WebTalkGuys Radio Show

No company has been more scrutinized than Microsoft in regards to privacy.
Microsoft’s foremost challenge may be persuading millions of computer users it can be trusted with the personal information needed to provide software and services.
This Saturday, the local radio and Webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will talk with Microsoft’s Director of Corporate Privacy Richard Purcell on KLAY-AM (1180).
Purcell will talk about Microsoft’s privacy initiatives to enable the deployment of their Web services applications in the future.
Also slated for the show is Techies.com editor Nick Doty, who will discuss programming language skills in high demand with tech employers.
Also featured is a discussion with Tacoma-based SAGEM Morpho (morpho.com). SAGEM is one of the world’s leading security research and development firms. (See the feature story on this page.)
WebTalkGuys is hosted by Rob and Dana Greenlee. The broadcast can be heard locally on KLAY 1180 AM Saturdays at 11 a.m. It is also broadcast on the radio in San Francisco/San Jose, Boston and over the XM Satellite Radio Network Channel 130. For more broadcast information, go to: