Tacoma approves contract extension for parking facilities

Tacoma City Council Tuesday approved a purchase resolution that increased and extended a contract with Republic Parking Northwest for the operation and maintenance of city-owned parking facilities. The approximately $1.5 million increase brings the contract to a cumulative amount of approximately $6.9 million.

Republic Parking Northwest provides operating and maintenance services to the city’s parking facilities system, which includes seven parking garages and four surface lots with approximately 2,600 parking stalls in the downtown area. These facilities are dedicated to public use including visitors, clients, employees, commerce activity, and students. Approval was needed to remain in compliance with the terms and conditions of the original agreement, which expired on April 30.

The contract approved this week pays Republic Parking Northwest a 1.5 percent management fee based on the net revenues for this service. In addition, the city reimburses Republic Parking Northwest for all out-of-pocket related expenditures incurred to operate and maintain the city’s facilities.

The contract runs through April 30, 2013.

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