Study puts price on Pacific Northwest traffic congestion

A recent study by The Road Information Project (TRIP) lists State Route 16 in Tacoma from Sprague Avenue to Jackson Avenue as no. 2 on a list of the 20 most congested roadways in the Puget Sound region.

TRIP, a nonprofit group funded by industries related to road building, assigned a cost in lost time due to congestion to each area.

According to TRIP, it costs $485 per driver per year to travel that stretch of road in Tacoma.

Interstate 405 between Interstate 90 and State Route 520 topped the list, with estimated costs in lost time ranging from a high of $759 annually for the I-405 stretch to $280 per year for SR 520 from Old Highway 99 to Jim Creek Road.
A stretch of SR 509 in Burien from South 160th Street to South 112th Street came in third at $451.

The report quotes the Washington Roundtable, a nonprofit industry group, as saying the state loses $2 billion in productivity annually because of its traffic woes.