What Is The Best Drink To Flush Your System: How To Detox In 24 Hours Or Less

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If you’re facing a urine test at short notice then you need some serious info to get clean and pass it. In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you every option you have for detoxing in 24 hours or less.

You have several options, depending on the number of drugs you have in your body, and the best THC detox products you can get hold of. Using the right process though, as well as the best detox drink to flush your system, is crucial.

In this guide I’ll be talking about the following high-quality and fast marijuana detox kits:

  1. Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  2. Mega Clean Detox Drink (With Pre-Rid Pills)
  3. Toxin Rid Detoxification Pills

For some people, it might not be possible to actually fully detox your body from drugs in 24 hours. But you can get close, and mask the rest. I’ll tell you exactly how you can do that as well.

How To Detox Your Body From Drugs In 24 Hours (Is It Possible?)

I’ve got some bad news for you right upfront here. It’s not mostly possible to detox your body from drugs in 24 hours.

The only time it is possible is if you have very few drug metabolites in your body to get rid of. Basically, so few that your body can process them on its own, or accelerate with good quality detox pills, to leave you actually clean in a day or so.

For most people, there are actually two strategies you have to consider:

  1. Forget trying to detox fully and just mask the toxins with the cleansing drink. This is less reliable, but sometimes the only option.
  2. Do a partial detox for as long as you have, and then mask the toxins with the detox drink. You can naturally detox and flush THC out, but this will be minimal, or you can accelerate the detoxification with the time you have using high-quality detox pills.

Overall then, you’re looking at a masking strategy, or at the very least a partial masking strategy, unless you have so few marijuana metabolites (or signs of whatever drug you have been taking), that your body deals with them before your test.

Here’s How Long Marijuana Stays In Your System

To gauge if it’s worth considering learning how to detox your body from drugs in 24 hours, or just adopting a masking strategy, you have to know if you could be clean or not.

So the key question is basically around how long marijuana stays in your system, and how long the detox process takes.

The problem is everyone is an individual, and it’s impossible to gauge the strength of the marijuana you’ve been smoking either. So you can’t exactly measure how long it will take you to get clean.

If you’re a light smoker, a couple of joints per week, then you should have no traces of THC metabolites in your system in about three days.

But, and it’s a big but, that’s not always the case.

The thing is, THC metabolites are shaped differently from most other drugs. They can cling to fat cells in the body. This means eradication is non-linear, and you can be clean for a few days, and then suddenly have metabolites expelled again.

In some studies, heavy marijuana users were still eradicating cannabis metabolites from the body as long as three months after their last joint.

Put all that together, and you got the following to consider:

  1. Everyone’s personal eradication speed is different
  2. When was the last time consumed marijuana products
  3. Marijuana toxin removal from the body is not at a linear speed
  4. It’s impossible to predict how quickly your body processes THC molecules. You can’t judge the strength of the cannabis you have smoked
  5. Other substances, drugs, and alcohol can slow your body down
  6. Your health conditions, health problems digestive system, and fitness can slow things down
  7. What you eat matters a lot, healthy foods speed up, fatty foods, and junk foods slow down the detox process
  8. It’s best to assume you could test positive even after a week of not smoking

Can You Buy A Permanent THC Detox Kit?

There’s a bit of a myth about buying permanent THC detox kits. They only work as a permanent solution if all the drug metabolites are removed from your body, and that could take a day, or 10 days (or even longer), depending on how many there are stacked up in your body.

Therefore, no single solution or THC detox product will work. You can’t just pick up a five-day detox kit and it will remove all levels of toxins from your body.

The best of the bunch is Toxin Rid detox pills. There are course lengths from a single day to 10 days in length. That allows you to tailor the rough level of your cannabis intake to the length of the time (and therefore the course length) you will need to get rid of all those unwanted toxins.

So, Toxin Rid of the best “permanent” THC detox kit. If they haven’t had a chance to work, there’s simply not enough time for your test, then you still would test positive and would have to still adopt a minor masking strategy on the day of your test.

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Let’s Talk About What A Detox Drink Is And How It Works

When your goal is to get permanently clean (detox), it’s best to have a detox drink to hand just in case you don’t. What you’ll need to do is check yourself with a home test strip on the day of your test. Do one a couple of hours before your test so you can see if you are clean or not.

