Workshops offered at UW Tacoma's Professional Development Center

The University of Washington Tacoma’s Professional Development Center offers a number of workshops, courses and series in everything from business to social work this winter and spring. Full schedules are available on campus or online at:

Highlights of the upcoming workshops:
Personal Finance and Investment Strategies, Feb 11 to May 5. Learn to design and develop a personal financial plan, manage credit and understand the basics of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate. Presented by Milgard School of Business Senior Lecturer Richard Abderhalden.

Certificate in Leadership Skills, March 5 to April 2. Milgard School of Business Director Patricia Fandt and Senior Lecturer G. Kent Nelson will lead this series of six classes teaching effective leadership skills. Workshops will cover challenges of leadership, enabling others to act, inspiring a shared vision, evaluation, teams and more.

Community Leaders Forum, April 20-June 8. In April, Larry S. Kopp, managing member of Globe Capital, will present “The Stock Market: Methods to Apply.” April 27, Herb Simon, member of Simon Johnson, LLC, will present “Business and Civic Responsibility: The Impact of Growing Your Business and its Potential Influence on the Community.” Starting in May, Milgard Manufacturing co-founder Gary Milgard will again present four popular workshops on business management: “The Milgard Philosophy,” “Perspectives on Leadership: What Makes Your Business a Success?” “Customer Service the Milgard Way” and “Management Performance System.”

Project Management Certificate and Workshop Series, April 6-May 18. Learn the basics of project management, planning, scheduling, problem solving, communications and more at six workshops presented by Milgard School of Business Lecturers Margo M. Deegan, Jeffrey Dean and G. Kent Nelson. Participants who complete the entire series are eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion in Project Management.

Conflict Negotiation, April 7-15. In this series, Associate Professor Jill Purdy will discuss conflict management styles and tools. In “Understanding Your Conflict Management Style,” participants will learn about conflict management styles and discover how to use these styles to solve problems. In “A Win-Win Approach to Resolving Conflicts,” Purdy will explore informal negotiations as a means for resolving conflicts.

For more information, contact Alice Dionne at 253/692-4672.