Sound Transit seeks volunteers to serve on agency oversight panel

Sound Transit is seeking volunteers from Pierce and King counties to help the agency succeed in meeting its commitments to the public. The agency has three openings for the Citizen Oversight Panel (COP) – one for Pierce County, one for South King County and one for North King County. Sound Transit relies on the oversight and expertise of this dedicated and independent group of volunteers and encourages citizens to apply.

The COP was created in 1997 to independently monitor Sound Transit and make sure it meets its commitments to build and operate a regional bus, light rail and commuter rail transit system. Its 15 members represent a variety of interests, professional expertise and experience. The panel meets twice monthly during normal business hours and acts as an independent oversight entity by digging into agency details, asking hard questions, and reporting its findings to the Sound Transit Board of Directors.

To Apply:

Submit a completed application and a resume to Dave Somers, Sound Transit Board Chair, 401 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104-2826. Application materials are available online at

To qualify an applicant must:

– Be a registered voter within the Sound Transit District and reside and/or work in Pierce, South King or North King counties.

– Have experience/skills in one or more areas related to the panel’s responsibilities: business management; engineering; financial management; public facilities and services; large projects construction management; government processes; and public policy development or review.

– Be able to attend meetings twice each month during normal business hours.

Appointment Process:

Copies of all applications and resumes will be provided to the Sound Transit Board for its review. The Board’s Executive Committee will review and recommend candidates. The Board of Directors will confirm the appointments.

Sound Transit actively seeks to include persons from diverse backgrounds and professional areas of expertise to support agency oversight, planning and operations. Persons of color and women are encouraged to apply.

CONTACT:  Kimberly Reason — (206) 689-3343 or

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