Rogue Economics’ Nomi Prins Great Distortion Money Matrix Report Review

The Russian-Ukraine war has engendered a global economic crisis. Inter-governmental organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have slashed their global economic growth forecast for the next two years. The IMF has likened the ripple effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to an ‘earthquake.’

According to the International Monetary Fund, the economic effects of the Russia-Ukraine war are spreading far and wide. The organization now expects the global economy to grow by 3.6% in 2022 and 2023, a marked deceleration from an expansion of 6.1% in 2021.

Many financial analysts believe that the future of the global economy will be more apparent after the conclusion of the second phase of the war. They believe that the ‘battle for Donbas’ will determine the war’s outcome. Nomi Prins, a renowned author, and a former Goldman Sachs executive, has made an impressive prediction about the effects of the war on the world’s economy.

Rampant inflation and its diminishing effects on global economic growth have rattled investors worldwide. Nomi Prins warns that rising prices will prompt investors to sell bonds, which will push yields higher. Her stunning prediction about the final effects of the war on the global economy is dubbed ‘The Great Distortion Report.’

What is ‘The Great Distortion’?

‘The Great Distortion’ explains how the war can cause a historic windfall of specific populations within the United States. Central Banks are expected to introduce more aggressive increases in interest rates to control inflation. Nomi Prins warns that this move by the Central Bank can prompt more market sell-offs, as reported by the International Monetary Fund.

Nomi Prins believes that the impending economic crisis won’t look like most people expect. She describes how the waves of tectonic economic instability engendered by the Russia-Ukraine war have caught everyone off guard, including politicians, investors, investment analysts, economists, central banks, and even inter-governmental organizations. In an interview with Chris Hurt, the analyst explained how the geopolitical ramifications were immaterial to the domestic economic crisis.

While Prins does not anticipate anything similar to the 2008 financial crisis, she believes the financial world has veered off course. Prins points out that the growth of the country’s financial economy does not reflect the growth of wages. As inflation from agribusinesses, energy, and supply chains is spinning unchecked, analysts’ assumptions about the interconnected global economy are rocked to the core.

Sitting with Chris Hurt, Nomi Prins explains the effects of the gold standard abandonment on today’s economy. From Prins’ stance, the recent shift of the financial world from reality is attributable to a reason that dates to 1971, when the United States went off the gold standard. Though Prins is not keen on a monetary system in which currency is backed by gold, she explains how abandoning the remnants of the system forced the country on a trajectory of diversion from reality.

According to Nomi Prins, a more significant percentage of fiat money is piling up in certain places like Wall Street. Prins explains how the unrestrained printing of fiat money has hampered true economic growth in the last 50 years. An economic distortion was introduced 50 years ago in the United States.

Nomi Prins understands that people won’t be motivated to work hard if prices are going to go up faster than money is coming in. She reasonably responds to the thought, saying that there’s an upside to this economic chaos. Prins believes that a few well-placed investments can go a long way towards making huge gains.

According to her well-thought-out analysis, the opportunities to yield higher returns on investments have never been better than today. If you are curious to know about the opportunities she’s referring to, you should look at the Distortion Report.

What is the Distortion Report?

The Distortion Report is a monthly newsletter that aims to help investors capitalize on the disconnect between markets and the real economy. Designed by Nomi Prins, the Distortion Report outlines the factors contributing to higher returns in the financial market.

The author acknowledges the widening discrepancy between the real economy and financial markets. Though stretched valuations of financial assets pose risks to the stability of the markets, investors can profit from this lack of connection.

Nomi Prins provides practical investment recommendations according to the recent trends in the financial markets. The newsletter helps investors navigate through distortions in the financial markets and use them for wealth-building. Nomi explains how these situations can be flipped to generate more capital. She believes that there’s a $150 trillion shift to flip for the better.

The team of Distortion Report recently launched a presentation that describes how the United States’ economy is distorted beyond repair. ‘The Great Distortion’ of 2022 is a $150 trillion shift from one economic side to the other. The shift is bound to happen, and you have to make sure that you end up on the right economic side. The report shows one of the fewest ways to understand global economic reactions.

Nomi Prins believes that the dawn of the most significant wealth shift in America’s history has already arrived. During the presentation, she supports her contention with the following points:

The American Dollar has decreased in value ever since the abandonment of the gold standard. The United States abandoned the gold standard to restrain inflation and keep other countries from overburdening the system by exchanging their dollars for gold. However, this was happening because central banks mismanaged the gold standard. Since 1971, the money supply has increased, but inflation has hit all-time highs.

A $100,000 salary is not what it was five decades ago. Though a six-figure salary was once the gold standard of success, it’s no longer enough to buy the American Dream. Millions of Americans have chased a six-figure wage for decades. However, the postwar ideal that emerged in the 1950s is no longer enough to pay for college, start a family, or even buy a new house.

America’s middle class is shrinking after 70 years, and there is a discrepancy between income increases and exponential increases in the cost of living.

Rampant financialization in the last decade has changed the way Americans travel, invest, live, work, and spend their vacations.

Wealth-building through rising asset prices has diverted time and effort away from profit-making through increased production and innovation.

Abandonment of the gold standard engendered short-termism in investment markets. Investors focus more on returns from finance rather than long-term investments.

Jobs in the real economy have decreased significantly because of high wages in the financial sector.

