Services for Donors & Nonprofits

“ is working to develop into a one-stop philanthropic resource and giving source. To help it compete the company has announced it is offering services and information that include:- The ability to donate electronically with quarterly statements sent to donors that serve as receipts for IRS tax deduction purposes;- Automatic tracking of giving for donors with a customized personal page;- The ability to securely donate monetary amounts, planned, in-kind, matching, payroll deduction, stock or personal property donations on-line;- The ability to donate using check, Visa, American Express, Master Card and ACH bank transfers;- Updated information on tax and financial benefits of charitable giving;- Information on how to create a planned giving program;- Volunteer Match, an on-line connection for volunteer opportunities;- Current information on charities;- Online shopping with a tax deductible portion donated to the charity of the donor’s choice;- Online auctions;- Giving Community message boards to exchange information; and,- The ability to utilize the site as an active component of corporate giving and matching gift programs.- receives 6 percent of donation totals as an administrative fee. As the shopping and auction programs come on line, this total is expected to decrease, with a goal of 100 percent of a donation going directly to the chosen nonprofits.”