The course is designed for people new to online marketing, but it also includes tips and strategies experienced marketers can use to take their businesses to the next level. 123 Profit is an effective way to get started in online marketing, and it comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Aidan Booth’s eBook “The Big Secret” is a part of 123 Profit, a comprehensive guide that teaches users how to make thousands of dollars in a day and boost traffic and conversion rates for their online businesses.

In the eBook, Aidan Booth lays out his findings from years of experience in the industry and provides readers with actionable steps to start making serious money online. While many internet marketing programs promise easy riches, 123 Profit is one of the few that delivers on its promises, and Aidan Booth’s essential guide is a critical part of the program.

With 123 Profit, students will learn an easy 3-step formula to soar their online business. This program is a great way to find a side hustle that will boost wealth immensely. All of the skills you will learn in 123 Profit will be a part of you and help you establish a virtual business or figure out ways to create good profits in your existing online business.

Before we go into any detail regarding 123 Profit, let’s take a look at the program’s brief overview-

Overview Of 123 Profit
Name Of The Program 123 Profit
Program Category Online CPA marketing course
Time Taken To Complete The Course 8 weeks
Pricing $3497 in 4 installments
Money-Back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Official Website Click here

About Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton

Aidan Booth is an experienced online marketer who has built multiple profitable ventures over the past 15 years. He now enjoys an 8-figure income from his various ventures and employs more than 100 people in the United States.

In The Big Secret, Aidan talks about his humble beginnings- how he lived in poor conditions and how his initial business ideas were a total failure. Through trial and error, Aidan learned a lot about marketing, and he wishes to teach interested students. Aidan has done multiple online marketing courses, and his patience and consistency ultimately led him towards profit-making businesses.

He shares his wisdom and experience with readers of The Big Secret, revealing the strategies and tactics he used to achieve such massive success. He provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a successful online business and scale up your operations.

Whether you’re just starting out in online marketing or already a seasoned veteran, The Big Secret will surely provide valuable insights that will help you take your business to the next level.

Moving on to Steve Clayton, an experienced internet marketer who served as CFO of one of the Fortune 500 companies.

He has immense corporate experience under his wing and has worked as an analyst for multiple global corporate houses.

Clayton’s forte lies in his ability to create innovative marketing tactics and his vast knowledge of online marketing tools. He has helped many businesses make a name for themselves online and continues to do so today.

Together, Aidan and Steve have created their groundbreaking virtual program called 123 Profit which caters to everyone who wants to get used to the virtual scene in this game called marketing.

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What Is CPA Marketing?

Before we understand how 123 Profit works, we need to understand what CPA marketing is and how it helps to expand virtual businesses.

CPA marketing is an online advertising model in which advertisers can earn money by selling products or services, generating leads, or driving traffic to a website. CPA stands for cost per action and is also sometimes referred to as pay per action.

This type of advertising is typically used by businesses that sell digital products or services, such as software, memberships, or eBook downloads.

In a CPA campaign, the advertiser only pays when a visitor takes a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting more information. This makes it a very effective way to market online since businesses only pay for results.

CPA marketing can be done through a variety of channels, including display ads, search engine marketing, email marketing, and social media advertising. Choosing the right channel for your CPA campaign is important, as each has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, display ads are great for generating brand awareness but may not be as effective at generating leads.

The 123 Profit course uses a form of CPA marketing that is a tad bit different from the traditional techniques- in this course, you won’t have to deal with eCommerce, suppliers, or inventory to start earning through leads and conversion.

How Does Aidan’s The Big Secret Reap In Commissions?

As mentioned earlier, Aidan Booth thoroughly explains his marketing technique in The Big Secret. The 123 Profit program simply teaches marketing enthusiasts these tactics, which have helped Booth and Clayton enjoy financial freedom.

Below, we will take a look at what technique The Big Secret suggests-

  • A person visits the webpage you have built
  • The website contains an offer with a call-to-action, which has been advertised by another company.
  • The call-to-action will ask for the visitor’s mail ID, ZIP code or any other general information.
  • If the person thinks the offer is genuine, he/she will agree to the call-to-action and will be converted to a ‘lead’.
  • As soon as the company sees a lead coming from your website, they will roll out a commission to you.

This is the basic framework on which Aidan and Steve have built their online businesses. They have observed massive profits through this digital marketing technique and thus aim to empower other people with this knowledge.

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How Does 123 Profit Work?

