Vital Origin ErgoMax Reviewed

Vital Origin’s new ErgoMax formula unleashes your full brain power using mushrooms, ergothioneine, and micronutrients.

By taking one serving of ErgoMax daily, you can purportedly improve focus, stabilize mood, enhance short and long-term memory, and reduce risk factors of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, among other benefits.

Does ErgoMax really work? How does ErgoMax reduce your risk of cognitive disease? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about ErgoMax today in our review.

What is ErgoMax?

ErgoMax is a powdered nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through ErgoMaxLongevity.com

According to Vital Origin, ErgoMax uses a blend of natural ingredients to target powerful benefits throughout your brain.

By mixing one scoop of ErgoMax with water or a shake and drinking it daily, you can purportedly improve focus, boost mood, enhance memory, ease inflammation, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and dementia, among other benefits.

To provide these benefits, ErgoMax contains ergothioneine, a type of mushroom extract. Described as a “super mushroom extract” by Vital Origins, ergothioneine can purportedly help with everything from mental fog to forgetfulness to low energy.

In addition to ergothioneine, ErgoMax contains a blend of four other mushroom extracts, including shiitake, maitake, oyster, and tremella mushroom extracts. Studies have linked regular mushroom consumption to better brain health as you age.

Vital Origin primarily markets ErgoMax to older adults and their adult children. Some people take ErgoMax because they’ve noticed declining cognition. Others give ErgoMax to an aging parent to reduce risk factors for degenerative brain disease.

ErgoMax is priced at $69 per jar and backed by a 30 day refund policy.


Benefits of ErgoMax

According to Vital Origin, the active ingredients in ErgoMax have been linked to benefits like:

  • Reduce beta amyloid plaque linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative brain conditions
  • Lower risk factors for Parkinson’s disease
  • Ease chronic inflammation underlying many diseases and illnesses
  • Enhance short-term and long-term memory
  • Improve and stabilize mood
  • Increase focus

Some people take ErgoMax because they’re experiencing mental fog. Others take it for mood swings, concentration problems, forgetfulness, or low energy, among other issues.

How Does ErgoMax Work?

ErgoMax unleashes your full brain power, allowing you to operate at peak potential using a blend of natural ingredients.

The superstar ingredient in ErgoMax is ergothioneine. It’s an amino acid found mainly in mushrooms, although you can also get it from red and black beans.

Studies show older adults tend to have lower levels of ergothioneine than younger adults. And, people with Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain conditions can have even lower ergothioneine levels.

To complement the benefits of ergothioneine, ErgoMax contains four additional mushroom extracts that are rich with beta glucans. Each serving of ErgoMax contains 800mg each of shiitake, maitake, tremella, and oyster mushroom extract, all of which have a minimum concentration of 25% beta glucans. Beta glucans are linked to their own antioxidant effects, and mushrooms are particularly rich with beta glucans.

Overall, the five active ingredients in ErgoMax are linked to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. However, these ingredients have been specifically shown to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which could make them particularly effective for targeting inflammation in the brain – including the inflammation linked to Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive health conditions.

Who Should Take ErgoMax?

Vital Origin primarily targets ErgoMax to older adults, adult children who want to help their aging parents, or anyone who has noticed cognitive decline.

According to Vital Origin, ErgoMax is ideal for people like:

Anyone with difficulty concentrating. Toxins in the brain are associated with cognitive decline, which can make it difficult for your neurotransmitters to communicate and make it harder to focus.

Anyone concerned about Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and other cognitive conditions. According to Vital Origin, ErgoMax will lower risk factors for Parkinson’s disease and reduce the beta amyloid plaque linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Whether there’s a family history of degenerative brain disease or early warning signs, ErgoMax could help, according to Vital Origin.

People experiencing forgetfulness. Being forgetful isn’t just an inevitable part of aging. Inflammation can cause forgetfulness, according to Vital Origin. Inflammation is also one of the key risk factors for Parkinson’s. ErgoMax targets inflammation to help with forgetfulness and boost short-term and long-term memory.

