Washington Exports Reach $40 Billion in 1999

“Washington’s exports totaled $40.2 billion in 1999, bringing the rate to nearly three times the national average per capita amount.The figures released this week by the Washington State Community, Trade and Economic Development represents an 11.62 percent increase over the 1997 total of $36 billion.Transportation equipment accounted for $28.2 billion, according to the report, and continues to be the state’s number one export product, followed by agricultural crops at $1.9 billion. Industrial machinery, $1.5 billion, food products, $1.3 billion, and lumber and wood products, $1.1 billion, complete the top five export categories.Non-transportation goods, however, showed the most growth in 1999, rising to $12.1 billion over the previous year, according to CTED Director Martha Choe.At $6.1 million, Asia is Washington’s largest customer for non-transportation goods. Latin America and Canada followed with purchases of $3.2 billion, Europe at $2.2 billion, the Pacific at $300 million, the Middle East at $155 million, the former Soviet Union at $85 million, Africa at $74 million and Eastern Europe at $20 million.As a region, the report shows Europe, not Asia, was the state’s leading export area, purchasing $14.6 billion of Washington State originated products. Asian countries though, were a close second at $14.5 billion. Latin America and Canada followed at $4.4 billion, the Middle East at $4.3 billion, the Pacific at $1.2 billion, Africa at $640 million, the former Soviet Union at $497 million, and Eastern Europe at $148 million.Measured by individual country, Japan is Washington’s major export market at $5.9 billion, out-purchasing the second place United Kingdom by $1.3 billion. Canada was Washington’s third major export partner at $2.8 billion, followed by Germany at $2.3 billion and China at $2.1 billion.The state continues to rank first among all states in per capita exports of products at $7,408, according to the report.This is almost three times the national average of $2,606, Choe said.The statistics on trade are compiled by the Massachusetts Institute for Social and Economic Research. The numbers are updated quarterly, as well as annually.”