123 Profit uses a 3-step system to ensure vast earnings. In The Big Secret, Aidan has elaborated on these 3 steps in great detail. Apparently, if one follows these three steps and understands how these work, one can earn great profits.

So, let’s take a look at what these three steps are-

Step 1- Identify Your Winning Offer

When you’re looking to identify a winning offer, the first step is to sign up for an offer network. Offer networks collect various offers from all over the internet with different conversion rates and payouts. By signing up for an offer network, you’ll be able to see which offers have high conversion rates.

Once you’ve found an offer with a high conversion rate, it’s important to select one that also has a high payout. Otherwise, you won’t make much money even if the offer converts well. Aidan recommends choosing winning offers related to credit card repair, insurance, night creams and weight loss products.

This first step is very crucial. Aidan suggests choosing a winning offer that suits your forte. Do not choose an offer whose target audience would be hard to reach for you.

If all of this sounds very confusing, don’t worry, Aidan conducts a LIVE Profit Lab Session where he shows how to choose a winning offer. In fact, in this session, you will get to see Aidan choose a winning offer in real-time.

Step 2- Setting Up A Website

The very next step is to set up your own webpage. Setting up a website requires 0 technical knowledge or coding skills. As a matter of fact, today, you can pay to get your webpage running.

Aidan recommends building a webpage with less content so that a visitor can quickly look at your website and move on to the call-to-action section. Here’s where things get interesting. A call-to-action can ask for anything- the visitor’s email ID, basic personal information or maybe their ZIP code.

As soon as visitors respond to your website’s call-to-action, they will be considered a lead, and you will receive a commission. Easy!

Step 3- Turn On Website Traffic For Your Website

Now that the first two steps are over, you will move on to the third and final step. Under this, you have to turn on and drive traffic to your webpage. This leads to increased visits to your website and, therefore, boosts the chances of conversion rates.

Per your budget, you can either avail of free or paid traffic; paid traffic, however, will be more effective. Aidan recommends spending around $5 to $15 every day to generate traffic.

As you gain more experience, you will understand which opportunities are more profitable and spend your money on traffic accordingly. Furthermore, in order to expand your website, do invest a part of your income from the commission you receive.

A Look At The Key Benefits Of 123 Profit

Now, let’s move on to the potential benefits of the 123 Profit technique-

Simple To Understand And Get Started

The 123 Profit modules are explained in a way that even beginners can understand the CPA marketing technique. You don’t have to undergo rigorous training modules that need a lot of time and research to understand and implement, just three easy steps you can master in 8 weeks.

Good Side Hustle

The best thing about Aidan Booth’s 123 Profit is that it’s a very effective and profitable side hustle. You just have to spend 10 hours each week analyzing your website traffic and understanding how it performs in real-time. That’s all.

Good Traffic Generation

Under Aidan’s marketing scheme, you will learn to generate effective traffic on your webpage. He will teach you ways to accept offers that usually attract a lot of potential leads. With good traffic, you will experience massive commissions in just a few months.

Build A Valuable Asset

With 123 Profit; you can create a website that can generate daily leads. Such a website will eventually become very lucrative, and gradually more and more companies will come up to you and try to advertise their offers on your website. This will make your webpage a valuable asset, which you can sell at a soaring price later.

How Much Does 123 Profit Cost?

If you’re looking for clarity on how much 123 Profit costs, you’ll find plenty of information on the company’s official website. The bottom line is that the program will set you back $3497, which can be paid in four installments.

There are two additional costs-

Domain Name Fees- This will be the cost to register your domain, and it will vary between $15-$20. The cost will depend on how long your domain name is and who handles the registration procedure.

Cost Of Hosting- This will be a monthly fee, starting from $5, depending on the features you seek.

Does 123 Profit Have Any Money-Back Guarantee?

123 Profit is committed to student satisfaction. It offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, which gives students the peace of mind that they will be satisfied with the program or that their investment will be returned. If, as a student, you are dissatisfied with the online program for any reason, simply contact 123 Profit within 30 days for a full refund. This policy applies to all new students who enroll in the program.

The Pros And Cons Of 123 Profit

The program has been performing very well, and 123 Profit reviews from their existing customers are also positive, but every training program has some pros and cons. Aidan’s 123 Profit is no different-

Pros Of 123 Profit

Suitable For Everybody

So, whether you are a novice or an expert in the field of digital working, 123 Profit will cater to one and all. It is a very simple guide to boosting online businesses. Aidan and Steve have put in great effort to make this course as easy to understand as possible.