Whether you detox permanently using only natural methods, or accelerate it using Toxin Rid pills, you’ll still have to do this test to see if you are clean.

If you test positive, then you’ll have to mask what’s left. This is what a THC detox drink does, it’s a masking agent and not a permanent detoxification method.

So although it’s a fast marijuana detox kit, it’s not necessarily permanent (unless it somehow luckily manages to push all the remaining toxins out of your body). Here’s what a marijuana detox drink actually does:

  1. Firstly, it flushes out your system completely with a load of liquid. Water does this, but not in the same way as the detox drink, which contains ingredients that act as diuretics, and also helps to push more toxins through the kidneys at a faster rate.
  2. A good quality detox drink floods your body with key things found in urine. Because it’s such a sudden excess, a lot is passed through as waste in the correct proportions. This keeps your urine appearing natural for urine drug test validity checks.
  3. The drink also contains natural ingredients, that keep your urine within the correct pH and specific gravity ranges and look natural, so that there is no suspicion.Put all that together, and cleansing drinks remove toxins at a faster natural rate so that there is a gap in the toxin flow within a few hours during the cleansing process through which naturally appearing urine can be passed.

The best of the bunch is definitely Rescue Cleanse. A close second is Mega Clean. I will talk about the more in detail as fast marijuana detox kits in a little while.

Stay Away From Poor Quality THC Detox Products

I’ve told you Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean, and Toxin Rid, they are the best THC detox products out there specifically designed to eliminate THC metabolites that have the pedigree to do so.

But you’ll see a myriad of detox products, claiming they can get you clean by flushing out your system and passing drug tests for a cheap price. Look on sites like eBay, Amazon, GNC, Walmart, and all these places, and you’ll see a ton of detox kits for sale.

Some of them even offer money-back guarantee, but I’m telling you, none of them really work. You’ll see these detox products advertise frequently, but they are all really poor quality:

  • Q Cap detox pills
  • QCarbo detox drink
  • Ultra Eliminex detox drink
  • Magnum flush – fast marijuana detox kit
  • Stinger detox drinks and pills
  • Vale detox

You can add to that list any detox products sold at Walmart, Walgreens, or anything like that.

The detox drinks just simply don’t have the potency in the way that Rescue Cleanse does. They can’t flush you out and keep your urine balanced in the way I described a minute ago.

The detox pills are all the same. They are really poor quality, and aren’t strong enough, or designed for an ongoing drug detox program, simply having the capability to push out a few more toxins than you can naturally if used daily.

Natural Detoxification & Things That Speed It Up

If you’ve got time before a drug test, then you don’t need a permanent THC detox kit. All you need is to abstain, live and eat clean, and naturally detoxify.

These are the principles of natural detoxification you would need to follow daily:

  1. Eat small and lean meals
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Don’t drink alcohol and coffee
  4. Don’t consume marijuana
  5. Weight lifting, cardio, running anything that makes you sweat is good
  6. Have a proper, healthy meal plan
  7. Get eight hours of sleep each night
  8. Get plenty of dietary fiber supplements and, vitamins and minerals

Doing all that together will give your body the best chance of passing the toxins through at its fastest natural rate, and at its highest level of efficiency.

But you cannot speed things up beyond natural unless you use something that can achieve it. Toxin Rid is the only detox pill I know of which has the ingredients to do just that.

Best Combo Strategy: Rescue Cleanse & Toxin Rid Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

If you don’t think you can be toxin free by the day of your drug test, or you aren’t sure you can, then the best thing to do is adopt a combination strategy.

For as long as you have time before your test, use Testclear’s Toxin Rid pills. Even the shortest 24-hour course (only costing $60) can eliminate THC fast. It’s one of the best detoxification products you can buy. It contains only natural ingredients.

It’s a three-part detoxification system, it contains a dietary fiber supplement, detox liquid, and pre-rid tablets. For detailed instructions on how to use Toxin Rid click here.

Doing this will leave less work for Rescue Cleanse to do on the day of your test. The fewer toxins moving out of your body there are, the longer and more completely it can mask them; as long as four or five hours during which you can submit a clean sample.