Anyone with mood swings, depression, anxiety, or irritability. Toxins and inflammation in the brain can impede your brain’s ability to regulate itself, leading to anxiety, depression, unpredictable mood swings, and other issues.

Anyone with low energy, mental fog, or general cognitive issues. Ergothioneine, one of the active ingredients in ErgoMax, is a safe stimulant that ignites neurons to excite your brain, helping to restore your cognitive energy. According to Vital Origin, ErgoMax can optimize brain function, allowing you to enjoy peak performance, and avoid the crash associated with caffeine and other stimulants.

How to Use ErgoMax

ErgoMax is designed to be easy for anyone to take daily. Here’s how Vital Origin recommends taking ErgoMax:

Step 1) Take a small level scoop of the powdered formula.

Step 2) Mix the powder with water or a shake.

Step 3) Drink the mixture daily to feel the effects instantly.

Vital Origin claims you’ll “feel the effects instantly” after taking ErgoMax and that you’ll feel “an immediate difference.” However, the benefits continue to grow every day. When you continue to take ErgoMax daily, you can support long-term benefits.

Within days of taking ErgoMax, for example, Vital Origin claims you should feel:

  • Calmer
  • Focused
  • Clearer headed
  • More alert and present
  • Energized and stable

The formula has a berry flavor, making it easy to drink daily. Some people add it to a shake or smoothie. Others drink it with water.

ErgoMax Features

ErgoMax is designed to support cognition by targeting brain health in multiple ways. ErgoMax contains four proven mushroom extracts, including shiitake, maitake, tremella, and oyster mushroom extract. Each serving of ErgoMax contains 800mg of each mushroom extract with 25% beta glucans by weight, along with an additional dose of 250mg of ergothioneine.

Together, these ingredients can support the following features, according to Vital Origin:

Memory Recall: ErgoMax claims to target short-term and long-term memory. Studies show mushroom extracts can help repair areas of your brain and rejuvenate various cognitive processes. As you get older, memory can naturally worsen, but the mushroom extracts in ErgoMax can support memory as you age.

Cognitive Function: ErgoMax supports cerebral and nervous system functions to boost overall cognition. Vital Origin specifically chose the mushroom extracts in ErgoMax to promote mental clarity, focus, and memory.

Brain Inflammation: ErgoMax targets brain inflammation, which is the root cause of many diseases and illnesses. Ergothioneine, one of the key active ingredients in ErgoMax, can target inflammation using natural, plant-based chemicals.

Mood: ErgoMax can boost mood by eliminating toxins and lowering inflammation. Many mood disorders are linked to neurotransmitter dysfunction in the brain. Vital Origin added anti-inflammatory mushroom extracts to the formula to help reduce bouts of depression and anxiety while providing you with powerful antioxidants to support nerve connections, stability, calmness, and focus.

Reduce Beta Amyloid Plaque Linked to Alzheimer’s: Studies show Alzheimer’s and dementia are linked to beta amyloid plaque formation in the brain. As this plaque builds up over time, it worsens your cognition and overall brain health. According to Vital Origin, the ergothioneine in ErgoMax will reduce toxic beta amyloid plaque while also reducing the inflammation linked to Parkinson’s.

Overall Brain Support: ErgoMax also claims to offer full spectrum, overall brain support. The proprietary formula uses five active ingredients backed by science to provide your brain with the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories needed to support brain health, mental health, and overall wellness.

Natural, Vegan Formula Free of Fillers: Vital Origin manufactures ErgoMax in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The formula is gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free of fillers and antibiotics.

Doctor-Derived Formula: According to Vital Origin, ErgoMax is a doctor-derived formula. Although Vital Origin does not claim to have a medical doctor on staff, the ErgoMax formula itself was developed based on a doctor’s formula, giving the formula additional medical expertise over competing mushroom supplements.

Doctor Recommended: ErgoMax is also doctor recommended. Multiple doctors have left positive reviews for ErgoMax online at the official website. Some doctors recommend ErgoMax for inflammation, for example, while others recommend it for overall health and wellness.

Delicious & Easy to Take: ErgoMax is flavored with monk fruit and stevia and contains 0 sugar. The formula is delicious and easy to take, and it doesn’t have the unpleasant mushroom flavor of other mushroom supplements sold online today.

