The Top 11 Best Irish Sea Moss Supplements Reviewed

Irish sea moss, or Irish moss, is one of the most popular natural supplements today because of its rich nutritional content and numerous purported health benefits.

Irish sea moss can purportedly support various aspects of your health, such as thyroid health & function, weight loss, blood flow, cholesterol levels, gut health, immunity, and much more.

As the popularity of Irish sea moss has exploded, so has the number of supplements on the market. This has made it incredibly difficult for consumers to determine which sea moss supplements are best.

We’re here to help. We reviewed hundreds of sea moss supplements and have determined the 11 very best Irish sea moss supplements based on several factors.

The Top 11 Best Irish Sea Moss Supplements in 2022

After reviewing over 100 Irish sea moss supplements, combing through lab reports, reading customer reviews, and talking to manufacturers, we found the best Irish sea moss supplements for 2022. Here are our rankings:

  • Simple Life Nutrition Irish Sea Moss Capsules
  • Oweli Irish Sea Moss
  • HelloHealth Organic Sea Moss
  • Clinical Effects Sea Moss
  • VivaNutra Regeneration
  • Essential Sea Moss
  • Nutra Remedies Natural Sea Moss
  • Maju Wild Irish Sea Moss
  • Secret Element Organic Sea Moss
  • Nurture Nutri Organics Sea Moss Complex
  • Oculus Organics Sea Moss Complex

Best Overall – Simple Life Nutrition Irish Sea Moss


Simple Life Nutrition Irish Sea Moss capsules are our top-rated sea moss product currently on the market. Each capsule contains a potent dose of Irish sea moss, burdock root, and bladderwrack for additional health support. They’ve also included 5mg of BioPerine to enhance absorption as well.

According to Simple Life Nutrition, these Irish sea moss capsules may support skin health, digestion, immunity, cardiovascular health, and much more.

Best of all, one bottle of these premium Irish sea moss capsules will only cost $18.95, which is competitively priced compared to other products. These capsules are vegan; the ingredients are certified organic and come without any fillers or additives, which makes Simple Life Nutrition’s Irish Sea Moss capsules a no-brainer.

Second Best – Oweli Irish Sea Moss


Oweli sells another top-tier Irish sea moss supplement they claim supports your heart, immune system, gut health, thyroid function, and more. This rich source of Irish sea moss also contains 92 of the 102 essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed for the human body to function.

Each capsule of Irish sea moss capsules from Oweli Irish Sea Moss contains 500mg of bladderwrack & sea moss, 400mg of organic burdock root, and BioPerine. According to some studies, this is an effective enough dose to deliver tangible benefits potentially.

Oweli Irish Sea Moss is organic, non-GMO, vegan, and made in an FDA-approved facility here in the US. One bottle starts at $24.99 and comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee on every order.

HelloHealth Organic Sea Moss


HelloHealth Organic Sea Moss is one of the best-selling sea moss supplements in the premium space. They claim their product supports detoxification, digestive health, immunity, and more.

Each two-capsule serving of HelloHealth Sea Moss contains 900mg of organic Irish sea moss, 500mg of organic bladderwrack powder, and 100mg of burdock powder.

HelloHealth Sea Moss is backed by hundreds of customer reviews online. The only negative is that the product is on the expensive side. However, buying bulk can get you a discount for as little as $37 per bottle. HelloHealth Sea Moss remains a top option with excellent reviews and premium ingredients.

Clinical Effects Sea Moss


Clinical Effects Sea Moss is a premium sea moss supplement that claims to support metabolism, weight loss, immunity, and more. It claims to provide these benefits within just a few days of use.

Each two-capsule serving uses 500mg of organic bladderwrack, 400mg of organic burdock, and 500mg of organic Irish sea moss. It also added 5mg of BioPerine for added absorption.

Unlike other sea moss supplements on our list, though, Clinical Effects Sea Moss is only currently available on their official website. There are 1,400+ positive reviews, so despite being one of the more expensive sea moss products on our list, it is well worth it given its’ premium formula.

VivaNutra Regeneration


A high potency blend of sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock root is included in VivaNutra Regeneration sea moss capsules. It is intended for “cellular regeneration,” which is why VivaNutra claims its product can help with skin health, inflammation, and hormone production.

VivaNutra Regeneration contains 766mg of organic Irish sea moss powder, 660mg of organic bladderwrack powder, and 50mg of organic burdock root powder in every two capsule servings. These ingredients have been carefully selected to work together to combat even the most severe inflammation and restore overall health and wellness.

VivaNutra Regeneration currently starts at $29 per bottle, with bulk orders receiving discounts of up to 15%. A 90-day money-back guarantee covers all orders with no questions asked.

