Street tree planting in Tacoma Nov. 22

Residents and business owners along Yakima Street, between South 6th and South 7th Streets, will gather Sat., Nov. 22 between 9:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to plant approximately 30 trees.

“Our goal is to get all the trees in the ground Saturday but we can’t do that unless enough people turn out,” says community organizer Brett Santhuff. “We will do more as time and interest allows.”

According to Santhuff, the project is the culmination of almost two years of effort and the result of a successful partnership between neighbors south of the park and a 2007 Neighborhood Innovative Grant approved by the New Tacoma Neighborhood Council.

Trees will be provided by the City of Tacoma’s Tree Planting Program. As part of the project, Tacoma Streets and Grounds will be digging the holes in advance and then refilling them with loose dirt. At the base of each tree, volunteers will create a five-foot circle of amended soil and mulch that will be planted with herbs in the coming spring.

The work will begin with donated pastries from Corina Bakery and end with soup donated by Infinite Soups.

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