Tacoma City Council approves contract amendment for fire station rehab

Tacoma City Council Tuesday approved a purchase resolution that directs additional money toward the $4.1 million renovation of Fire Station No. 5 located along Commencement Bay.

Last year, city council awarded a $411,105 contract to Reid Middleton for design and permitting work on the project. The additional funds approved Tuesday will pay for Reid Middleton services related to design, permitting, and bidding.

City council’s public safety and human services committee recommended approving the contract amendment last month. That recommendation was forwarded to the full city council for final approval.

The city is tentatively scheduled to advertise for competitive bids in July, award a construction contract in August, and begin construction in September. However, permitting and fish window requirements may require construction of the project to start in August 2013, according to city staff.

When the project is completed, the station, located on a crumbling, 32-year-old pier at 3301 Ruston Way, will include a joint police and fire maritime operations center, additional moorage for fire boats and other emergency vessels, a building with expanded space for law enforcement, and structural fixes. The renovation is being paid for by using $3 million in bonds issued by the city three years ago, and $1,088,000 from a federal port security grant awarded last year.

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