State Releases Third Y2K Impact Video

“The State of Washington has released the third in a series of informational video programs dealing with aspects of the Year 2000 transition.The Washington State Department of Information Services for the Washington State Year 2000 Office are producing four videos, moderated by Seattle television journalist Barry Mitzman. The state’s Y2K video series is independent of Mitzman’s projects with public television.The series will be available for checkout at the 300-plus public libraries statewide. It is also being provided to 25 local-access cable TV channels that have indicated an interest in broadcasting them.The latest 30-minute installment, Family Preparedness and the Year 2000, is now available. It features Barbara Thurman, public education coordinator for the Washington State Emergency Management Decision.The video provides practical tips on how households can use the Y2K transition as a convenient occasion to prepare for other events and emergencies such as winter storms that cause the interruption of services. The production also includes tips on pet safety in emergencies.Two other videos in the series are available.The first video in the series, The Washington State Approach, explains the Y2K technology challenge; outlines the state’s third-party risk assessment of Y2K conversion efforts in state government systems and facilities; and summarizes the results of state government’s Y2K readiness efforts. The program also provides a demonstration of Washington-specific Y2K consumer information available to residents on the World Wide Web.The second video, Electricity and the Year 2000 Challenge, explains the power grid; provides details of how electricity is generated and distributed throughout Washington; summarizes Y2K readiness in the industry; and describes contingency plans developed to deal with eventualities.The fourth and final program in the series will focus on the readiness of the financial industry. For copies of the programs, request a checkout copy at a local library, or contact the Washington State Year 2000 Office at 360-586-4204.”