Even if you intend to get clean, Rescue Cleanse detox drink is the insurance policy.

On the day of your test, you’ll use a home drug test kit to see if you are clean about 90 minutes before you leave. If you’re not, you can then use Rescue Cleanse to mask the toxins to pass.

Overall, doing this can be a permanent THC (or another drug) detox kit, or at the very least it can help to get as many drugs from your body as you can in 24/48 hours, and ensure you can mask the rest for a few hours to pass.

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How To Pass A Drug Test Fast: Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Masking Strategy

Let’s say you want to know how to detox your body from drugs in 24 hours or less, you just don’t have time before your test to prepare anymore.

The best drink to flush out your system, at least enough to mask the toxins, is Rescue Cleanse.

Rescue Cleanse is cleverly constructed to flush out your body efficiently, keep your urine testing natural so it gets through the validity checks, and also keep it looking natural.

  • When you buy Rescue Cleanse though, I’d still advise you to get a 1 day detox course of Testclear Toxin Rid just in case you do get that notice.
  • If you don’t get that much notice, then Rescue Cleanse should still work, but there is a lower chance of probability as there will be more toxins in your body especially if you are a heavy user. At the very least, you’ll get a short window during which you will submit a clean urine sample.
  • For the maximum effectiveness of the detox products:
  • Don’t smoke weed, or take other drugs, and live a natural lifestyle no matter how short the time is before your test, even 24 hours can make the difference.
  • Also, always get a couple of home drug test kits when you buy the detox drink. That way, you can test 90 minutes before you leave, and if it’s positive, consume the detox drink, and then test again.

On its own though, if you cannot get your hands on Toxin Rid, and don’t have the time to flush the toxins out permanently, Rescue Cleanse is definitely the best choice.

A word of warning here: Apple cider vinegar, Palo Azul Tea, Baking Soda, Cranberry Juice and other home remedies won’t pass drug tests, it’s a myth!

How I Passed A Drug Test Using The Best Drink To Flush Out My System

I love Rescue Cleanse because I passed a urine drug test with it to get a new job 2 ½ years ago. It’s that simple so why recommend it?

I am only a light weed smoker, and THC levels in my body are relatively low, just three or four joints a week. Although I had noticed, I was complacent and probably didn’t really think I’d get an interview anyway.

I was also naïve about the fact that they might ask me to submit a sample pretty damn quickly after the interview. I aced the interview, but they then gave me the details to arrange to go and submit a urine sample locally within a couple of days. That left me a bit shocked.

I hadn’t smoked weed for a couple of days, so I just didn’t smoke another joint. I knew I would probably still fail, which is why it was incredible luck I had Rescue Cleanse in the cupboard at home (which I admit I’d completely forgotten about until the panic cleared my thoughts).

Before I left for the drug test, I chugged it down, urinated three times over the following hour, and then did a home drug test kit. It was showing negative for marijuana, so I got my hopes up.

The drug test was simple. It was one of those newer eCup tests, where you don’t even really interact with a human. You pee in a cup, put it in a machine, and it does the rest.

These things even automatically send out emails and texts telling the people involved if the urine test was negative, positive, or invalid. Crazy stuff, but it shows how difficult drug testing has become to fool.

Anyway, I passed the test and got my dream job. Rescue Cleanse did the trick for me, which is why I recommend is the best drink to flush your system out fast.

Best Alternative: Mega Clean + Pre-Rid Pills

If you can’t get your hands on Rescue Cleanse and Toxin Rid, or you can’t afford the cost, then there is an alternative. Mega Clean is the next best detox drink, but nowhere near as good as Rescue Cleanse. On its own, it will really struggle to flush out and mask toxins for long if you are a regular smoker.

But you can get a great combo deal from Test Clear, where you can buy Mega Clean with six free pre-rid pills bundled in.

So rather than buying a full course of Toxin Rid 10 day detox from Test Clear, you can buy Mega Clean and six of the pills bundled in.

That will allow you to do a 24-hour detox and push out more toxins than you can naturally, leaving less on the day for Mega Clean to deal with. That combo is at least as potent as Rescue Cleanse, and if done right, a little more potent.