Essential Sea Moss


Essential Sea Moss sells a variety of sea moss supplements, including gels, capsules, and many others. According to its website, the company’s mission is to “spread the good news about the transformational power of healthy diet choices and to assist millions of people in unlocking the many benefits of sea moss in their lives.”

Essential Sea Moss’ wildcrafted sea moss products help with inflammation, thyroid function, joint and skin health, immune health, and many other aspects of your health. They claim that their premium sea moss products can benefit almost anyone.

According to the official website, Essential Sea Moss products start at around $25-30 for a one-month supply and can go up to $80-90. Essential Sea Moss may be right for you if you want a diverse range of sea moss products.

Nutra Remedies Natural Sea Moss


Nutra Remedies Natural Sea Moss is a well-known Irish Sea Moss supplement that claims to put you on the “right track to better health.” It is based on Dr. Sebi’s formula to improve your wellness in almost every way.

The manufacturer claims that organic Irish sea moss capsules can improve your gut and thyroid health, reduce fatigue, strengthen your immune system, and boost your metabolism. Nutra Remedies contains 750mg of Irish sea moss, 750mg of bladderwrack, 750mg of burdock root, and 10mg of black pepper extract in every three capsules to facilitate these benefits.

Nutra Remedies has received positive feedback, but we have two minor concerns. At $39.97 per bottle, their product is one of the most expensive on our list. Second, none of the ingredients appear to be organic. Nonetheless, Nutra Remedies Natural Sea Moss is a good choice.

Maju Wild Irish Sea Moss


Maju Wild Irish Sea Moss is Amazon’s popular sea moss supplement with over 3,100 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating. Maju Superfoods claims that their Irish sea moss can help with joint health, digestion, skin health, and immune system function.

Maju Wild Irish Sea Moss capsules contain 300mg organic Irish sea moss powder, 100mg burdock powder, 100mg organic bladderwrack powder, and 2.5mg black pepper extract.

Maju Superfoods claims that their wild harvested Irish moss contains 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals your body requires. They also claim that all of their products are third-party tested to ensure that no heavy metals are present. Maju Irish Sea Moss is available on Amazon for $22.59 per bottle.

Secret Element Organic Sea Moss


Secret Element Organic Sea Moss capsules are a popular Irish sea moss supplement on Amazon, with over 1,600 positive reviews. They claim their organic sea moss product is ideal for those seeking immune, digestive, or thyroid support.

A 2,000mg “proprietary blend” of Irish sea moss powder, bladderwrack powder, and burdock root powder is included in each 3-capsule serving. Unfortunately, we do not know the precise dosage of each ingredient in this case, which is disappointing.

Overall, Secret Element Irish Sea Moss is a good product with a lot of positive feedback. It’s reasonably priced at $16.95 per bottle, but it can’t be ranked higher due to a lack of transparency regarding the dosage of each ingredient.

Nurture Nutri Organics Sea Moss Complex


On Amazon, Nurture Nutri Organics Sea Moss Complex is a relatively new but popular Irish sea moss supplement. These nutrient-dense capsules are ideal for people who want to improve their respiratory health, joint health, thyroid support, and immune system.

Nurture Nutri Organics sea moss contains 766mg of organic Irish moss powder, 684mg of organic bladderwrack powder, and 50mg of burdock root per two capsule serving. Unfortunately, no black pepper extract or BioPerine is available for enhanced absorption.

Nurture Nutri Organics Sea Moss Complex comes in a 128-capsule bottle with 64 servings. Nurture Nutri Organics has one of the best-priced sea moss products on our list, with a bottle costing only $13.95.

Oculus Organics Sea Moss Complex


Oculus Organics Sea Moss Complex is designed for digestive support, respiratory health, immunity, and more. It is backed by over 2,100 reviews on Amazon, making it one of the more popular sea moss products.

Each two capsule serving contains 50mg of burdock root, 684mg of bladderwrack, and 766mg of Irish sea moss. All of the ingredients are organic, but there are no added ingredients like BioPerine for absorption.

According to Oculus Organics, their Irish sea moss is vegan, 100% organic, third-party tested for purity, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. It is only priced at $14.95 for 120 capsules, making it one of the more affordable products on our list right now.

Our Main Ranking Factors For The Best Sea Moss Supplements

Every Irish sea moss supplement will claim it is the best, purest, and most effective. However, not all of these supplements can live up to these expectations. To separate the good from the bad, we used the following ranking factors in our rankings:

Organic Irish Sea Moss

Using organic Irish sea moss is essential because of the way it grows. Heavy metals tend to find their way into the finished product if sea moss is farmed, which can do more harm than good. Organic sea moss is grown naturally and doesn’t absorb heavy metals, leading to a cleaner, safer product that is more potent.

Complementary Ingredients

While Irish sea moss is beneficial on its own but as you have probably seen, bladderwrack and burdock root are often added to enhance the effectiveness of sea moss. A formula with these three ingredients will contain 92 of the 102 vitamins or minerals your body needs to function correctly. We didn’t discount products that avoided this combination, but we gave credit to sea moss products with additional beneficial ingredients.


