Sculptures enhance County-City Building interior spaces

The work of internationally recognized artist Garth Edwards has found a home inside the County-City Building. Brushed aluminum “low-relief” sculptures mounted on the walls of the second-floor lobby and third- and fourth-floor hallways and elevator lobbies depict representations of plants and animals.

The sculptures were funded by Pierce County’s Percent for Art Program in connection with the recently completed remodeling of the former Tacoma Police Department spaces on the third and fourth floors. This art program is administered by the Pierce County Arts and Cultural Services Division of the Community Services Department.

The mission of the Arts & Cultural Services Division and the Pierce County Arts Commission is to deliver programs and services to stimulate participation and growth in the arts throughout the county. The One Percent for Art ordinance directs publicly funded construction projects to allocate a percent of the project cost for public art, leaving a legacy of history, culture and art.

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