But, it’s not as good as the full Toxin Rid 24-hour detox alongside Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, if that’s all the time you have. So, if you’re facing an important drug test at short notice, and you need to detox from drugs in 24 hours, then that’s the combo to aim for.


Can Weed Be Detected In A Regular Blood Test?

No, cannabis cannot be detected during a regular blood test. This is the case with any drugs.

The reason is simple. The sample of blood is not screened for drugs. It’s only screened for the range of things that are needed to diagnose medical issues.

If your sample is going to be screened for drugs then you will know in advance that that is the case. They are not screened for drugs normally, and if they are to undergo a full screening that includes drugs, you will be notified.

How To Get Delta 8 Out Of Your System?

Delta-8 is the less potent compound that gets you high in cannabis. Just like Delta-9, it’s therefore a compound that will convert to cannabis metabolites (primarily THC-NOOH), which are found in drug tests.

Therefore, getting this compound out of your body to pass a THC drug test will be exactly the same as getting any cannabis metabolites out of your system:

1. You could do a natural detox and accelerate it with a high-quality detox product called Toxin Rid. This will speed up the removal of toxins by more than 50%.

2. You could disguise the toxins completely by submitting a fake sample of high-quality fake urine like Sub Solution. This is only suitable for unsupervised drug testing though.

3. You could mask the toxins in your body for a few hours using a good quality cleansing drink like Rescue Cleanse. Just be aware that if you have very high levels of cannabis toxins in your body that the clean zone could be as little as two hours.

How Long Do Dabs Stay In Your System?

However you consume THC, it’s the overall volume of THC that defines how long it will take before you are clean.

Although dabs are a highly concentrated THC extract substance, containing up to 80% more THC than can be obtained by smoking, it’s all about how much you take.

Generally, though, enough dabs to get you really high is going to be the same as several strong joints. That means you won’t be clean for two or three days. If you keep repeating that, then the more you have in your system the longer it will take, often up to 2 weeks.

How To Get Meth Out Of Your System Fast?

If you need to get meth out of your system at short notice then you aren’t going to be able to detoxify yourself to get naturally clean. That leaves strategies for masking and hiding drug zse in your system instead:

1. You can submit a completely fake sample. This is the best strategy if it’s an unsupervised/unobserved drug test. A good quality fake urine like Quick Luck will fool all drug testing labs, and allow you to pass.

2. If it’s an observed drug test, or you don’t want to smuggle a sample in, then the next best strategy is using detox products. As long as you can detoxify for a day or two before the day of your test, then Rescue Cleanse will keep you clean for up to 5 hours by flushing toxins through at a faster-than-natural rate, creating a gap in the toxin flows out of your body.

Best Way To Get THC Out Of Your System?

If you want to get THC out of your system properly and pass a drug test then the best thing to do is a natural detox that is accelerated by good quality THC detox kits like Toxin Rid. it is the only pill I would truly recommend.

You take the course of pills, drink plenty of water, and live a healthy detoxification lifestyle. They will get drug metabolites out of your system at least 50% quicker, and often more than that. For a heavy daily weed smoker that would take up to 2 weeks to be clean, they can often be clean in less than a week.

Where To Buy Toxin Rid In Store?

You cannot buy Toxin Rid in any store. Likewise, you cannot buy it from general marketplace stores like Amazon and eBay. It is only available online for a select few resellers and is best bought directly from Test Clear.

How Long Does Certo Last In The Body?

If you’re thinking about using the Certo method to pass urine tests then please don’t. Certo doesn’t last in your body at all, because the method is a homebrew remedy like the cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar method that simply doesn’t work.

Apart from flushing out your system in a way that will leave it diluted, which you can’t simply cover up by taking a multivitamin and a vitamin B12 pill, the theory on fruit pectin being a fiber and drawing cannabis metabolites into the bowel faster only works for cannabis, and even then, the theory is incomplete.

You are far better off just using a THC detox drink. That will punch toxins out of your body at a faster rate, leaving a gap in the toxin flow into your bladder of the few hours during which you can submit a clean sample.

It also floods the body with things found in urine within the correct balances, so they are passed through as waste to keep your urine completely natural.

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