Like turmeric, Irish sea moss is often hard for the body to absorb. This is why we credited companies that included ingredients like black pepper extract or BioPerine to enhance absorption. In some studies, BioPerine enhances absorption up to 100%.

Manufacturer Transparency

Many companies have been in the supplement industry for decades and have proven to formulate high-quality, effective products. Others are shady marketers trying to capitalize on the massive hype surrounding sea moss. While there was no reason to be biased against newer companies, credit was given to companies with a long history of formulating effective, safe, and high-quality supplements.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Some supplement companies make extreme and exaggerated claims as to what their products can potentially do. Sea Moss will not help you lose 30lbs in a month, nor can it drop your blood pressure to near perfect in a week. However, there are plenty of honest, scientifically-backed benefits to using sea moss, and we preferred good supplements about what their product could potentially do.

Doctor Formulated

Many products are endorsed or recommended by a medical doctor, nutritionist, or other experts. Others use a medical advisory board to formulate their products. While this certainly isn’t required, we gave credit to companies with some form of medical backing. The more medical support a company had, the higher we ranked it.


Sea moss is somewhat easy to grow, harvest, and manufacture into a finished product. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on an Irish sea moss supplement. With that said, the sea moss industry has a wide pricing range based on the quality, additional ingredients, and dosage. We included the best sea moss products at various price ranges to get the best possible product for your budget.

Money Back Guarantee

No supplement works for everyone despite having plenty of science-backed benefits. If you don’t notice any positive changes or experience unwanted side effects, then you should be able to receive your money back. This is why we looked at supplements with at least a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Ultimately, the best way to identify the best sea moss supplements is to read actual reviews from customers. We examined thousands of customer reviews to understand the average customer experience. Did they experience any positive changes? Were there side effects? Would they share the product with their friends or family? These were all questions we answered when evaluating the best sea moss products.

Benefits of Sea Moss – What Science Says

Irish sea moss has been used for centuries but has only become mainstream over the last ten years. There are plenty of science-backed benefits to consuming Irish sea moss supplements. We’ll take a look at the most prevalent research studies below.

The main benefit to sea moss is its dense nutritional value. Research analysis has found sea moss contains 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals your body needs to function correctly. Irish sea moss is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, iodine, zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, and many other vitamins and minerals. Irish sea moss also contains several antioxidants that protect your body from disease-causing oxidative damage.

Irish sea moss may also boost your immunity. In one study, salmon given seaweed, such as sea moss, saw an improved immune response and improved immune modulation. In addition, several antioxidants found in sea moss are known to enhance immune response.

Irish sea moss is known to support thyroid health and function. This stems from the rich iodine content found in sea moss. Iodine is a crucial nutrient needed for your body to produce thyroid hormones. Studies have found that many adults do not consume enough iodine and are partially iodine deficient, which is why supplements such as sea moss can be valuable.

There’s growing evidence that sea moss may support healthy weight management. Sea moss contains fiber and other vitamins that turn off your hunger hormones, keeping you satisfied for a more extended period. Seaweeds like sea moss also contain fucoxanthin, which has been shown to improve fat metabolism in studies.

Gut health has been a subject of great interest over the last few years, and it is becoming more apparent how vital gut health is. Sea moss may help support gut health because it contains prebiotic fiber that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. It also helps to keep your bowel movements regular to avoid common digestive issues like bloating and constipation.

Other studies suggest that several active ingredients in sea moss can reduce LDL cholesterol and improve blood flow. Fucoxanthin, the same natural compound that may support fat metabolism, is also known to prevent blood sugar spikes. It may also maintain healthy blood sugar levels in those with diabetes, although more research is needed to verify.

Overall, the most prevalent benefits of taking sea moss appear to be digestion, immunity, thyroid health, and cardiovascular health. However, more uses are being discovered daily and will likely continue as more research is peer-reviewed.

Irish Sea Moss Side Effects

In general, Irish sea moss is tolerated well and doesn’t cause any side effects in most people. However, it has only been studied in otherwise healthy adults, so specific groups like pregnant or nursing mothers are best suited to speaking to their doctor before using sea moss.

There is one potential issue with using sea moss, and that is for individuals who have thyroid issues. Since sea moss is rich in iodine, it affects the thyroid, which may cause individuals with thyroid issues to have hyperthyroidism. While most sea moss supplements will not contain enough iodine to cause problems, taking bulk Irish sea moss or concentrated sea moss gel may.

Some Irish sea moss supplements test positive for heavy metals if they are not wild-crafted. This is why it is essential to ensure your sea moss supplement is third-party tested for heavy metals before purchasing it.

