Tacoma Firs Golf Center renovation delayed

By David Guest

Tacoma Daily Index editor

The Tacoma Firs Golf Center’s planned redevelopment of the 17-year-old driving range looks like it will have to wait another year.

Tacoma Firs CEO Mike Givens had hoped to begin demolition and construction last month, allowing the golf range to completely close during the slack winter season and reopen in spring of 2017. However, delays in getting final approval on the conditional use permit to allow the major modification to proceed have pushed the construction back enough that it would interfere with the busy 2017 spring and summer season at the range.

The driving range, which also includes putting and pitching greens and a miniature golf course, located at 4504 South Tyler Street in Tacoma, opened in July 1999.

Closing during prime revenue-generating months is not an option, according to golf instructor Craig Kennedy, who has been at Tacoma Firs since it opened. That likely means that closing the range for construction won’t happen until late next fall.

“Nothing’s been set in stone,” said Kennedy, regarding potential construction start and completion dates. “But it’s our quietest time of year (winter). Business cuts in half, and maybe more.”

The project is more than a simple remodel which is why a temporary closure will be necessary. The current 17,000-square-foot two-tier tee stations will be renovated and expanded and the artificial surface on the range will be replaced and new high-tech targets will be added.

The clubhouse is where the most noticeable changes will be seen. The original building will be torn down and replaced with a 15,000-square-foot two-story addition to the driving range, which will provide for-rent conference and banquet facilities, a larger kitchen, bar/lounge and additional restrooms.