South Tacoma Manitou Trestle public art mural dedication Jan. 31

Sound Transit, City of Tacoma, South Tacoma Neighborhood Council, and Sam’s Automotive officials will host a ceremony this weekend to dedicate new public art murals beneath the Manitou Trestle in South Tacoma.

According to Sound Transit officials, the murals depict South Tacoma’s history, industry, and personal experiences by layering botanical representations of native flora, topography, and quotes from the community. The murals were created by local artists Claudia Riedener, Kenji Stoll, and Chris Jordan as part of the City of Tacoma’s Public Art In Depth (PA:ID) program, which aims to assist studio artists in developing their work for the public realm.

The Manitou Trestle is located at South 66th Street between South Adams Street and South Tacoma Way. It is part of Sound Transit’s Sounder commuter rail service route between Tacoma Dome Station and South Tacoma Station.

The dedication ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. on Sat., Jan. 31, at the STAR Center, located at 3873 S. 66th St., in Tacoma. More information is available online here and here and here.