ErgoMax Ingredients

Any brain health supplement can claim to support brain health and reduce risk factors for cognitive decline. However, not all brain supplements work as advertised. The difference lies in the ingredients.

Each serving of ErgoMax contains a blend of proven, science-backed ingredients linked to cognitive health, plaque formation in the brain, and overall longevity.

The five core ingredients in ErgoMax include 800mg each of four mushroom extracts (maitake, shiitake, oyster, and tremella mushroom extracts) along with 250mg of ergothioneine. The mushroom extracts have each been verified to contain more than 25% beta glucans by concentration.

Here are all of the ingredients in ErgoMax and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Maitake: ErgoMax contains maitake mushroom extract, which can help with cholesterol and overall cardiovascular health, according to Vital Origin. Maitake also boosts the connectivity and durability of your central nervous system. Plus, the polysaccharides in maitake can lower bad cholesterol and protect good cholesterol while improving artery function, which could lower your risk for heart disease.

Shiitake: ErgoMax contains shiitake mushroom extract, which has been used for centuries as food and medicine. Shiitake provides major support to your immune system while keeping your brain free of pathogens. Shiitake impacts your immune system by regulating white blood cells, which play a crucial role in immune function.

Tremella: ErgoMax contains tremella, a lesser-known but still popular mushroom extract. Vital Origin describes tremella as “a powerhouse for lowering inflammation” because of its rich levels of polysaccharides, which are antioxidants linked to nerve growth and brain health. The anti-inflammatory effects of tremella could help with obesity, cardiovascular health, and overall inflammation in various ways.

Oyster Mushroom: ErgoMax contains oyster mushroom extract. Oyster mushroom extract is a great source of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. Oyster mushroom extract can promote heart health, lower high cholesterol and blood pressure, and support overall cardiovascular health in multiple ways. In one 2021 study, researchers found oyster mushroom extract also helped with gut health, neurotransmitter production, and other effects throughout the body.

Ergothioneine: Each serving of ErgoMax contains 250mg of ergothioneine, which can immediately begin to repair and rejuvenate your mind and nervous system while reigniting your brain power, according to Vital Origin. Ergothioneine is linked to many of the benefits within ErgoMax, including its ability to stabilize mood, increase focus, enhance memory, and help with inflammation, among other benefits.

Scientific Evidence for ErgoMax

Vital Origin cites dozens of studies validating its claims, including double-blind, placebo-controlled trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We’ll review some of that evidence below to determine if ErgoMax can really live up to the hype.

Ergothioneine is linked to strong antioxidant effects, and these effects could help with inflammation, longevity, cognitive health, and overall health and wellness. In this study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, for example, researchers found ergothioneine neutralized free radicals and reduced inflammation. Because of these effects, researchers suggested ergothioneine could protect brain cells from aging-related damage. Another study found similar antioxidant effects while also demonstrating ergothioneine’s effectiveness at crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB), suggesting these anti-inflammatory effects may be particularly noticeable in the brain.

Studies show elderly people have lower ergothioneine levels than younger people, which puts them at a higher risk for neurodegeneration. Even younger people with mild cognitive impairment have been found with lower plasma concentrations of ergothioneine. These low levels of ergothioneine could lead to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other issues.

Vital Origin claims ErgoMax can reduce risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative brain conditions. In this study, researchers found ergothioneine reduced brain inflammation while protecting endothelial cells from damage. People with Alzheimer’s tend to have higher levels of inflammation, and lowering inflammation could reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s.

The other active ingredients in ErgoMax are also backed by research proving they could help with brain health and cognition. In this study, for example, researchers in Singapore found taking more than 2 servings of mushrooms per week was linked to reduced mild cognitive impairment in people aged 60 and older. Meanwhile, one of the largest studies on mushroom extract and dementia was published in 2017. In that study, researchers in Japan found mushroom consumption was linked to a significant reduction in dementia among elderly Japanese people, even when accounting for confounding factors.

Overall, ErgoMax contains multiple science-backed ingredients linked to brain inflammation, cognitive wellness, and overall brain health. Growing research shows ergothioneine and mushroom extracts in ErgoMax can support the advertised benefits in multiple ways.

