Roadside vegetation program begins in March

Pierce County’s annual roadside vegetation management program is scheduled to begin Monday, March 11.
The program features the safe use of federal and state approved herbicides along with mechanical brush cutting to eliminate grasses and weeds along county roads.
Using herbicides to maintain road shoulders is a money-saving endeavor practiced successfully for several years by Pierce County Transportation Services, Road Operations Division.
The program provides these benefits:
n Improves pedestrian and motorist safety by increasing sight distances;
n Allows storm water to freely drain from the roadway;
n Limits erosion by encouraging the growth of native vegetation species;
n Prevents the spread of noxious weeds.
The first application of herbicides for shoulder grass control will begin about March 11, weather permitting, and continue through the end of May.
Noxious weed control is scheduled April 1 through Sept. 30 as needed.
Brush control applications begin Oct.15 and continue through the end of the year.
Property owners can maintain the right of way adjacent to their properties under a special maintenance agreement with the county.
The “Owner Will Maintain” agreement must be renewed each year prior to the application of herbicides.
Agreement applications are available at the following road maintenance shops: Elk Plain, 23101 Mountain Highway E., 253-798-4980; Purdy, 13209 Goodnough Drive, 253-798-4949; Puyallup, 10411 John Bananola Way E, 253-798-3842; Chambers Creek, 9820 Chambers Creek Road, 253-798-4972.