Campaign to promote area charter schools kicks off this month

This week, the Washington State Charter Schools Association expanded its campaign promoting charter public school enrollment options.  The campaign, which will run through March, is intended to inform Washington parents of public school options in the area, and clarify the process for enrolling in one of Seattle and Tacoma’s successful charter public school programs.

Since January 20, three new billboards have been on display along Rainier Ave. in Seattle, at locations west of 53rd St, south of Charles St, and south of Mead St. The billboards in Tacoma are on Center St., east of Pine St.; on 6th Ave., west of Pearl St.; and on 6th Ave., east of Proctor St. Additionally, a series of posters will be displayed at the Rainier Beach Light Rail Station. The posters and billboards feature images of current Washington charter public school students and teachers interacting in the classroom and beyond.

“This is an effort to invest in the successful charter public schools in Seattle and Tacoma and to ensure that Washington parents know all of their options for enrollment,” said WA Charters CEO Tom Franta. “Students in previous years have benefitted greatly from the personalized, rigorous, tuition-free education that charter public schools provide. We’re excited to be supporting the continued growth and success of public education in Washington.”

Tacoma’s three operating charter schools – Green Dot Destiny, SOAR Academy and Summit Olympus – are enrolling students for the 2017-18 school year. Parents can enroll their children, and learn more about each school’s model and grade level offerings online:


All three of the currently operating charters in the Seattle area – Summit Sierra, Rainier Prep and Excel Public Charter School – along with Spokane International Academy and PRIDE Prep in Eastern Washington, will also grow to serve more grade levels 2017-18. Additionally, three new charter public schools will be opening in Washington in Fall 2017: Green Dot’s second campus in South Seattle, Summit Atlas in West Seattle, and Willow Public School in Walla Walla.

Charter schools are a type of public school, approved and overseen by a state or district authorizer. Like all public schools, they do not charge tuition, they are open to all students, and they are publicly funded. However, charter public schools are held more accountable for showing improved student achievement. In exchange for greater accountability, teachers and principals are given more flexibility to customize their teaching methods and curriculum to improve student learning.

 —  Washington State Charter Schools Association