Overall, sea moss is tolerated well and should not negatively impact your health. If you do not feel it may be suitable, you should speak to your doctor before trying sea moss. Likewise, if you think that you are experiencing side effects, discontinue use and talk to a doctor.

Recommended Sea Moss Dosage

Currently, there is no official recommended dosage of Irish sea moss, and studies have used a wide range of dosages. Most of our top supplements use a dosage of 250mg to 400mg of sea moss per day. Some companies use a higher dosage of 1,000mg+. However, it isn’t known if this dosage is any more effective.

Aim for 300-600mg of Irish sea moss daily, as some research suggests this is an effective dosage.

FAQS About Sea Moss and Supplementation

Irish sea moss is relatively new to the supplement scene, and we’ve got plenty of questions. We’ll answer the most common questions below:

Q: What is sea moss?

A: Sea moss, or Irish sea moss, is a type of algae. It primarily grows in various Atlantic Coast parts in Europe, England, and North America. It has many industrial uses but is commonly used as food.

Q: What does sea moss taste like?

A: Since Irish sea moss is an alga, many claim it has a slight taste of seaweed. However, it is bland compared to other seaweeds; some claim it has no taste. This is why it can be easily added to a smoothie or drink without changing the taste.

Q: What color is sea moss?

A: Irish sea moss can grow in a variety of different colors. It usually comes in a dark purple or greenish color. However, it can be red, brown, or black as well. Most supplements use greenish-yellow Irish sea moss, though it is more common.

Q: What are some of the potential benefits of sea moss?

A: Studies suggest Irish sea moss can support thyroid function, gut health, immunity, heart health, weight loss, and digestion. However, more research is currently in progress to discover all potential health applications for Irish sea moss.

Q: How does Irish sea moss improve digestive health?

A: Irish sea moss is rich in prebiotic fiber and other ingredients known to support digestion. The prebiotic fiber in sea moss helps keep the healthy bacteria in your gut flourishing to maintain digestion and eliminate bad bacteria that cause digestive issues.

Q: What does sea moss do for cardiovascular health?

A: Some small studies suggest Irish sea moss may improve circulation by eliminating plaque and cholesterol from the arteries. It may also limit blood sugar spikes after eating carbohydrates.

Q: How does Irish sea moss affect thyroid health?

A: Irish sea moss is rich in iodine, one of the primary nutrients your body needs to produce thyroid hormones. Studies have found that small amounts of added iodine from supplements may help improve thyroid health and the production of thyroid hormones.

Q: I’m on thyroid medication. Does this mean I can’t use Irish sea moss?

A: Irish sea moss does contain iodine, which may alter the production of thyroid hormones. If you have thyroid medication, you should speak to your doctor before trying sea moss.

Q: Is Irish sea moss safe?

A: Irish sea moss is generally very safe when used within standard dosages. Make sure to inspect the label to determine the proper dose.

Q: Are there any side effects to using sea moss?

A: Irish sea moss doesn’t typically cause any side effects. However, some users have reported headaches, nausea, indigestion, or diarrhea in rare cases. These side effects are not expected, though and typically are only temporary.

Q: What’s the best way to use Irish sea moss?

A: Irish sea moss comes in various forms, such as powders, capsules, or gels. You can take it whichever way you prefer, but capsules are often seen as the easiest, most convenient way to use sea moss.

Q: What is bladderwrack?

A: Bladderwrack is a brown seaweed that grows in cooler waters in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is seen as another great source of nutrition, and it has potent antioxidant compounds. Some evidence suggests it may support digestion, fight inflammation, and speed up wound healing.

Q: What is burdock root?

A: Burdock root is a vegetable grown primarily in Europe and Northern Asia, although it also grows in areas native to sea moss. It is commonly added to sea moss supplements for digestive aid, although it has many other health applications.

Q: What is BioPerine, and why is it in my sea moss supplement?

A: Bioperine is a black pepper extract often added to sea moss supplements to enable your body to absorb sea moss more efficiently. In other words, Bioperine makes the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants more available to your body so you can reap all of the potential benefits of sea moss.

Q: Which sea moss supplement is best?

A: All sea moss supplements on our list include high-quality ingredients. However, our top-rated supplements include Simple Life Nutrition Sea Moss, Oweli Sea Moss, Clinical Effects Sea Moss, and HelloHealth Sea Moss.

The Top 11 Best Irish Sea Moss Supplements in 2022 Final Words

Irish sea moss has many potential health applications and is one of man’s most densely nutritious plants. New benefits remain uncovered, making sea moss a must-have if you want a supplement to improve your overall health.

Whether you want to improve your digestive, immunity, and cardiovascular health or want to lose some weight, sea moss may be suitable for you. Any top sea moss supplements above are fantastic, although we recommend our #1 choice – Simple Life Nutrition Organic Sea Moss Capsules.



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