Guaranteed Results

The online course contains tried and tested methods of CPA marketing. Aidan and Steve are very experienced virtual marketers who have faced multiple failures and built this course with their knowledge. So, you can be assured that you will definitely get to see results if you understand and abide by the prescribed methods in 123 Profit.

No Client Service

With 123 Profit, you will build your own website, which will feature different companies’ offers and generate leads. In this process, you will not have to interact with either the visitor or with the company that’s promoting their offers or products.

You will only receive a commission from the company when there’s a converted lead. That’s all. There is no need to understand what your client needs or what changes need to be made. You will be your own boss, and you have to analyze your website all by yourself and revamp it to create more leads.

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Cons Of 123 Profit


Well, 123 Profit might seem a little expensive to learners on a budget. Though the results are worth it, this course can actually be a little uneconomical if you fail to earn through your website.

Results Will Vary

Now, receiving an income through the 123 Profit’s training program is guaranteed. But, the results will vary from person to person. This is because not everyone can adapt to the online market equally. Some will have an impressive performance, while others won’t. However, don’t lose hope, this is an excellent training program, and you need to have patience and the courage to be consistent.

Why Choose CPA Marketing Over Other Types Of Marketing?

CPA (cost per action) marketing is a form of online advertising in which a company pays for each completed customer action. This approach to advertising offers many benefits when compared to other marketing strategies, such as higher conversions and better cost control.

Higher Conversions with Lower Ad Spend

One of the main benefits of CPA marketing is that it allows you to target customers who are more likely to make a purchase or take action at a relatively low cost.

Compared to other forms of advertising, CPA campaigns offer much higher conversion rates with often lower amounts spent overall.

This makes the ROI much higher than what you would get with traditional ads, especially if you’re targeting savvy digital users who are looking for specific solutions or services that can only be found online.

Better Cost Control

With most types of online marketing, there is no sure way to calculate return on investment (ROI). With pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, for instance, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much money was spent in order to generate one sale or lead.

In contrast, CPA campaigns provide marketers with greater cost control since they allow ad spend decisions that fit within budget constraints while still achieving maximum results from the campaign itself.

Detailed Analytics

CPA campaigns also offer detailed analytics and precise tracking ability, which allows marketers and advertisers alike to gain insights into their audience and optimize their ads accordingly.

By studying clickstream data on customer behaviors during different stages of the sales funnel, businesses can refine their messaging and targeting efforts in order to maximize revenues while preventing unwanted clicks before they happen.

This provides valuable information which helps marketers analyze and adjust their campaigns quickly in order to increase effectiveness over time.

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More Targeted Ads & Segmentation

Finally, CPA advertising offers more targeted ad placements based on segmentation criteria and audience preferences. For example, companies can set up different ads depending on geography or demographics so that ads reach customers across various markets more efficiently than one-size-fits-all ad campaigns often do with other types of advertising models.

These segmented audiences are then further refined via retargeting campaigns until they turn into leads or customers through effective management strategies and using tailored messages toward select audiences throughout the sales process.

Easy Tracking

With traditional types of advertising campaigns, such as TV spots or radio ads, tracking results can be tricky since it isn’t easy to identify which customers have seen or heard your ad and converted after seeing/hearing it. With CPA, marketers can track each impression and click leading up to a conversion which makes it easier to measure ROI from campaigns accurately.

Immediate ROI

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to utilize CPA marketing is that it offers immediate ROI results, meaning you have a quick return on your advertising investments. With CPM, you are stuck guessing how much customers will actually convert after viewing an ad.

With cost-per-click campaigns, clickthrough rates might provide some insight into conversion rates, but again it’s not an exact science without careful monitoring of the campaign itself.

With CPA, however, businesses can instantly correlate conversions with their advertisement budget and get accurate ROI reporting immediately following a transaction – something that is hard to come by in any other form of digital marketing.

123 Profit Review: The Conclusion

Knowledge of CPA marketing can go a long way. With 123 Profit’s guidance, you can, with a lot of effort, earn 6 figures in just a few months. The steps prescribed in the course are very simple, and all you need is a little effort to understand how the technique of CPA marketing in 123 Profit works. All in all, it’s a great way to get started on that additional income. It is also noteworthy that most of the 123 Profit reviews from their existing customers are also positive.

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