Cameras to be installed on Pierce Transit bus fleet

Pierce Transit officials announced Monday every bus in the organization’s active fleet will be equipped with interior and exterior cameras capable of capturing video and audio recordings by the end of this month.

The $2 million project will equip 140 buses with 10 to 12 cameras, which will also have the capability of capturing live streams during emergency situations. The installation of these cameras will help deter vandalism and illegal activity on buses, assist in tracking hit and run incidents that happen to Pierce Transit buses, and support the agency in investigating legitimate or false claims, according to Pierce Transit officials.

“Transit agencies around the nation have installed or are installing cameras to their fleets,” said Pierce Transit Commissioner Nancy Henderson. “Adding this technology to our fleet will help ensure a higher degree of safety to customers and employees.”

“Perceptions of riding the bus are often a hurdle for potential bus riders to overcome,” added Pierce Transit Community Transportation Advisory Group Chair Penny Grellier. “Pierce Transit provides safe service and I hope new riders are reassured with the installation of cameras on Pierce Transit’s fleet.”

Cameras will not be installed on the SHUTTLE paratransit fleet, trolley vehicles or small vehicles used in circulator service such as those used for the Puyallup Connector Route 425.

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