Tacoma honored for eco-friendly fleet vehicles

The City of Tacoma recently earned high marks for its efforts to make its fleet of government vehicles more environmentally friendly.

According to Government Fleet Magazine, the City of Tacoma was awarded a Top Government Green Fleet Award and achieved a Best Fleets 100 program green fleet ranking of 36th in the nation. In Washington State, King County was ranked ninth, the Port of Seattle was ranked 31st, the University of Washington was ranked 33rd, and the Washington State Department of Transportation was ranked 38th. Clark County earned an honorable mention.

The City of Tacoma has installed 12 electric vehicle charging stations available for public use at locations that include Pacific Plaza, Museum of Glass, ‘A’ Street Garage, Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, and Cheney Stadium. Two years ago, Tacoma City Council authorized the purchase of 10 2011 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and 11 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid vehicles for its fleet of city-owned vehicles.

Best Fleets 100 program, currently in its 10th year, recognizes and rewards peak performing fleet operations in North America by identifying and encouraging ever-increasing levels of performance improvement within the fleet industry. The ranking looks at operational numbers as well as qualitative efforts, and assesses the ratio of gas/diesel fuel vehicles to hybrid, electric and alternative fuel vehicles; uses ratios of gas/diesel fuels to alternative bio-diesel, ethanol, propane and compressed natural gas fuels; and examines fleet utilization, such as purchasing smaller and fewer vehicles. The ranking also assesses a fleet’s efforts to plan its future environmental role, educate staff on the latest green technologies, involve leaders and employees in their programs, and implement other environmental sustainability efforts.

The ranking and ranking criteria are selected and compiled by the 100 Best Fleets program and Government Fleet Magazine using hundreds of sources in green fleet planning and methodology. The intent is to serve as an assessment for furthering green fleet programs, in addition to the yearly award. This is the first year that the City of Tacoma’s fleet division has entered the Top Government Green Fleet award competition.

An electric vehicle charging station at A Street Garage in downtown Tacoma. (PHOTO BY TODD MATTHEWS)
An electric vehicle charging station at A Street Garage in downtown Tacoma. (PHOTO BY TODD MATTHEWS)