Nomi Prins sees the ramifications of the Great Distortions beyond the real economy. She firmly believes that a financial shift worth $150 trillion can leave the economy unrecognizable. During the presentation, Nomi also highlights how doubling the money supply between 2008 and 2020 has distorted the American economy to an unbelievable extent. In the past few months, tens of trillions of dollars have been injected into the financial system.

The Distortion Report explains how an impending economic warp will further widen the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Nomi believes that the country is on the brink of a queen distortion that will make thousands of Americans rich overnight while leaving others impoverished. Most of this is attributable to the Federal Reserve’s unsolvable quandary – the only way to curb inflation is by increasing interest rates. Still, rising rates by even one point would add $30 trillion to the national debt.

What’s Included in the Distortion Report?

The Distortion Report is priced at $199.00 per year; however, it will cost just $49.00 with a special promotional offer.


You get three special reports when you become a member of the Distortion Report program. Here’s an overview of all reports included in the Distortion Report:

Special Report #1: The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion

The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion outlines how Nomi’s favorite new energy stock can bring massive gains amid the Great Distortion. Inside the report, you’ll discover what major institutions on Wall Street allegedly own the stock. You will also learn why it’s not too late to invest in new energy regardless of how many institutions on Wall Street are eyeing the industry.

Nomi Prins’ pick is a cutting-edge technology stock inside the new energy sector. The energy company serves more than 70% of Fortune 50 companies. The company has a competitive edge because of its massive portfolio of patents. You’ll also discover how Congress has earned billions from this advanced technology. The Motley Fool, a private financial advice company, describes the stock as a 10-bagger.

Experts believe that Nomi is talking about ChargePoint Holdings, a California-based electric vehicle infrastructure company that operates the most extensive online network of independently-owned electric vehicle charging stations. The only way to confirm these assumptions is to read the special report.

Special Report #2: The Electric Car Myth

The Electric Car Myth is a special report that talks about a company that can yield returns 23 times higher than the profit in the EV sector. Nomi has revealed that her pick is a company focusing on a different kind of infrastructure. She believes that EV stock is a high-risk and high-reward investment with an iffy future. EV companies are concerned about businesses with broader existing consumer bases as more investors join the fray.

Special Report #3. Bank to The Future

Bank to The Future is the third report included in the package. Nomi Prins compiled the report after speaking to some of her contacts on Wall Street. She observed massive changes in the $23 trillion world of fintech. Nomi claims to have discovered a small company at the center of banks aiming to go digital, and fintech companies see a drop in investments.

The company she discovered has built the bridge between legacy banking and a new financial system. They are looking to get support from the government to innovate the current financial system. The company has recently purchased essential assets for building the United States’ first government-accepted stable coin network. With this report, you get access to:

  • Twelve monthly issues and in-depth analysis and recommendations by Nomi Prins.
  • The Distortion Report portfolio coupled with up-to-date prices.
  • Monthly updates on market sentiments and trends.
  • A 24/7 access to the website with all past and current special reports by Nomi Prins.

Price & Refund Policy of Rogue Economics Distortion Report

Annual membership of Rogue Economics’ Distortion Report costs $199. However, consumers can get the membership for a one-time price of $49 for the first year and then $129 per year on the official website. You may receive a call from Rogue Economics before the renewal date. All purchases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You get two months to figure out whether or not Nomi’s tips can help you make smart investments that yield higher returns. If Nomi Prins’ analysis about the Great Distortion fails to convince you, you can contact customer service and request a full refund.

You can also contact the customer support team to learn more about Rogue Economics’ policies. Here’s their contact information:

  • Phone: 1 (800) 681 1765
  • Email: memberservices@rogueeconomics.com
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

About Rogue Economics

Rogue Economics is a publishing company that aims to promote financial independence on an individual level by offering several finance newsletters. They offer time-tested wealth-building strategies in the form of finance newsletters. The company is committed to cutting through the mainstream double-talk to show investors where they make the biggest mistakes.

Newsletters by Rogue Economics comprehend valuable information from a Wall Street insider and her team of financial analysts. Rogue Economics’ publications also include research from world-renowned financial experts and analysts, such as tech expert Jeff Brown, longtime trader and consultant Jeff Clark, commodities analyst Dave Forest, famous speculator Doug Casey, crypto pundit Teeka Tiwari, and many others.

These experts know what happens behind the scenes on Wall Street and use their awareness to teach you how the financial world works. They expose the threats to your wealth and highlight the most significant profit-making opportunities.

About Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins is an economist, author, investigative journalist, and financial analyst with decades of experience. She is a former Wall Street insider who has served as a managing director at Goldman Sach and Bear Stearns in London, a strategist at Lehman Brothers, and an analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Nomi learned how financial systems are manipulated to work for the wealthy during her time at these renowned institutions. She became aware of all the unethical practices that permeate the financial sector. Nomi used her awareness and understanding to expose the corrupt practices that make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

In her book Collusion, she exposed how the central banks rigged the world. The book is about how central banks rose to power and their devastating impact on financial markets and the world’s economy. She has authored many other books, including:

All the Presidents’ Bankers, It Takes a Pillage, Other People’s Money, and JackedBlack.

Her articles have appeared in many reputable publications, including The New York Times, Fortune, Newsday, Slate.com, The Guardian, The American Prospect, Alternet, New York Daily News, La Vanguardia, Mother Jones, The Nation, and others.

To learn more about Distortion Report or subscribe to the Rogue Economics Distortion Report newsletter today, visit the official website at RogueEconomics.com.

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