ErgoMax is Doctor Recommended

Vital Origin’s ErgoMax has received recommendations from multiple doctors. Multiple doctors have published lengthy reviews of ErgoMax online.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by doctors online, according to the official ErgoMax website:

Dr. Nicholas J. Sadgrove personally uses ErgoMax because it “easily fits” into his daily meals while being optimal for “better long-term health.” He specifically recommends taking it before starchy meals to lower their glycemic index.

Dr. Denys Tsveiuk describes ErgoMax as “a carefully chosen mushroom formula,” and he recommends it because of the high quality of ergothioneine and the presence of beta glucans and other compounds “believed to offer additional health benefits.”

Dr. Brett Melanson describes ErgoMax as “particularly important” for its ability to “reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.” Reducing oxidative stress and inflammation is important because it’s associated with longevity, a reduced risk of disease and illness, and other benefits.

ErgoMax Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

In addition to receiving reviews from doctors, ErgoMax has received reviews from happy customers.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by customers on the official website:

One customer had tried multiple superfood products before taking ErgoMax, describing this supplement as “the best by far”

Others praise ErgoMax for refreshing their cognitive energy levels and providing a significant and immediate boost in overall energy

One customer claims she has more energy and feels healthier since taking ErgoMax

Multiple customers enjoy the taste and mixability of the powdered formula, claiming it’s easy to drink daily and tasty when mixed with water or a shake

Others particularly appreciate the taste of ErgoMax compared to other mushroom drinks sold online today; some mushroom supplements are downright unpleasant, but ErgoMax manages to provide similar benefits while tasting good

ErgoMax Ingredients Label

Vital Origin discloses all ingredients, dosages, flavors, and additives in ErgoMax upfront, making it easy to compare the supplement to other mushroom formulas sold online today.

Each scoop (4.7g serving, 30 servings per jar) of ErgoMax contains 15 calories, 0g of fat, 3g of carbs, and 0g of sugar, along with the following ingredients:

  • 800mg of organic maitake mushroom extract (greater than 25% beta glucans)
  • 800mg of organic oyster mushroom extract (greater than 25% beta glucans)
  • 800mg of organic shiitake mushroom extract (greater than 25% beta glucans)
  • 800mg of organic tremella mushroom extract (greater than 25% beta glucans)
  • 250mg of ergothioneine
  • Other (inactive) ingredients, including natural flavor, lemon juice powder, dried hibiscus powder, calcium silicate, stevia, and monk fruit extract

ErgoMax Pricing

ErgoMax is priced at $49 to $69 per jar, depending on the number of jars you order.


Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today through ErgoMaxLongevity.com:

  • 1 Jar: $69 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Jars: $177 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Jars: $294 + Free Shipping

Each jar contains a one month supply of ErgoMax, or 30 servings (30 scoops). You take one scoop daily to support the advertised benefits.

ErgoMax Refund Policy

ErgoMax is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with ErgoMax for any reason, or if the formula did not work for you, then you can request a full refund within 30 days.

About Vital Origin

Vital Origin is a supplement company founded with the mission of nurturing the brain via informed education and science-backed whole food solutions.

The company’s flagship supplement is ErgoMax. However, Vital Origin has also published eBooks on how to use mushrooms to support cognition, including Eating for an Aging Brain: Functional Mushroom Focus.

ErgoMax is certified organic, gluten free, vegan, and sugar-free. Vital Origin also tests the formula with a third party lab to verify purity and potency.

You can contact Vital Origin via the following:

  • Email: support@vitalorigin.co
  • Mailing Address: Vital Origin Inc., 3055 NW Yeon Ave, Unit #329, Portland, OR 97210

Final Word

ErgoMax is a mushroom supplement created by Vital Origin to boost cognition in multiple ways.

Featuring a blend of beta glucan-packed mushroom extracts and ergothioneine, ErgoMax can purportedly boost focus, mood, and energy while reducing risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, and dementia.

To learn more about ErgoMax or to buy the powdered mushroom supplement online today, visit the official website.


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